Stop Blaming Blacks For Proposition 8!

Look folks, you
really have to stop blaming black people for the demise of Proposition 8. There
were a lot of reasons why it failed, but it wasn't the perceived
"betrayal" of African-Americans, and such a characterization is
unfair and untrue.


Let's start with the
fact that, according to the Census Bureau, as of 2006, about 7.3% of
California's population is black. Okay, so perhaps it's distressing on some
level that, according to polls, around 70% of blacks voted for Prop. 8, but
even if they turned out and voted in high numbers (just because a lot of them
voted for Obama, doesn't mean they voted on Prop. 8 at all.  But even if they did, it's not possible to
expect that 100% of them would vote against the proposition, so let's assume
the percentages were roughly the same as whites or Hispanics. The end result
would have been the same.


It's not the fault
of blacks. The "Yes on 8" groups were fully funded, and had a major
plan, and the "No on 8" people trusted too greatly in the goodness
and rightness of their cause, and underestimated the underhanded determination
of their opponents, and as a result, there seems to have been an underplanned
and underfunded opposition.


But you know what?
It doesn't matter. Naming scapegoats and assigning blame is for losers, and
we're not losers. Losing on Proposition 8 could very well be the best thing
that ever happened, because this was always going to have to be settled in the
courts. (See my
last post on this
for details…)


Whatever happens, we
are all in this together, and we are all going to have to win this together.
Placing blame does no good, and it tends to put others on defense, at a time
when you need their support and their assistance. Blacks can be made to understand
this issue, but it will be necessary to reach out, not slap them away,
especially when our assumptions are based on poll numbers that may or may not
even be correct.


Keep your heads;
everyone will have the same rights very soon. In the meantime, you enemies are
the right wing self-righteous prigs, not the people who have struggled even
longer and harder than you have for acceptance. They can be your best friends,
but you have to talk to them.

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