Start Laughing at the Right Wing Clowns!

Hillary Clinton has
the right idea when it comes to dealing with the right wing spin machine, an I
wish more candidates dealt with them the same way.


Today, during an
interview with former journalist Chris Wallace, Sen. Clinton laughed at him at
times, whenHilllaffsatwallace
he asked ridiculous questions. If you haven’t seen it yet, go here to watch the exchange:


This is the proper
approach to dealing with the right wing, and their absurd arguments. When they
ask something stupid, or they make an assumption or assertion that is patently
absurd, we should chuckle, if not laugh out loud in their faces.


Frankly, we should
have been doing that all along. Like every time Newt Gingrich says
"frankly," for example. If we had started laughing our asses off the
first time one of these idiots brought up the concept of "trickle-down
economics;" a concept which flies in the face of everything we have ever
known about the rich throughout human history, we could have easily dismissed
it, and forced them to adopt something that at least had some basis in reality.


Think about it; look
at what constitutes "debate" in this country these days. We actually
have people arguing about whether or not children should be taught creationism
in a science class! Why is that not a joke? Why are those arguing that the Iraq
occupation has nothing to do with oil given an equal platform with anyone
dealing from within the reality-based community? Even after 30 years of tax
cuts, and ballooning budget deficits, why are we not laughing in the faces of
those idiots who claim that the way to balance the budget and be fiscally
responsible is to reduce taxes even more? For that matter, why the hell aren’t
we laughing our asses off every time someone makes the claim that Republicans
are better on defense, an why are we not practically pissing ourselves laughing
at the concept that the GOP is the more "fiscally responsible" party?


I’m sick of this crap,
and I think what Hillary Clinton is doing should be a trend. We should be
laughing out loud at the absurd assertions these clowns on the right make, and
we should be ridiculing them on the spot. We have stop accepting the garbage they
say politely, at face value, and start exposing it for the harmful, hurtful
crap that it is. We should no longer be content to simply sit back, politely
listen to what they have to say, and then respond with a reasoned, measure
rebuttal. Why do we not get that dealing with any argument in a measured,
reasonable way actually gives that argument some credibility; it makes it seem
like a reasonable argument.


They’ve been counting
on our "sense of fair play" to enhance their propaganda machine for
years, folks, and they have been enormously successful; what should that tell
us about our approach to right wing arguments? Think about the abortion argument.
The only argument involved in the abortion debate is over whether or not the
government should be able to force a woman to stay pregnant against her will.
Yet, look at where the abortion arguments have taken us. They get to call
themselves "pro-life," and we let them. We’ve argued over whether or
not the fetus is a "baby;" about whether life begins at conception;
and about whether or not abortion is "murder." All of those arguments
are wholly irrelevant, and have resulted in a situation whereby a woman’s right
to reproductive choice hangs by a single thread.


We now live in a world
in which "fair and balanced" journalism means giving someone with a
moderate view and someone spouting right wing bullshit are given an equal
platform, and this is just ridiculous. It’s about time we stopped letting it stand
as-is, and started changing things. And I’m not talking about just laughing;
it’s about correcting the record. Start calling a lie a lie. Saddam Hussein did
NOT have weapons of mass destruction, and did not have ties to al Qaeda, and
the next person who says so should be confronted with the fact that what he or
she is saying is a lie. Republican economic policies have absolutely led to a
situation whereby we’re leaving our children and grandchildren more debt than
ever, and for the first time, our children will not have it better than we had,
and to call the GOP the more "fiscally responsible" party is an
outright lie. What’s happening in Iraq is not a war; it’s an occupation; every
time someone calls it a war, we should laugh in their faces, and remind them
that the war was over more than four years ago — remember "Mission
Accomplished," and the fact that Saddam Hussein has been dead for about
nine months — and that what we’re experiencing now is an occupation — the
occupation of a country that is in the midst of a long-simmering civil war. And
let’s face it; we have to laugh every time anyone on the right claims that the
Bushies have — or have ever had — anything resembling a "plan." The
only plan these people have ever had has been a plan to pillage the treasury
for every dime they can funnel to their rich "contractor" friends and
mercenary companies.


We have to laugh, and
we have to stop being so damned cordial to these people. They don’t deserve it.
They’re not equal to us. They lie and make shit up, and we don’t, and we have
to make that clear to people, even if we have to "insult" the liars.

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