Stimulate THIS, Republicans!

Look, Democratic Senators; it is this simple. The current incarnation of the Republican Party will only play ball when they lose enough fights, and realize they have no choice but to either help craft legislation, or get the hell out of the way while you do.

The people want and need a stimulus package, and they will get one. The most Republicans might be able to do is to delay it a bit, but they can’t stop it, so stop acting as if they can. If moderate Republicans make decent proposals that make sense, and could help move the economy along, you’d be crazy not to consider it. But stop listening to the bullying tactics and the promises to “not vote” for the package. They lost the last election, and they seem poised to lose the next few elections, and it really doesn’t matter what they like and don’t like.

And don’t worry about a filibuster. If they do filibuster this, they will be sorry. See, the unemployment figures are about to come out, and they’ll be the highest we’ve seen in many decades; possibly even higher than they were in 1982; the last time supply-side economics pushed us over a cliff. And if Republicans delay or kill a stimulus package that might work, or even if they vote against a stimulus package that ends up working, they will be screwed, and they know it.

That’s really the crux of this; they’re afraid of Democratic success, because they really don’t care about the country as much as they care about their party’s political power. Think I’m kidding? Look how fast they pushed through the bailout last September. That one was a joke, and they managed to have that done and dusted in a little more than a week. That was a handout to banks, with no strings attached, that turned out to be a little less necessary than advertised, for one thing. Plus, look at the stuff they’re bitching about now; the effect on the deficit, the cost to the taxpayer, and (my favorite) tax cuts that are possibly a bit too extreme.

Yeah, that’s right; eight years after Bush and their party reduced taxes for the rich, and exploded the deficit for eight years, now they’re suddenly concerned about “fiscal responsibility.”

I got this in an e-mail from the BLS this morning;

Unemployment rates were higher in December than a year earlier in 363 of the 369 metropolitan areas, lower in 5 areas, and unchanged in 1 area. Among the 310 metropolitan areas for which nonfarm payroll data were available, 72 metropolitan areas recorded over-the-year employment gains, 234 reported losses, and 4 were unchanged.

That means everyone’s affected by job losses. If people aren’t working, they’re not spending money. If they’re not spending money, no one’s starting a business, on putting a lot of money into their current business. No one invests in a sinking economy.

Just as the unemployed family will use its credit cards to make ends meet for a while, in order to make ends meet, the government needs to spend more money than it has at the moment. The Republicans’ phony concern about spending needs to be put by the wayside, so that someone can get this economy back on track.

We have a lot of infrastructure that was neglected when Republicans actually ran things. Roads and bridges need to be built; cities need to improve their mass transit systems; parks need to be reconstructed, and government buildings should be retrofitted to make them more eco-friendly. This stuff needs to be done, but the Republican-led federal government has been starving the states of money for years, while it gave tax breaks to the rich, and also found ways to feed them trillions more taxpayer dollars in other ways. Not only that, but the reason why we’re in this mess is because the Republicans looked the other way, while greedy crooks took over the financial services industry, and screwed us in the process. The federal government has a dictum in the Constitution, to regulate commerce, and they pretty much balled up the Constitution and tossed it in the trash.

Here’s the deal, folks. We need infrastructure, and people need money to get the economy moving from the ground up, for a change. Economies don’t work when you feed the money to the top of the food chain. It’s time to slip the money into the bottom, and allow the money to trickle up, as it’s supposed to. Republicans had their say for the past eight years; now, they can either come up with something constructive, or shut the hell up.

Republicans, we the people, want you to help. We don’t want to hear you whine about the way you’re treated. We don’t give a rat’s ass if you think “trickle-down” is the way to go. We don’t even care if you think the tax cuts don’t go far enough. We’ve had enough of your bullshit. If you have a serious recommendation that will seriously create good paying jobs for the working class in this country, then fine; otherwise, shut the hell up and let the adults go to work.

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