Right Wingers: So Desperate to Be Relevant, Stupidity Reigns

Sometimes the sheer desperation in the RW's quest for relevance is too funny to pass up. This is a response to my List of President Obama's accomplishments:

From: Mike Garcia [mailto:xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2012 4:58 PM
To: milt.shook@gmail.com
Subject: Obama accomplishments

Funny how you're trying to name everything wrong Obamas done to make them seem like positive achievements. Everything listed is not an accomplishment, they are in fact the opposite, or an exaggerated view of a partial fact. The economy is failing, gas is going up, unemployment will average 8% for his first term, and government and their salaries have gone up. Also, it wasn't his plan that found and killed Osama, or brought our troops back. It was him following the initiative that Bush started, these are his own words. But just by reading what you wrote I can see you're not interested in facts, you're just blindly following who will go down in history as the worst president ever. The man who incurred a debt higher than all his predecessors combined. Or maybe you're part of his propaganda crew SEICU, Acorn, or Media Matters. Either way you're credibility and lies are showing. 4 more years of him and we can kiss the American Dream and our way of life goodbye. Maybe that's what you want, in which case he has been successful. The fundumental transformation of America.
I pray he does not…

Mike G=


It is as it does.