Why McCain Was Always Going to Lose: Bye Bye Right Wing!

The Republican Party
is truly screwed, and I think they’re just beginning to realize it.


See, the one basic
truism of politics is that every election cycle is different. It’s really not
possible to compare 2008 with 2006, or 2004 to 2000, etc. I know, the pundits
try, but if you actually pay attention, very few of them ever get anything right.
There are a few who are less wrong than others, but for then most part, let’s
be real; they’re wrong more often than they’re right.


One of the reasons
the Republicans are screwed is because they’re trying to run the same campaign
against Barack Obama that they ran against John Kerry, and that they’ve been
running since 1980, and it’s never going to work, for many reasons.


For the record, I
would be saying this no matter who won the Democratic nomination, although
Obama won the nomination largely because Hillary Clinton chose to run the same
campaign Bill Clinton ran in 1992. You see, the Clintons have been way too beholden to the Democratic Leadership
Council, which is the most Republican Democratic organization anywhere, and as
such, they have absolutely zero political skills. If you doubt me on that,
think about this: from 1994 to 2004, with the DLC running the Democratic Party,
Democrats couldn’t beat the pants off a party with a platform of essentially
bankrupting the country and handing all tax money to the rich, and who have
been bound and determined to prove the government absolutely incompetent.

Have you noticed
that, with Howard Dean in charge, Democrats have been winning? And that Hillary
Clinton is sitting on the sidelines, wondering where she went wrong?


But I digress. This
is all about how screwed the Republican Party is at this moment in time. And
why John McCain is less a victim of Barack Obama than history.


See, the Republicans
weren’t winning often enough for their
tastes, so they adopted a strategy after the 1964 drubbing of Barry Goldwater,
in which they used such game-changing laws and programs as the Voting Rights
Act, Civil Rights Ac t and Medicare to pick up a bunch of votes from lifelong
Democrats, who were upset at their party for supporting such measures.


Basically, this
strategy, known as the "Southern Strategy," gave voice to what had once been seen as a
"lunatic fringe" of sorts; the group rejected by the Democratic
Party, because the country was changing, and this "fringe" didn’t
like it one bit.


The problem with
this fringe, is that it’s very loud, and extremely demanding. On the other
hand, they’re not very intelligent and are thus very easily duped into
believing simplistic bullshit, repeatedly. But they’re also repulsive,
politically and socially, and they drove a lot of more reasonable Republicans
to registering as independents. As the reasonable Republicans left, the party
hierarchy came to be dominated by these clowns, and there was a tendency to pander to them exclusively.


Now, right wingers
have never been able to appeal to the general public with their policies. I
mean, come on; look at what they stand for. Their intent has always been to
dismantle the entire New Deal and Great Society. They want to replace Social
Security, or at least take the money and invest most of it in the markets, so
their cronies can make more money. And as I said; they wish to prove the
government completely incompetent, and
to bankrupt it in the process. They’re addicted to power, without the
responsibility. Who’d vote for any of that?


So, the right wing,
led by Newt Gingrich, the former liberal Republican, who is far more interested
in power than public service, developed their own special language, which they
then used to make themselves sound reasonable.


I know it seems as
if that language worked, but it really didn’t. Yeah, they won quite a few elections, but not because of anything they
did. The reason they won so many elections was because Reagan won in 1980 due to
a fluke, and he moderated significantly enough to win again in 1984, and the
idiots in the DLC, whose political skills make them the Gerry Cooney of
politics, were given control of the Democratic Party, and mimicked the
Republicans. Yeah, you read right; the right has never been popular; it’s
always been the political deafness of the DLC that has led to nearly 30 years
of neocon rule.


In reality, the
right wing version of the Republican Party only appeals to rich white men,
racists, bigots and evangelicals; they have rejected and alienated just about
every other demographic group in this country. The reason they have been winning elections is because they attack,
attack and attack again, and they poison the electorate. Their goal is to get
people to lose faith in the system, to the point that they don’t want to vote.
And to placate them, the DLC-dominated DNC instructed their candidates to not
stand for anything that might piss someone — anyone — off. This is a stupid
strategy because, quite frankly, if you’re not pissing someone off, you’re
probably being pissed on yourself. It’s not possible to have an opinion on
anything that doesn’t make someone upset, so we ended up with a series of
candidates at all levels who didn’t stand out at all, because they were told
not to. Money was raised by courting large companies for it, same as the
Republicans. Democrats’ ads mirrored ads the Republicans ran, even though
Democrats should actually appeal to a completely different part of the


Since 2006, when
Howard Dean took over, the Democrats have figured out how to win again, by
being Democrats. Instead of looking for 100 donations of $1 million, Democrats
have figured out that a million donations of $100 is more useful. They are
running candidates in all states, who actually stand for something, we have a
presidential candidate who beat the pre-ordained DLC candidate in the
primaries, because he chose to run on his integrity.


But there’s
something else. The far right ran things for six years, and was no longer able
to hide their true intent with regard to their use of government power. They
are being forced to retreat to the fringes once again, and that’s good for
everyone. True conservatives are going to vote for Obama in droves, if for no
other reason than to force the extremists out of the party they used to
run. There was nothing John McCain could
have done about it; it was in the cards. It’s past time for the GOP to jettison
the same group of political creeps the Democrats got rid of 40 years ago;
someone had to be the "sacrificial lamb" in this process. And expect a few more in the next 3-4
election cycles.


What you’re seeing,
folks, is the end of the current incarnation of the Republican Party, and the
slow rebirth of the conservative, but tolerable "loyal opposition"
the Party used to be. It’s time to return the fringes and extremists on both sides
to where they belong, and get back to something of a political equilibrium, in
which laws, regulations and processes represent a compromise between left,
right and moderate, not a power grab by one side or the other.


And won’t
equilibrium be grand?

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