McConnell Inadvertently Confirms Bushies’ Torture Regimen

Seriously, is everyone in the Bush Administration just the dumbest form of human ever created? This is what Bush’s National "Intelligence" Director (an ironic title if there ever was one!) said about the Bushies’ approach to torture:

This is from an AP story, Spy Chief McConnell Defends Tactics:.

The nation’s spy chief on Sunday would not identify what CIA interrogators are allowed to do in getting information from terror suspects, but tried to assure critics that torture is not condoned or used.

National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell, in a rare broadcast interview, defended a new order from President Bush that broadly outlines the limits of how suspects may be questioned in the CIA’s terror interrogation program.

The executive order bans torture, cruel and inhumane treatment, sexual abuse, acts intended to denigrate a religion or other degradation "beyond the bounds of human decency." It pledges that detainees will receive adequate food, water and medical care and be protected from extreme heat and cold.

It does not, however, say what techniques are permitted during harsh questioning of suspects _ a matter of debate in the U.S. and elsewhere.

McConnell would not elaborate.

"If I announce what the specific measures are, it would aid those
who want to resist those measures," McConnell said. "So I won’t be too

When asked if the permissible techniques would be troubling to the
American people if the enemy used them against a U.S. citizen,
McConnell said: "I would not want a U.S. citizen to go through the
process. But it is not torture, and there would be no permanent damage
to that citizen."

Which means, they use torture, just not the kind that causes permanent damage. maybe. Of course, they intend to keep the techniques secret, so who knows?

Here’s what’s stupid about this, folks.

First, torture doesn’t work. Want proof? Well, the Bushies have been using it for at least five years now, and we’re still bogged down in Iraq, we’ve lost most of Afghanistan, and terrorists are still plying their trade. In fact, not only have we not caught any al Qaeda using torture, but the numbers of al Qaeda are increasing, in part because of the use of torture.

Think a little. If someone is in extreme discomfort, or pain, or under severe emotional distress, he  will say anything to get it to stop.  Which means that he’ll tell you anything he thinks you want to hear. The torture on the show "24" is a fantasy, folks; it simply doesn’t happen that way, and especially not that fast.

I’ll put it this way; ask John McCain how well it works.

But check out the double-speak from this jackass. Think of the immorality inherent in the statement that, while they will torture the hell out of people who aren’t citizens, they would never, ever use the same techniques on American citizens.

I want you to think about that statement for a while, and then tell me why the terrorists want to kill us. And if you say it’s "for our freedoms," I’ll have to clock you.

Then, think about what they do to prisoners in federal prisons who are American citizens, and think about the fact that it’s far worse than that.

They’re torturing people, folks. The largest free country in the world is torturing people it doesn’t like. And they’re doing it in your name…


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