Still Birthers After All These Years

How comfortable can
we possibly be when we realize that, as we walk down the street today, nearly
one out of every 12 people you encounter are actually stupid enough to think
it’s possible that President Obama wasn’t born here, and therefore shouldn’t be
president of the United States?


I’m not going to say
I’d feel safer walking through gang turf, past a group of young gentlemen
wearing gang colors and sporting bulges in their jackets, but at least you can
see that menace.  How does a nation get
to be this incredibly collectively stupid?

Please continue this… I even have pictures… and at the end is a priceless video of the Queen Birther with David Shuster…


Here’s what you have
to believe in order to be a “birther:”

  • You have to believe
    that Barack Obama has gone his entire adult life using a fake birth
    certificate, with no one noticing. That would include a run for Senate against
    Alan Keyes (who is a birther supreme at the moment), and a primary run against
    none other than Hillary Clinton, who had people capable of doing background who
    would make Karl Rove blush.
  • You have to believe
    the following is in no way an actual birth certificate, because you can’t feel the embossed state seal on your computer monitor:

                                                            BO Birth Certificate

  • You have to believe that the date and signature on the birth certificate are somehow fake, even though Hawaiian authorities have repeatedly claimed they have the birth certificate on file:


  • You have to believe that this birth announcement, which was discovered and posted by a pro-Hillary Clinton blogger during the thick of last year’s primary fight, and which was found in the Honolulu Advertiser newspaper and dated on August 13, 1961, was part of the conspiracy. In other words, you have to believe that someone living in Honolulu back in 1961 had an inkling that the “colored boy” (that’s what the baby would have been called in those days) who was born on August 4, 1961, might want to become president someday, so someone planted the birth announcement in the paper.                                                           


  • You have to believe that the mere fact that a group of idiots has filed a series of lawsuits, demanding a birth certificate from Obama, that there must be something wrong.
  • You have to believe that the following “birth certificate,” which is obviously phony, “proves” that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya, coincidentally on the same day he was supposedly born in Honolulu, Hawaii, despite the flaws in the logic contained therein. Seriously, look at this forgery:


  • You have to believe, beyond all reason, that the above “birth certficate” is real, despite the fact that Kenya didn’t become a Republic until 1964, Mombasa was not a part of Kenya in 1961 or 1964, that the serial number (47,044) contains one HELL of a coincidence (Obama becoming the 44th president of the United States at the age of 47?), that the birth date would just happen to be the same as the one reported on his Hawaiian birth certificate, and the name of the registrar is the same as the name of a popular laundry detergent.
  • You have to believe that Orly Taitz is not a nutjob.
  • You have to believe that WorldNet Daily is a reputable news organization. 

You seriously have to be bull goose loony to believe this crap. And yet, one out of every 12 of your fellow travelers believes this nonsense. Okay, let’s be fair, where most of us live, it’s probably more like one out of every 30, while in the “Deep South,” it’s more like one in three. But you get my drift. It’s getting scary out there.

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