Some Words Mean Nothing

“The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose answers I accept.” ― George Carlin

I want to talk about two words. Or, more accurately, two terms, that have come into serious overuse this election season; “establishment” and “status quo.”

PUBs and professional lefties love those terms so much that they effectively have no meaning. For example, when a pro lefty Tweets something like this, what the hell does that mean, exactly?

Yes, Cenk knows all the meaningless buzzwords that his lickspittle followers drool over. He used both of them in the space of 140 characters. That’s actually some feat.

To which “establishment” does he refer? I only ask because there is a Democratic Party establishment, that actually contains politicians who want to do things to move the United States forward and help pull people up, and there is a Republican Party establishment that wants to undo everything this country has ever done and turn it into an authoritarian hellscape, in which the rich run everything, women have to ask the government permission to use birth control or to have an abortion and trans people have to carry an ID card to go into a bathroom.

Is the Democratic “establishment” perfect? Of course not. But at least it largely works to make the country better. I mean, we elected the most progressive president in modern US history in 2008 (his name is Barack Obama) and we saw some amazing progress in the first two years, with a Democratic Congress, not the least of which was the prevention of a depression that the Republican “establishment” had dragged us into and a national health care plan that could certainly serve as a foundation for the universal plan most of us agree is necessary.

Unfortunately, pro lefties like Cenk Uyger worked their asses off to label Democrats and Obama “disappointments” and their efforts gave us the worst Congress in U.S. history, run by the Republican “establishment.” In other words, while you whine and cry about “establishment,” your lack of accuracy is causing people to think the Democratic “establishment” is somehow not much different than the one sported by the GOP. That is called a “lie.” Is it too much to request that progressives tell the truth? In a year in which the GOP version is giving us Donald Drumpf as a nominee, pardon me if I laugh at the constant bitching and whining about the “Democratic establishment.”

That leads us to “status quo.”

See, there’s a problem with tossing around the term “status quo” like that. Without being specific with regard to context, the term is absolutely meaningless. For example, we don’t want the “status quo” with regard to Congress. Their complete inability to do a goddamn thing needs to be done away with and the leadership needs to be swapped out. But in the White House? Hell yes, we want more status quo! An adult in the Oval Office who understands what leadership is and the gravity of his position? A President who genuinely cares about people and tries to find ways to work for them? Yes! It’s a refreshing change from the previous eight years, brought to us by the GOP “establishment.” And can we get real? As bad as Bush was, would anyone from the GOP Klown Kars from the last few election cycles be better than Drumpf?

Cenk and the rest of the PUB class really don’t get this. Well, they do, but they are far more interested in clicks and hearing their own words repeated back to them than in making America better.

On the Democratic side, we have one candidate who has pretty much promised to stay the course and maintain the status quo in the White House for some time and another who seems to think the US is a shithole and everything needs to change completely. I’m sorry, but look at the status quo, with regard to presidential leadership:

  • Depression averted.
  • Housing market recovered.
  • Stock markets up almost 200%.
  • Unemployment cut in half.
  • Health insurance to more than 20 million more people.
  • A minimum wage of $10.10 per hour to all employees the federal government has a say in.
  • The most massive shift to alternative fuels in history.
  • A nuclear pact with Iran that lessened the risk of war there without firing a shot.
  • Respect for the United States has been restored.
  • The near destruction of the Islamic State without a major commitment of US ground troops.
  • Syria giving up their chemical weapons without firing a shot.

I could go on. In fact, there is a list of accomplishments up there in the menu at the top of this page that lists 350 of them. THAT is the status quo, and what is wrong with that? With the pro left’s laundry list of complaints, can you name one what won’t be made worse by ANY Republican? No.

I have nothing against Bernie Sanders. If the democratic primary process had chosen him as the nominee, I would have happily voted for him in November. However, it didn’t. Democrats chose Hillary and that’s okay. Hillary represents a Democratic “establishment” that can rightfully boast of such things as:

  • the New Deal
  • Social Security
  • Medicare and the ACA
  • The Civil Rights Act
  • The Voting Rights Act
  • Title IX
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Act
  • The Clean Water and Clean Air Act and the EPA
  • The establishment of the VA as a Cabinet-level department
  • And a hell of a lot more.

See, here’s a question for professional lefties and PUBs (Progressive Unicorn Brigade – some call them Puritopans or emoprogs); you whine and cry about the “establishment,” but what the hell can you brag of, rightfully? Back when or side worked with Democrats instead of against them, we got a lot done. But ever since you took this attitude:

You have gotten exactly dick done. We lost Congress, we lost the White House for a time, we lost the Supreme Court; what have you people done that has made anyone think you are competent to do a goddamn thing? Why the FUCK would any progressive be “at war with Democrats with the Republican Party out there running around and attempting to tear the country apart at the seams? 

If you are at war with the Democratic Party you are a complete and utter idiot, no matter how much smarter you think you are than everyone else. 

Here’s a fucking clue, you guys:

MOST progressives are not white.

MOST progressives are not men. 

MOST progressives are not under 25.

MOST progressives work for major corporations or depend on them in some way. 

MOST progressives NEVER click on your bullshit blogs and websites or hand you money.

And, most importantly:

MOST progressives ARE the “Democratic establishment.”

Get over yourselves and get a clue. If you are not part of the “establishment,” you are on the fringe, and if you’re on the fringe, you are never going to be successful in a democratic system unless you at least form a coalition with the “establishment.” Get over yourselves and join us in defeating the real enemy, which is the Republican Party. Hillary Clinton can not possibly be your enemy; it’s simply not possible, given that the current Republican Party is out there trying to win elections. 

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