Shouldn’t We Fine the FCC for “Indecency”?

Want proof that the FCC is completely inept?

For years, we’ve been treated to the spectacle of grown Republicans pretending to be offended by a one-second flash Janet Jackson’s right breast at the Super Bowl, and the "f-word" anywhere, to the point that the wingnuts have hijacked the FCC and turned it into their own little censorship board, increasing fines ten-fold for people who utter one or two choice words, while allowing idiots like Michael Weiner-Savage to utter hate-filled garbage anytime he’d like.

Now, comes a story where the same FCC — the FCC that is scared to death of boobs and bad words — has approved certain call letters that should raise eyebrows, if not tempers…

From: | Business | /2007/07/26/.

THE call letters KUNT have landed at a yet-unbuilt low-power digital television station in Wailuku, Maui.

Alarmingly similar to a word the dictionary says is obscene, the call letters were among a 15-page list of new call letters issued by the Federal Communications Commission and released this week.

The same station owner also received KWTF for a station in Arizona.

From Skokie, Ill., comes a sincere apology "to anyone that was offended," said Kevin Bae, vice president of KM Communications Inc., who requested and received KUNT and KWTF. It is "extremely embarrassing for me and my company and we will file to change those call letters immediately."


Broadcasters for generations have joked among themselves about call letters resembling off-color words or acronyms knowing the FCC would never approve their assignment — but that was before computerization.

KCUF-FM near Aspen, Colo. got its F-word-in-reverse call letters in August of 2005 and has been on the air since December, "Keeping Colorado Uniquely Free," its Web site says.

Okay, so who’s fining the FCC???

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