Being Better Liberals

You people are probably sick to death of reading shit like this. I assume this because I am sick of writing it. However, progressives have a serious problem and it doesn’t come in the form of right wing shenanigans. It’s actually coming from our side of the aisle. I’m sick of it, and my question is, why aren’t more progressives sick of it as well?

Look, here’s the deal…

On one side, you have the Democratic Party.

Cynicism 2The Democratic Party is decidedly NOT the enemy. It represents most working people, as well as Blacks, Latinos, immigrants, LGBT people, women and pretty much everyone who is not a white male. In every election, their largest base of support comes from labor unions, trial lawyers and academics. Most of the crap PUBs and the professional left claim to hate so much has not come from Democrats. The last time Democrats started a war was 50 years ago. The last time they worked against civil rights was more than 50 years ago, before the Dixiecrats were lured elsewhere by promises of unfettered racism. When you look at every major progressive change in the last century or so, Democrats were behind it. When Democrats are in charge, deficits are under control, infrastructure needs are addressed and the government actually works for a living. They also regulate the economy. If the Democratic Party was a person going to a doctor, they would be a Black woman with a slight cough who just needs an Advil for her headache.

On the other side, you have the Republican Party.

imageThe Republican Party has shown time and time again that it IS the enemy of everything progressives supposedly stand for. They pass laws that undermine working people and they represent no one except rich white men and poor ignorant white people who think Republicans will make them rich someday, despite the fact that the GOP ideology makes that possibility less likely. In every election, their base of support is billionaires who want to turn this country into their own little fiefdom. While the professional left likes to claim, for some stupid reason, that Democrats get as much support from the rich, it’s blatantly false. In reality, about 90% of “Wall Street” money goes to Republicans in every election. These days, they don’t even bother to hedge their bets all that much. In addition to 90% support from “Wall Street,” they also receive the bulk of their support from Big Oil, Big Chemical, Big Pharma and people like Sheldon Adelson and the Kochs; you know, corrupt billionaires. Both Hillary AND Bernie get the bulk of their money from individual donors; those charts pro lefties like to BS you with are actually FEC compilations of donations by individuals, who have to list their employer on the donation form. So, when these idiots claim Hillary received $17 million from “Wall Street,” what they are citing as “proof” is a chart of donations from individuals who work for banks and other financial institutions.

The last time Republicans started a war was the last time they were in charge, and they started two, killed hundreds of thousands of people and managed to screw up both of them.  They also created several refugee crises and broke two countries, while de-stabilizing several others, at the same time they gave birth to ISIS. They have no regard for civil rights, except for white people and they gave safe haven to, and even welcomed, Dixiecrats and white supremacists into their fold. When you look at every progressive change in this country, the modern Republican Party was against it. When Republicans are put in charge, they deregulate everything, crash the economy and explode the deficits and debt. They cut food and other assistance to the poor at the same time they cut taxes for the rich. If the Republican Party was a person going to the doctor, they would be someone with a gaping head wound and a terrible disease that leaves them on the brink of death. The only thing keeping them alive are the far left progressives who give them mouth to mouth daily.

So, why does it seem as if PUBs (Progressive Unicorn Brigade) and professional lefties are confused over which one of these two political parties is the worst? Just yesterday, on Twitter, some numbnuts I blocked years ago suddenly appeared (I don’t know why) and made the dumbest point ever. I simply Tweeted the following:

Seriously, in a contest between Clinton and Trump, if she has to convince you, you’re no progressive. Stop pretending

To which this idiot replied:

Between Clinton and Sanders, if he has to convince you, you’re no progressive either. You’re a centrist.

imageNow, to make that leap, you have to actually EQUATE Clinton v. Trump and Clinton v. Sanders. And he thought it was an intelligent reply. It really is possible to be a progressive and be in favor of either Hillary or Bernie. On the other hand, it is not possible to be against either Hillary or Bernie in a race against Donald Trump and accurately call yourself progressive. There is nothing progressive about that, period. For you Bernie Stans out there, being in favor of Bernie Sanders does not entitle you to extra special gold status in “Club Progressive.” Most progressives, including Black, Latino, Asian, LGBT and first generation Americans are voting for Hillary, so what makes you “more progressive than them? Do you really think you are better able to speak on the experience of such people than they are? Why? Because you took sociology classes in college?

I am progressive, not a “centrist.” But being a progressive requires that we make PROGRESS. It’s in the WORD, people! And let’s get real; PUBs and the professional left impede more progress than they help us make. For some reason, these people have gotten it into their heads that their positions on issues is what determines their “progressive” status, which is complete horseshit. Progress has been stagnant on many fronts since the early 70s, which just happens to be about the time the far left abandoned the Democratic Party and started shouting at it. They undermine Democrats and they hardly ever do anything to stop the real political enemy, the current Republican Party. Sorry, but that’s not progressive, by any stretch. Helping to elect the first Black president because it would be cool to elect the first Black president is actually fairly racist, if I’m being honest, and then undermining him because he turned out to be less “Huey and Bobby” and more intellectual is, as well.

See, here’s the bottom line…

imageTo be progressive, we are supposed to do whatever we can to help the poor and downtrodden in our society. We’re supposed to help working people get a leg up. So how the hell were you doing that when you put Ralph Nader on a pedestal and helped elect George W. Bush twice? How are you doing that by trashing the hell out of Hillary Clinton when she has obviously won the Democratic nomination and she faces Donald Trump in six months? How the hell are you doing that by declaring revolution in one breath and making such a revolution impossible in the next?

It’s time to stop CALLING yourselves “progressive” and start actually BEING progressive. Is that really too much to ask? Sit down, shut up and listen. You might sound less ignorant.

Fact: Bernie and Hillary are roughly the same politically. THE SAME. He is not a “progressive god” and she is in no way “Republican Lite.”

Fact: Hillary has been hit with every attack possible over 30 years, while Bernie has not been vetted.

Fact: Head-to-head polls in May are not predictive of what will happen in November. Ever. Period.

Fact: Most progressives are not white, college-educated know-it-alls.

Fact: Young people almost never show up to vote in large numbers

Fact: Most progressives voted for HILLARY.

That’s just a few. Grow the hell up and learn something for a change. Just because you say it doesn’t make it a gem. Don’t be like a Republican; it isn’t progressive.


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