STFU, Donny

I have been saying this for almost two years now, but Lord Donny Drumpf has two serious problems. (I know what you’re thinking; he has more problems than that. I’m just talking about problems as they relate to the presidency, for now.) Both of them are actually common problems among the far right. (And frankly, a large swath of the far left, too, but that’s another discussion.) He and his closest minions think of the presidency as being the “CEO of America.” Listen to Donny’s rhetoric; he has always thought he was going to “run the country.” There’s just one problem; presidents don’t run the country. They don’t even really run the government. He is in charge of the “Executive Branch,” which is one-third of the government and “co-equal” to the Legislative and Judicial Branches. His job is to “execute” the laws that are made by the Legislative branch and to do so within the parameters of the Constitution and other laws that are already in place.

In this case, “Execute” doesn’t mean to put laws to death, as many right wingers think. It means to “carry out” the laws passed by Congress. All of them, even those they don’t like, at least until Congress changes them. Unfortunately, Lord Donny and his minions don’t understand that concept. Because he and his minions see themselves as the “Executives” of “AmericaCorp,” they are approaching the whole government thing the same way Donny approached his role in the Trump Organization. Why do you think he keeps having people write “executive orders”? He sincerely believes that all of his orders, memoranda and proclamations are dicta from on high, that everyone else in the government must follow. You know, because that’s how things worked at Trump University, right? Check out the beginning of this Presidential Memorandum from a few days ago:

As President, my highest priority is to ensure the safety and security of the American people. In order to advise and assist me in executing this solemn responsibility, as well as to protect and advance the national interests of the United States at home and abroad, I hereby direct that my system for national security policy development and decision-making shall be organized as follows:

The Memorandum goes on to acknowledge, in passing, that two bodies, the National Security Council and the Homeland Security Council, are statutory in nature, but the memo reads like a petulant child in lawyer’s clothing wrote it. “I’m gonna do things my way and I will hold my breath until you give in!” Check out the end of the memo:

This document is part of a series of National Security Presidential Memoranda that shall replace both Presidential Policy Directives and Presidential Study Directives as the instrument for communicating relevant Presidential decisions. This memorandum shall supersede all other existing Presidential guidance on the organization or support of the NSC and the HSC. With regard to its application to economic matters, this document shall be interpreted in concert with any Executive Order governing the National Economic Council and with Presidential Memoranda signed hereafter that implement either this memorandum or that Executive Order.

In other words, forget everything that was done before; there’s a new sheriff in town. Donny has no concept that he is part of a government that has to cooperate to get anything done and that builds on precedent. Oh, I know his most loyal subjects want him to blow everything up and start over, but that can’t be done without Congress and it still has to follow the Constitution and current law. Now, of course, he CAN do everything in the memo, but his failure to run anything by Congress will eventually spell his doom. I once wrote a piece on this blog, which I took down, saying that we shouldn’t go for impeachment. I have changed my mind on that. It has to happen, and soon.

My objection to Lord Donny has nothing to do with politics. He’s crazy as a loon, he has no political sense and he has no concept of the job, nor has he ever demonstrated a desire to learn anything. The presidency, especially now, needs a steady hand, and Lord Donny is the least steady hand imaginable. He doesn’t understand that he is not at all a CEO, his job is to be the most important and visiblepublic SERVANT in OUR government. He does not now understand that he works for us, not the other way around, and there are no signs that he will ever learn that lesson.

Look at what happened yesterday, when Donny fired Acting AG Sally Yates because she instructed her staff at the DOJ to not defend Donny’s illegal immigration order. For the record, I think she wanted out and decided she wanted to be fired, so she did some grandstanding. That’s not a bad thing; I’d probably do the same.  However, in his memo announcing her firing, he claimed that she had “betrayed” him. Not the country, but him. He does not understand that he and the rest of his regime work in service to the Constitution, the law, in addition to the people. You cannot “betray” any one person in the US government because they all work together for one goal; the advancement of society. I know the Republican Party has largely forgotten that in recent years, but that’s because we keep forgetting to remind them. It is now up to them to save us from the crazy bastard occupying the White House and we have to hold them to their Constitutional DUTY to do so. (Yes, it’s not an option, but a duty to get an incompetent person out of office.) They have plenty of grounds; the second he took the oath, he was in violation of the Constitution and he has too many conflicts to make us feel safe. I mean, for Chrissakes, would you want to live in a “Trump Tower” right now? What happens when a terrorist group targets one in, say, Saudi Arabia? Turkey? Paris? MANHATTAN? He’s commander-in-chief; how can we know he won’t send troops in to defend one of his buildings, just because he refused to follow the law  and divest? He’s a ticking time bomb that will go off at some point.

Look at the countries he’s targeted with his asinine “immigration plan” (Muslim Ban). Not only is he thumbing his nose at the Arab world and announcing that we’re at war with Islam when we’re not and shouldn’t be, but his list of countries leaves out any country where he has business interests, even when they have committed more atrocities against us and our allies than the countries he’s banned. This is just the beginning. He’s already shown, just 10 days in, that he is more than willing to play favorites. He’s botched an operation in Yemen that resulted in the death of an 8-year-old American girl and a member of SEAL Team 6. He’s already violated the rights of as many as 90,000 people with his Muslim Ban. Do more people have to die before someone starts the process of getting Donny the hell out of the White House? I’m not a fan of Mike Pence; he’s an asshole who is politically repulsive. However, he’s not crazy. We can predict what he will do and we can deal with it. Donny is crazy as a loon and it’s not possible to know what he’ll do. He isn’t just poking the eyes of liberals and Democrats; he’s also doing crazy shit without running it by his own party.

It’s time to shut up Donny permanently. Get him out of the White House and start the process now. Maybe we can have him out by Spring.


STFU, Donny — 2 Comments

  1. ” … I’m not a fan of Mike Pence; he’s an asshole who is politically repulsive. However, he’s not crazy. ….”
    Oh, yes he is.
    As crazy as DT but not in quite the same ways, and even more fanatic.
    Fanatics are much scarier than a merely crazy person.

    Other than that, your article nails it.
    And i like that you ‘fess up’ to changing your mind. Few are aware enough to do it and admit it.

    • The problem with Trump is that he has no principles or scruples. Pence is predictable and we can deal with it: