Stop Being Stupid; the Only Issue That Really Matters

Perhaps you heard…

nogopYesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court blocked President Obama’s rules regarding power plant emissions that is part of his efforts to rein in climate change. The ruling was a party-line (yes, I said party-line because, who are we kidding?) vote of 5-4. The stay lasts until a lower court hears a case involving a power company that wants to burn as much coal as it wants, without that goddamn Environmental Protection Agency breathing down their necks.

Quite frankly, this was, as best, a minor loss, as things stand now. The fact of the matter is, power companies have been inching away from coal burning plants for a while, anyway, and the trend is moving in the direction of alternative energy. It has been moving in that direction since President Obama and Democrats started the ball rolling with the stimulus package in 2009. You remember that, right; the bill that received pretty much no Republican support and which was derided by many far left progressives as inadequate is actually the one reason the Supreme Court’s decision yesterday isn’t a flat disaster.

WagstaffThere have been a lot of 5-4 decisions coming from the current court, some in our favor, some against us. What should scare the living shit out of you is that Chief  Justice John Roberts is the only reason we still have healthcare reform. I’m sure you remember being tense for weeks worrying about that decision. What happens if he’s outnumbered next time? And that could happen if the next president is a Republican and gets to nominate at least 2-3 Justices and quite possibly 4.

Yes, that’s right, you imbeciles. While you morons are arguing over ridiculous notions like “single payer” (you couldn’t get a “public option” passed, but you think we’ll get an entire government-run health insurance system?) or “free college” (yes, the poor and working class shouldn’t go into debt, but is “free college” for everyone feasible in 2016?) or you argue over whether or not the minimum wage should be $15 (Bernie) or $12 (Hillary), the Republican Party is cheering for our continued bickering over things that are largely irrelevant.

How many times does this shit have to happen before you get it, for shit’s sake? With the GOP running a significant portion of this country, it has slowly been turned into crap, where people who used to be fairly well off have had to turn to staring at the mini computer in their pockets (which they will never actually pay for) in order to keep their mind off of how the hell they’re going to pay for food this week.

We have had a stark choice for more than 20 years now, between a party that is, at its worst, kind of klutzy and less effective than we would like and another party that is downright fucking evil. Yet, all I ever hear coming from the far left is how shitty the Democratic Party is. I hear bullshit words like “establishment” and “corporatism” and “Wall Street” used against Democrats. For three straight goddamn election cycles, the far left has targeted “Blue Dog” Democrats because they’re just not good enough to be part of “their” Democratic Party.” In 2000, these same assholes went hog wild for Nader, but for some stupid reason, they went after Al Gore about ten times harder than they went after the odious and profoundly stupid George W. Bush. Then, in 2004, while the Republicans were painting war hero John Kerry as something along the lines of a wimp and a traitor, many on the far left were painting him the same way. And they always equivocate between Democrats and Republicans, at a time when the difference between the parties has never been more stark and obvious.

Let me remind you that the reason we have Clarence Thomas on the court is because we failed to support Michael Dukakis in 1988 and the reason we have Roberts and Alito is because our side went after Gore and Kerry out of some asinine belief that attacking the Democrats would get many voters to switch to Nader.

Again, these people, whom I call PUBs (Progressive Unicorn Brigade) are not big fans of reality, so here’s a clue. If you want to build a progressive third party, you go after the Republican Party and make people not want to vote for them. Got it? That makes Republican moderates vote for Democrats and that gives Democratic progressives the space to switch to the Greens. Got that now, you morons? If Nader and his band of idiots had worked WITH Al Gore instead of against him, a lot of moderate Republicans would have voted for Gore, which means they could have gotten at least the five percent they were looking for, and quite possibly more, t the same time we would have avoided everything George W. Bush.

unicorn 1And if weare getting down to it now, let’s talk about all that grief PUBs give Hillary for her Iraq vote, which she has apologized for and called a mistake. Um, if you hadn’t supported Nader to the detriment of Gore, she wouldn’t have made that vote, now, would she? For self-described “political junkies,” why does it seem so hard to get them to understand Politics 101? You work WITH those whom you are ideologically closest to and against those on the opposite side. For some reason, these people work with Republicans to defeat Democrats, although I’m pretty sure they’re too stupid to realize they’re doing that.

The Supreme Court’s decision yesterday, along with the steady stream of 5-4 decisions over the last decade, should point out the profound importance of  making sure Democrats win in November. Not just the presidency, but especially the presidency. If a Republican President takes over next January, then he will get to make those 5-4 decisions into 6-3 or 7-2 decisions and not in a good way. If, like at least one professional lefty I know, you think Stephen Breyer’s appointment proves that theory wrong because he was appointed by Bush 41, I’d point out that the last Republican to nominate a liberal Justice before that was Eisenhower, who was practically a Demorat, at least in the 1950s.

If you think blocking one rule for a year or so is bad, wait until they kill the Paris Climate Accords and cancel all alternative energy investment and pack the court to prevent anything from getting through. If you think killing a bill that protects gun makers from liability, wait until you get a 7-2 decision prohibiting lawsuits against anyone in any gun case. The future of the Supreme Court is the single most most important issue we face in this election, regardless of your fanciful dreams of unicorns and rainbows and cotton candy for dinner. If your rhetoric damages either Hillary or Bernie in the general election to the point that a Republican sneaks in, or even if you only damage them enough so they have no coattails, then you are blowing the greatest chance we have ever had to take back this country for progressives and the good people out there.

This is the fucking Supreme Court, people. Those people serve for life and they tend to live a long time. Scalia’s been there almost 30 years, Thomas for 25. Get a clue.


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  1. One of the points I made a while back on my own blog, and I’ve reiterated in comments elsewhere to Bernie supporters is one of the oldest rules in politics: First you have to win. If you don’t win, you don’t get to even try to implement your wonderful ideals. At no time have they shown that they can win. Either they can’t come up with a candidate in the first place, or they can’t get their candidate past a primary, let alone a general election. Until that happens, the party is not going to be terribly interested in their antics, simply because a political party – and politicians – like to win.

    • That is the thing too many people seem to forget, in part because they’re so enamored of their own ideology. Unless you win, you can have all the ideals in the world and nothing is happening.