STFU Bernie!

We need to be tired of this crap. Seriously…

The far left’s current chew toy, Bernie Sanders, just told CNN that the “Democratic Brand” is really bad now. In fact, he suggests that it’s worse than Trump, whether the hell that means.

Can you say “white privilege”?

What the hell is wrong with unicorn progressives and the professional left? Why are they so devoid of reality? I mean, for all of 2015 and 2016, they screamed and cried that Hillary was terrible and awful and crooked and mean. They spent the four months between the end of the primary season and the general election trashing the shit out of the Democratic Party, claiming that the vote was “rigged.” They trashed Hillary and the Democrats for not being “progressive enough.” And in the process, the only thing they accomplished was to encourage enough voters to stay home to give Trump the election.

Yet, these assholes have spent the last few months trying to lecture Democrats on how to win. That’s a mature attitude, isn’t it? They sabotage the Democrats for two years and then pretend they had nothing to do with the outcome. What a “progressive” thing to do, right? These people have no concept of reality. I can’t even read or watch the professional left any longer, and that includes all but a few so-called “liberal” pundits in what so many refer to as the “mainstream media.” And yes, “The Young Turks,” you may be the worst of all because I used to follow you.

I have been slow to revive this blog in recent months because I haven’t been sure what to do with it. I am almost finished with the updated Obama Accomplishments page, but it can’t be just about the past. It is past time to revive the progressive movement and make it relevant again. Unfortunately, the professional left and white unicorn “progressives” in particular, are preventing that with their nonsense. Starting today, let’s go back to the original purpose of this blog, which is how the blog got its name.

Please… cut the crap.

Here are some FACTS for you to chew on, you supposedly far left psychos:

  1. Hillary was a better candidate than Bernie. Hillary Clinton was easily the most qualified candidate to ever run for president in either party. This is a woman who spent her entire life in public service. Long before she entered politics, she advocated for children, women and the poor. Many of the Bernie Stans who scream the loudest have never done a goddamn thing for anyone. And just FYI, Bernie has been in Congress far longer than Hillary was, but she has a far better record, overall, if you would bother to look. However, it’s a lot easier to just repeat bullshit, isn’t it? And you wonder why we say Bernie Stans and Trumpies are very much alike… how odd.
  2. Hillary is/always has been every bit as progressive as Bernie, if not more so. The professional left has this habit of defining “progressive” so narrowly that no one in their right mind can join. What’s worse, their definition of “progressive” is based solely on talk. If you have the “correct” position on an issue, you can be part of the club. If you do not, you can’t be. Ever. You can save people from burning buildings, but if you ever did anything these white progressives don’t like, you will never be accepted as a “progressive” by their little clique.
  3. Hillary Clinton is easily the cleanest and most honest politician in history. This is obvious, since the Clintons are the most-investigated politicians in history and the investigators never found anything. They went through the Clinton finances with a fine tooth comb and they looked at every career they ever had. They looked at Hillary’s handling of the White House Travel Office firings and found that Bill had fired them, which was within his power. They went through Hillary’s billings at the Rose Law firm and found nothing. They went through all of the Whitewater documents and found nothing. When Bill Clinton set up the Clinton Foundation, not only did he outdo his predecessors in what the Foundation has accomplished, but the Clinton Foundation’s transparency is legendary. Again, a lot of accusations, but nothing.
  4. Hillary Clinton lost because of far left progressives. Every election year, these assholes do the same thing. They whine and cry about how bad Democrats are for a year or two, without seeming to be aware that every election features two viable candidates and the Republican candidate is guaranteed to be awful. This time, Hillary lost because turnout was low. All of those other things, like the Russians possibly hacking in a few states and claims that Hillary ran a bad campaign, and all of that, would not have mattered had turnout been high enough. You don’t get to trash Hillary Clinton for two solid years and then claim that your rhetoric had no effect. In a race where fewer than 100,000 votes in three states would have prevented a Trump incursion, everything counted.
  5. Far left white progressives are the biggest losers in politics. Unfortunately, these fuckwits have college educations, and they believe their college educations have made them smarter than all other voters. This is ridiculous, of course, since the reprobates and morons who voted for Trump are even smart enough to know that they need to align with the GOP to win an election. The professional left likes to lecture those of us who have been aligned with Democrats all along that we don’t know how to win, when they actually have zero clue. I mean, what the hell have “progressive independents” won in the last half century? You have Bernie Sanders, and you have nothing else to show. Every other member of the House Progressive Caucus is a Democrat, which apparently makes them assholes.
  6. The vast majority of progressives are Democrats. These people have no clue that they represent perhaps 5-10 percent of all progressives. Every time one of these morons tells me “what the people think,” I can’t not laugh because professional far left white people have no clue what “the people” think. And it’s no wonder; they dont talk to “people,” they talk to each other almost exclusively. I can’t tell you how many of these folks point to their “black friend” proudly. Sometimes, they even fault me for calling a Black person my friend and not pointing out that they’re Black. Which leads to…
  7. White far left liberals tend to be racist. I say this knowing that I am a far left liberal myself. Seriously, my darkest coloring is beige. I am Caucasian and I benefit from white privilege all of the time. The difference is, I recognize it. I have had so many conversations with LIBERALS in the last few years who have sworn that they did not experience white privilege because they grew up as poor as any black person. Yes, I wish I was kidding. They not only do not know what white privilege is, but they are as insulting as they can be to black people. Let me clue you in; if you can walk down the street for 40 years, as I have, and never be stopped by police randomly and asked for ID, then you have benefitted from white privilege. If you have the option of voting for a “third party” and can excuse you’re stupidity by saying “it’s a blue/red state, anyway,” then you have benefited from white privilege. And let me assure you, white liberals… if you voted for Obama ONLY because he was Black and you wanted to “stick it to the establishment,” you are almost as racist as those who refused to vote for him because he was Black. When you can vote for the viable candidate who will do the most for the American people, or the one least likely to screw us, without factoring in race, then we’ll talk. Pointing to his race as a sign of how “progressive” you are is a sign that you’re no progressive.
  8. White liberals are NOT the “Democratic Base.” In 2016, I was a Martin O’Malley supporter. However, I praised Hillary and Bernie and I would have happily voted for whomever won the nomination. That is because anyone on the Democratic side was better than anyone in the Klown Kar. I was enormously embarrassed, however, when Hillary Clinton cleaned Bernie’s clock in a bunch of Southern primaries and the reaction by white pro left liberal Bernie Stans was, “Oh, it doesn’t matter; those are confederate states, and she won’t win anyway.” I was enbarrassed by that because the vast majority of Democratic voters in the Southeast US are Black, Latino and women, and these white liberals had just dismissed them all as irrelevant. Let’s be clear, professional lefties and Bernie Stans: you are NOT “the Democratic base,” and you really haven’t been since DEMOCRATS abolished Jim Crow and minorities were able to vote in every election. In order to be considered the “Democratic base,” you have to be a reliable vote in every single election. People of Color are the Democratic Base. LGBTQ are the Democratic base. Latinos of all types are the Democratic base. White liberals gave up their throne in the Democratic base when they picketed the Democratic Convention in 1968, and given their penchant for torpedoing Democrats every chance they get since then, that status is unlikely to change anytime soon.

