Stick Your Griffin Fake Outrage Up Your…

I know I discussed this issue from one angle yesterday,, in which I didn’t talk about Trump at all. But there’s another angle to this that has everything to do with Trump.

If you expect people to be outraged by Kathy Griffin’s severed head photo shoot – easily the most outrageous image no one has actually ever seen, well, you need to be less of a hypocrite. I’m not just talking about your concern trolling over the feelings of Barron Trump. I’m talking about showing that you have standards when it comes to what to expect from political leaders.

Yes, once again, I agree with you; Kathy Griffin went over the top with her photos, holding up a severed head made to look like Donald Trump. Few can argue that. Was it funny? Depends on who you talk to. I understand why the Secret Service might look into it, although no one in their right mind thinks Griffin intends to do that to Trump. It can be said that it sent a message. Who the hell knows? Whatever  happened, she has apologized and the fallout has been severe enough to get her crying on national TV.

Gosh, we should be so proud. We made a comedian cry.

Meanwhile, however, the same people who claim to have standards that Kathy Griffin violated don’t seem to show signs of having standards at any other time.  Have they not been paying attention to Donald Trump? Why do they never show outrage when he does anything stupid? What do I mean, you ask? Thanks for asking. Here are some of them:

  • Why are these people not outraged over the fact that Donald Trump is using the presidency to make money? For example, once he was elected, he immediately doubled the cost of Mar-a-Lago membership and he also schedules most of hs weekend outings at his very own properties, which means that he makes money from everyone who travels with him.
  • Why are these people not outraged by the fact that he refused to put his holdings in a blind trust, which is designed to protect the people from potential conflicts of interest?
  • Why are they not outraged by the fact that he has conflicts of interest all over the world that already seem to have influenced his decision making ?
  • Why are they not outraged by the fact that he continuously enbarrasses this country and makes us look like fools all over the world?
  • Why are they not outraged by the fact that he obviously knows nothing about the job he ran for and has absolutely no inclination to learn?
  • Why are they not outraged by the fact that hundreds of buildings all over the world have his name on them, thus making them spectacular terrorism targets, but his narcissism won’t allow him to change the name. Yes, that’s right; his name has put thousands of people who live and work in them in potential danger, but he won’t do anything to keep them safe, because he values himsellf above everyone.
  • Why are they not outraged by the fact that he still refuses to release his tax returns?
  • Why are they not outraged by his constant lies about Russia and his ties to Putin?
  • Why are they not outraged by the constant lies and obfuscation? For example, Trumpcare does NOT give everyone better health insurance and Germany does not screw us on trade. Oh yeah, and nothing he does will bring back coal jobs. I’d mention more, but this is a column, not a book.
  • Why are they not outraged by the fact that his Cabinet represents 1% of America? IIt’s full of cronies and billionaires wth no government experience.
  • For that matter, why are they not outraged that the people with the most power in his administration , like Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, have absolutely no experience in anything relevant to what they are doing for him?
  • Why are they not outraged that Donald Trump’s policy positions are nothing short of cruel?
  • Why are they not outraged that Trump has no regard for women and treats them as if they are lesser than him, just because they’re women? I mean, how many men do you think he’d proudly grab  in that area?
  • Why are they not outraged that he referred to Mexicans who come here as “rapists”?
  • Why are they not outraged that he continues to lie about forcing Mexico to pay for a wall that will never be built?
  • Why are they not outraged that Trump continues to bully people he doesn’t like?
  • Why iare they not outraged by Trump’s constant denigration of any news media that doesn’t kowtow to him as “fake news”?
  • Why are they not outraged that he thinks intelligence briefings contain information that he is free to give to others in order to brag on himself?
  • Why are they not outraged that no one in his White House has been properly vetted, and that he wants to pass out security clearances like they were Skittles.

if you’re going to claim outrage over what Kathy Griffin did, fine. But if none of these things above bother you (and this is a short list!), then expect the rest of us to dismiss your complaints as “concern trollling.  It can’t be real. There are real problems with this asshole in the White House and your attempts to distract us won’t work.

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