Sign That Obama’s Gonna Win By Landslide: Caribou Barbie Brings Up Ayers

It seems to me the Republican ticket has pretty much just given up.

You see, it really is a top Republican strategy, to poison the
electorate, by muddying the political waters with so much political
sludge that voters are too disgusted to even show up at the polls. See,
the depressed turnout helps them, and makes winning more possible.

That’s why you see Republicans go on the attack to a much greater
degree than Democrats. I know a lot of people wish Democrats would
fight back, and smear them back, but that’s exactly what they want; it
plays into their hands.

Of course, there is another reason for blatant attacks on their
opponent, and that is to energize their "base," which is made up
largely of the far right wing fringe element of our society; people who
can be living in a trailer and subsisting on ramen noodles, cigarettes
and beer, and think the biggest problems this country faces are
abortion and gay marriage.

I think McCain’s decision to go negative for the rest of the
campaign is a little bit of both, frankly. Hence, you have Caribou
Barbie spewing this kind of crap at three different campaign stops in
Colorado and California yesterday;

opponent … is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so
imperfect, imperfect enough, that he’s palling around with terrorists
who would target their own country."

Palling around? Is she kidding with this?

The reference is to William Ayers, who once belonged to a radical
militant group, when Barack Obama was 8 years old, and who has spent
far more of his life as a college professor and middle class family
man. He and Obama served on the same philanthropic board in Chicago for
a short time, and they crossed paths at times. There is absolutely no
evidence they ever "palled around," and that charge has been debunked
repeatedly for at least the last year.

The McCain campaign is also being assisted by 527 groups, who have
been running ads pounding on Obama’s ties to Ayers, former Obama
fundraiser Tony Rezko and of course, the infamous pastor, Rev. Jeremiah
Wright. Of course, all of these accusations are old, have been
debunked, and pale in comparison to some of the associations that could
be made about McCain. Think Keating Five. He wasn’t just associated
with the Keating Five; he was one of them.

Here’s a note to the McCain campaign;

It can’t work this time.

Barack Obama is not John Kerry or vintage 2000 Al Gore. Those two lost because they had no apparent core belief system, and it was relatively easy to attack them. They were weak candidates. Obama, on the other hand, demonstrates a strong core belief system, and he connects to people when he speaks to them. You can’t "swift boat" someone like Obama, because no one outside of the hard right fringe would actually believe it.

Yes, you read that right; no one outside of the Republican base will ever buy that garbage. They’re actually spending the month of October energizing their base, folks.

This election is unlike any other in recent memory, and the far right fringe doesn’t know what to do. They’re completely flummoxed. They think they’re running against Barack Obama, but they’re not. They’re running against themselves. If there is a comparison to be made to another election year, this is 1980, and George W. Bush is Jimmy Carter, and Barack Obama is Ronald Reagan. The Republicans have screwed the pooch royally, voters know it, and McCain’s only chance would be if he starts beating up on the Republican Party, not Obama.

McCain’s people have to be the dumbest political strategists since Hillary Clinton’s people lost the Democratic primaries earlier this year. This is Politics 101. Things are bad in the country; so bad, you can’t scare people anymore. A majority of people in this country have either faced financial disaster, seen their financial fortunes tumble during the last eight years, or helped a friend or family member who has. They don’t give a rat’s ass if Barack Obama might have passed a former 60’s radical in the hallway once.

And how stupid do you have to be to have your only positive asset, Sarah Palin, go so negative on the campaign trail? People like Cariblu Barbie; people like her because she’s bubbly and seems nice, and seems like them; to have her go off on Obama just makes the McCain campaign look cheap and sleazy…

…and desperate.

Here’s a tip for the McCain campaign. This isn’t 2000 and 2004, when going negative will get you close enough to steal the election. If you really want to be a maverick, go positive. Tell voters what you plan to do for them, and how you plan to fix the economy. People don’t want to hear what you think about Barack Obama; they want to hear what you think about the economy, the Iraq War, and everything else.

And if you’re still playing to your base here in October, with 30 days to go, you might as well pack it in all over the country, and not just Michigan, because you’ve already lost. 

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