See, here’s the thing…

The root word of “progressive” is “progress.” You Bernie Stans and professional lefties can’t even win a fucking election and you seem to do all you can to make sure the anti-progressive party, known as the GOP, wins as many elections as possible. What the hell have any of you DONE to make sure progress happens. Here is one more FACT to chew on:

9. Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and even Joe Manchin have participated in more societal progress than most of the unicorn left has ever dreamed of. So what the fuck makes you so “progressive”? The answer, if we’re being honest, is not a goddamn thing.

Shut up Bernie. You are just embarrassing yourself. And if you don’t think he is, well, go find another hobby, because politics isn’t your thing.


STFU Bernie! — 11 Comments

  1. Progressive. n. Someone who does everything possible to screw things up for the Democrats–then can’t figure out why the Democrats aren’t more progressive.

  2. BS needs to focus on his attorney’s advice re: the FBI’s bank fraud investigation. He’s just another political hack who is afraid to show his tax returns.

    • No. That would be everything that comes out of the mouths of the Bernie faithful. THEY (you?) played into the GOP’s hands all through 2015-2016.

  3. Another great post Milt. You write what I have felt for a long time….It is maddening that this happened before with Ralph Nader and Al Gore yet those who voted for Nader blamed Gore for not getting enough votes to decisively win in FL. What I worry about is in such a closely divided electorate these so-called Progressives DO wield power by withholding their votes or voting 3rd Party as with this past election. They always have an answer to justify their willfully ignorant behavior and never accept responsibility for their part in our losses…just blame and blame and attack Democrats. They can not be reasoned with and seem not to care about the millions of lives that will be negatively impacted by Trump and the Republican Congress. I do not see how we will ever overcome this mess if the Bernie or Bust mentality keeps rearing its ugly head. I have been so despondent as the situation in DC gets worse and worse. Thank you again for your work. I wish Bernie Sanders would retire to one of his large homes and go away quietly. If you are not part of the solution then, as you so elegantly stated, “shut up Bernie”.

  4. I wasted time arguing on this thread on Mediaite on how stupid it is to get rid of Nancy Pelosi.

    Some of the arguments were straight right wing talking points and one commentator said the Democratic Party has to reach “the WHITE working class” and got all upset when I mentioned that the Democratic base is women and persons of color. Another problem these white Bernie stans have is the need to capitulate to right wing nonsense such as “Nancy Pelosi is toxic for Democrats,” they trash her, and they wonder how she has a low approval rating. They have the same lack of awareness as Donald Trump, and it’s an absolute INSULT that they want to lecture many of us who have backed Pelosi and other Democratic leaders through good and bad. IMO, if you refuse to back our Democratic leaders, join up with the GOP or get another hobby besides politics because if you aren’t part of the solution, you’re part of the problem, and these white male lefties are part of the problem.

    • They should squirm. I, for one, am sick of them killing progress at the same time they tell me I’m not a “real progressive.”