SEVENTY PERCENT of Republicans APPROVE of Bush! (And they wonder why they’re losing?)

We’ve all see this before, of course…

In yet another poll, Bush’s approvals take a nosedive. Today’s Washington Post contains an article  touting Bush’s now-lower approval rating.

Nothing new, of course. but I’m always curious as to why the number is always so high. In this case, 31% of respondents approve. Seriously, folks… that’s damn near a THIRD! You go to the gas pump and drop $40, you drop $200 a week at the grocery store, you see all of the empty houses in a lot of neighborhoods, the daily news of foreclosures, the floundering stock market, the strip search when you get ready to board a plane; two wars that are basically being bungled beyond comprehension…

How is it even POSSIBLE that 31% of the people in this country approve of this idiot?

Then, as I’m scanning the article, and I note the following:

Nearly seven in 10 Republicans continue to back the president; about nine in 10 Democrats disapprove.

Now, I know that many of those who have been reading me for a while think I’m a little hard on the Republican Party. After all, they tell me; MOST Republicans are reasonable, and they’re not like the far right scumbags that have led the party off the clip.

Oh, really? SEVENTY PERCENT of Republicans polled think Bush is doing a bang up job. The worst administration in history, and because he has what they consider the "right" politics, they "approve" of his dismantling of the Constitution, his bungling of two wars, putting us into more debt than even his father, and the near-destruction of the economy. SEVENTY PERCENT of Republicans APPROVE of the rampant corruption, and the pillaging of the Treasury that has marked the last eight years.

Unbelievable. Or, at least, I WISH it was unbelievable…

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