Stop Being Negative

Okay, I have to make this quick, but it’s something that has to be said.

I am a progressive…

What i mean by that is, I am a full-on Pinko, radical liberal who wants everyone in society to have the opportunity to do well. I want everyone in this country to have the exact same rights in every circumstance. That means I don’t want anyone to have more rights than someone else just because they happen to have been the majority for most of the life of this country. I only hate my white privilege because it means other people who weren’t born Caucasian (or Caucasian-looking, at least) don’t have it as easy as I do. I believe that war and war-like actions (you know like bombing a country without their permission because someone in that country offended your sensibilities somehow) should be an absolute last resort and, as a free country, military action should only be pre-emotive as (I’m gonna say it again) a last resort and only to save the lives of a large number of innocents.

Oh, and one last thing; I am in favor of everyone in this country having the absolute right to see a doctor when they need to, regardless of their ability to pay. that means I am for universal healthcare and NOT NOT NOT “single-payer,” which is NOT a solution to anything, in and of itself.

In other words, I am as progressive as any of you infantile Bernie worshippers, even though I do not show complete fealty to the Lord Bernie and I don’t even though I though many of his positions on issues were somewhat infantile.

if there is one thing that separates me from a large number of my “progressive” brethren, it’s that I refuse to be negative, at least as a matter of course. I mean, when faced with the specter of Trump in the White House, despair is a natural reaction, but for God’s sakes, all around negativity if a formula for disaster, so stop it.

And if you think I’m being hyperbolic, I point to the last 40-plus years. A large contingent of the progressive movement has been negative as hell and we have faced 40 years of a radicalized minority party holding an outsized portion of the federal government and a majority of state governments. So, if you think constantly bitching is a political winner, I’d like to see your evidence.

I’m just sick of this crap. No, our democracy is not dead. What happened is, ONCE AGAIN, the extreme far left fucked the rest of the electorate and spent two solid yers trashing Hillary Clinton, despite the fact that she was probably the second-most progressive candidate for president with a chance to win in the last 40 years. And don’t claim that didn’t happen because it did. Lord Donny didn’t win because so many more people showed up to vote for him; he won because too many people were convinced that Hillary and Donny were essentially the same and didn’t vote for either of them.

Why, you ask? Because, once again (see 2014, 2010, 2004, 2000, 1998, 1994, 1988, 1984 and 1980), the left side of the debate spent far more time whining about how bad Democrats were because their tendency is to be overwhelmingly negative about every goddamn thing. There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats, according to these fuckwits, which defies even the most basic common sense. Even with the idiot orange toddler in the White House, they are still at it, comparing Schumer, Heitkamp and Manchin, among others, with Republicans, as if there was a comparison to be made.

There is no comparison to be made and even if there was, we cannot afford to make it. In 2018, we need a Democratic wave election. That means, we have to make sure every Democrat wins and every Republican loses. In the Senate, we need to gain three seats, but the most we can gain is eight. When you negative morons trash Manchin, who represents a deep red state, you make that less possible.

And before some of you whine at me about how negative Republicans are, I’ll point out that, well, that’s the point! Republicans don’t win elections, we lose them. Their major strategy is to depress turnout because it’s the only way they can win. When they are overwhelmingly negative, it’s because they’re trying to make people not want to vote. And it works. It works like a charm. Now, here’s the thing. If their strategy is to drive down turnout, that would seem to imply that our strategy should be the opposite. We should be positive, and encourage people to want to show up and vote every single time. More importantly, what the FUCK do you imagine you gain by being negative against Democrats? If you look at the worst shit the GOP has done in the last eight years, well, not a single one of those things would have happened if Democrats had been in charge. NOT one. So, why would any of you be so stupid as to think that attacking Democrats would be effective? Manchin needs to WIN in a RED STATE. if you’re expecting him to vote like Maxine Waters, you’re just as moronic as any Trumpie.

Stop the negativity and push progressive liberal politics as a positive. Frame liberal politics as a net positive.

And if you think it can’t work, think about the last Democratic President to win a clear majority in both of his elections, while at the same time bringing Democrats along with him as a near supermajority. His name was Barack Obama and his entire campaign was about “hope and change” and NOT “don’t Democrats suck?”