Republicans — The Party of “Values” — Part 1: Sex (and some Drugs)

So how about this whole "Party of Values" label the Republicans have handed themselves? Isn’t that a hoot? How about the whole "I’m more Christian than you!" tone the right wing has celebrated for years? You evangelicals who worship at the feet of these idiots; do you feel duped yet? There’s nothing even remotely moral about these people, as a group, and I mean nothing. That is not to say there are no moral people who happen to be registered Republicans, of course, but if you look at what your votes have sanctioned over the years, there has to be some soul searching going on in moderate Republican circles.

Face it, folks; you’ve been had.

If it seems at times like the Democratic Party has a hard time getting its act together and acting in unison, it’s because it doesn’t. On the other hand, for most of the last 40 years, we have been led by a Republican Party populated by hypocrites who say all sorts of things that people want to believe, but their actions have in no way matched their words.

Actually, it goes well beyond that. It’s getting to the point where I don’t want to be alone with a Republican man. Apparently, they’re a bunch of freaks. Within the last few months, we’ve had several prominent Republican political operatives, including many who had high profile roles in Republican presidential campaigns, who were caught doing, um, weird things to people.

Let’s start with the more recent freak scandals. Many have referred refer to this stuff as "gay sex," but let’s get real here. I’m not gay, but somehow, I can’t see these activities as particularly normal for most gay men who are relatively secure in their sexuality. These people are freaks, in part because they simply cannot be what they want, and they’re acting out.

Seriously, folks; all of you know gay men. You don’t know many of them are gay, but they’re there, right in front of you. But it doesn’t matter to you, because most gay men are not freaks. I think it’s safe to say that  most gay men do not solicit strangers for sex in a public restroom. I know some of you wingnuts think of gay men as something akin to predators, but most are pretty much aware that most bathroom solicitations will probably result in something painful happening to them. Most gay men find other gay men the same way most of us in the heterosexual world find women; in bars, in church, through mutual friends, on the Internet, etc. They don’t stand outside a men’s room stall and peek longingly through the crack at a guy taking a shit, and continue staring for two or more minutes, before proceeding to the next stall to play footsie. They don’t peek over the stall door and offer the guy inside $20 to give him oral sex. Actually, it’s pretty unusual for anyone to pay to give oral sex, and even more unusual to then claim that you were trying to do it to get away from the "cluster of black people" gathering around the area. I’m pretty sure, if enough menacing people of any race were "clustering" threateningly, offering them money to blow them might get you in more trouble than simply running away. And I can’t imagine a relatively normal gay man ever having sex with another man while he was sleeping, either, especially when the other man was so incredibly drunk and passed out that it didn’t even awaken him. Relatively normal gay men don’t preach against homesexuality during the day, and then partake in crystal meth and male prostitutes at night. They also don’t host hours and hours of television with their wives, preaching about the wickedness of adultery and homosexuality, while going off several evenings a week to be with their male lovers, nor do they pay huge sums of money to hush up said (now former, I presume) lover, in order to keep their hundred-million-dollar television ministry from going under. And normal gay men, despite the right wing stereotype, simply do not get into intimate sexual discussions with underage kids who are supposed to be in their employ, especially when they’re congressmen.

You see, the behavior above is not the behavior of normal gay people; it’s the behavior of self-loathing predators who feel the need to persecute others who are fortunate enough to be comfortable in their own skin, and able to be themselves. If these wingnut Republicans want to be gay, they can be gay. But then, they might have to give up some of their perceived power, and that’s simply not acceptable.

And for those Republicans or their supporters who aren’t gay, aren’t pedophiles, and aren’t criminals, you, too are just as culpable when it comes to the immorality of hypocrisy. Another of the leading televangelists in the country, who praises Jesus while simultaneously supporting those who violate His teachings on a daily basis, actually referred to the predatory behavior of the congress toward the boy pages, as described above as a "joke," and excused — not forgave, mind you, but excused — the above congressman’s behavior as unimportant. Imagine that your child was a congressional page, and you found out that this congressman was talking to him explicitly about sex. I’m pretty sure you’d want to kick his ass. and if someone who proclaimed himself to be Jesus’ representative on earth, and instructed everyone on ethics and morals, excused such behavior with a ‘boys will be boys" kind of attitude, you’d certainly consider him a hypocrite, and you sure as hell wouldn’t go to his church. Yet, this phony preacher has most of the Republican leadership kissing his ample ass. Why?

The Republican sex scandal is not a new phenomenon, either. Back in 1990, the FBI broke up a teenage homosexual prostitution ring that had been active in and around DC for many years; among the ring’s clients were several very high level White House officials. Did I mention the prostitutes were teen boys? Before that, another official working in the White House was forced to resign when it was found out that he had hired gay prostitutes, and used his own credit card to pay.

And those are just the criminals, folks. Among the others who have spent the last 40 years gay bashing, and doing their best to make sure their "base" understands that they don’t "condone" homosexuality, include a very prominent Republican who was "outed" against his will after he voted against a host of bills designed to give gays equal rights; another Republican who spends far more of his time living alone with a male chief of staff in a small Capitol Hill apartment than with his wife,  and several others. There are actually quite a few, but this isn’t about outing anyone, but pointing out the hypocrisy of a party that touts itself as being the party of values, when it is obviously the party of hypocrisy.

I don’t care if anyone is gay, including a Republican. But when someone is gay, then claiming they’re against homosexuality makes them a liar, and actively voting to deny rights to other gays makes them the ultimate hypocrites. And can we all agree that, at the very least, we should expect as much truth and as little hypocrisy as possible from those we elect to lead us?

Besides, the Republican sex scandals aren’t just about "gay" sex. There is plenty of heterosexual freakiness to go around, and for a "family values" group of "devout Christians," there sure seems to be a lot of adultery and an awful lot of multiple marriages.

Several prominent Republican politicians, while they were busy impeaching the President of the
United States for adultery, declaring themselves moral stewards for the country, and expressing remorse for the president having somehow made it "acceptable for teenage girls to give their boyfriends oral sex (despite the fact that said president never talked about oral sex; only the "moral" republicans did), were themselves involved in adulterous affairs, or had been recently. One even later dumped his wife for the mistress he
was sleeping with during the impeachment trial. Of course, this shouldn’t have shocked anyone, since that wife had once been his mistress when he dumped his first wife, while she lay in a hospital bed. Another impeachment-obsessed Republican, who was set to take over as Speaker when the
first adulterer was forced to quit before being kicked out for ethics violations too great for even the Republican Congress, was himself forced to quit, having been identified as an adulterer himself. Not only that, but the leader of the House impeachment brigade was forced
to admit that he, too, had been an adulterer several years before, in what he
characterized as a "youthful indiscretion," despite the fact that he was well into his 40s when it happened. Then there is the Republican politician recently discovered to be a client of a prostitution ring, who apparently has an affinity for wearing diapers.

And it’s not just the politicians themselves. Their most prominent supporters also play the hypocrisy game to the hilt. Who can forget the Republican talk show host (I know, he claims he’s not a Republican, but then, he also claims to tell the truth) who was caught with his pants down, so to speak, having phone sex with a subordinate employee, and describing the unspeakable things he’d do with a falafel. Then there’s the Republican mouthpiece who was caught red-handed, as it were, with an addiction to oxycontin procured for him by his maid, and then later, this paragon of morality (according to him) was stopped at the airport, after a return flight from the Dominican Republic (where he vacationed with several male buddies), with a large vial of Viagra not prescribed to him.

The above is only the tip of the iceberg, folks. There is also the Republican legislator who was convicted of molesting his daughter and her friend for 8 years; a Republican activist arrested on suspicion of having given a 13 year old girl pot and having sex with her; a leading Republican voice against Roe v. Wade, who has been married three times, and once paid for a girlfriend’s abortion; the Republican congressman and anti-gay activist who was charged with having sex with a 16 year old he picked up at a gay bar; the Republican activist convicted of possession of child pornography; the Republican legislative aide who was charged with molesting a 12-year-old boy and possessing child pornography;  the male Republican politician who was charged with having sex with a 13-year-old boy…  I could continue, but I think that’s enough.


This is not to say the Democrats are without sin; they’re not. But then, the Democratic party doesn’t strut around, portraying itself as a party of virtue. I am also not trying to say that every Republican is an immoral clod and a sexual freak show. But there are too many instances of things like this happening, for it to be a coincidence. And it’s not a coincidence. What better way for a self-loathing gay man to hide his hated sexuality than to join the Republican Party, grab his crotch, proclaim himself "anti-gay," and pass a bunch of laws that persecute gays? it won’t matter, right, since he’ll always hide his homosexuality, or at least hope to.

Likewise, for the pedophiles and the sexual freaks, what better way to hide your hated sexuality than to cloak yourself in legitimacy, so to speak, and become a Republican politician? After all, no one in his right mind would ever imagine anyone who speaks so brilliantly against "immoral behavior" would ever engage in it themselves, would they? And then they wrap themselves in the cloak of "Christianity" (the fake kind) for added cover.

These are among those leading the Republican charge against "immoral" behavior, folks. I purposely didn’t include names, because this isn’t about them, personally; it’s about the overall issue of honesty and integrity, as well as the veracity of the whole "Party of Values" label and the absolute double standard of these people.

Except for the child molesters and pedophiles, I don’t have a problem with any of the behavior above. I’m not sure I’m too crazy about a guy approaching me while I’m taking a shit, and he’s liable to be, shall we say, startled if he tries, but I think prostitution should be legal, and adultery is between the married couple themselves. It’s not the behavior that should bother anyone, but the institutionalized hypocrisy innate in such behavior.

In the context of everything they say and do within the scope of their job, the behavior begs the question; what are their values, really? Where do they get off being so judgmental of others? Is that what makes someone a loyal member of the Republican Party? Are you, as a Republican supposed to judge everyone else far more harshly than you judge yourself? Are you supposed to hold everyone else up to a much higher standard than you yourself follow? And pretty much every single Republican in office right now holds himself up as a "Christian;" please point to the section of the New Testament that encourages you to judge others more harshly than you judge yourself? Better yet, point to the section where it tells you to deny civil rights to people, based on your disapproval of some aspect of their personal life. And what was it Jesus said; "Do unto others, so that you can get as much money and power as you want, and screw ’em if they don’t like it." What? You mean, he didn’t say that? Well, his followers in the GOP seem to think he said that…

This is just the sex chapter, folks… I have a lot more to cover, and a lot more questions to ask…

Stay tuned for Part 2…

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