Stop Giving the Idiots Equal Time!

know what's fascinating to think about?


the fact that John McCain has run one of the worst campaigns in history, seems
incapable of understanding the economic mess, thinks no one cares if we occupy
Iraq for centuries, and has proved incapable of making a case why voters should
vote FOR him, preferring instead to cite reasons to vote against Obama, and
despite the fact that Barack Obama has spent the last 20 months demonstrating
exactly the qualities Americans should be looking for in a leader, the
Republican nominee is all but guaranteed to get 
votes from at least 42-45% of Americans, even if Obama wins by  landslide.

Can you imagine Herbert Hoover running that strong against FDR in 1932?


about that. We are in economic meltdown, and McCain has no solutions. We're running
crippling deficits, and he thinks it's perfectly okay. We're bogged down in two
quagmires that have been royally FUBARed, and to which we're committed to
spending $12 billion per month, and he's talking about possibly staying there
for centuries, if necessary.  And except
for some offhanded claim to some sort of "experience," McCain has
nothing to offer, except that Obama's a "socialist," which is absurd
in the extreme.  And at least ONE THIRD
of voters will vote for that candidate, no matter what.


what does that say about a large number of us? What has happened to us as a
country? We used to believe in country first, with party and ideology way back
on the scale of importance. Now, it's like a third of the country, if not more,
will vote for whomever says exactly the "right things," as far as
they're concerned, and damn the consequences.


not just talking about the right wing here, either. Ralph Nader will still get
about 2% of the vote, even this year, despite the fact that Nader doesn't
really stand for anything, really. Yeah, I know, he says shit many on the left
want to hear, but unless he has some magic potion to get the American people to
go along with him, he'll never pass any of it anyway.


what I'm talking about is the large number of people who seem to be engaged in
this "alternate reality" of sorts. I'm not sure what is causing the
disconnect, but the effect seems to be fairly widespread.  A far too large segment of our population seems to have a serious
collective disconnect with reality, and we need to address it.


these statistics:

  • Fully 40% of Americans
    believe  the creation story, in
    which God created the earth in six days, then  created Adam and Eve, and threw them out
    of a large garden, because a snake told them to eat an apple, to be actual
    history. Not as a nice story, with a great lesson, but as historically
  • About 9% of those polled
    think the country's moving in the right direction. One has to wonder which
    country they are talking about. Seriously; nearly one in ten thinks the
    country's kicking butt?
  • The same number of people
    (9%) nationally still think Barack Obama is a Muslim, despite the
    controversy surrounding the preacher at his Christian church earlier this
    year. And to demonstrate why Texas is a reliably red state, despite the
    fact that the Republican Party has pretty much screwed them the last eight
    years, fully 23% of Texans in a recent survey think Obama is a Muslim.
    (For those of you living in Texas and reading this, that's almost one out
    of every four people in your state is a complete moron. )
  • About a fifth(18%) of
    Americans still believe Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction,
    despite our failure to find any evidence in almost six years, and even
    after George W. Bush himself declared there were no such weapons in Iraq.
  • Eighteen percent of Americans
    actually believe the sun revolves around the earth.
  • Twenty-three percent of Americans
    believe  they have seen or felt a
    ghost at one time or another.
  • Twenty-eight percent believe in demonic possession.
  • A whopping 37% believe in psychic healing. 

sorry if you believe in a few of the above. I'm not talking about people who
believe that such things are possible, and have faith in such things as part of their religion.  What you believe within the confines of your religion is very personal. No,I'm
talking about the people who believe that all of the above are historically and
scientifically accurate, and who use such things in their decision-making on things that effect society as a whole. 


did we as a people become so disconnected from reality? I expected there to be some
regression with the neocons in charge, but for goodness sakes; when do we begin
to get back to looking out for the welfare of our country and all of our people?


without a connection to reality can't solve problems, and let's face facts; we
have a lot of problems to solve. And while we can look to our leaders to fix
some problems, in a democracy, it's not possible for politicians to solve
problems without in put from the people. 
And how can we solve serious problems when such a huge percentage of
people are waiting for divine intervention, or a reprieve from demonic
possession, or if they believe everything that certain ideological charlatans
tell them? I mean, how is it possible to solve problems when it's possible to
convince a significant number of Americans that Saddam Hussein was a threat to
anyone, and that Barack Obama is a Muslim?


first thing that needs to be done amounts to an overhaul of the press in this
country. The biggest problem we have is this insane concept that all points of
view are equal, and that presenting all points of view in equal measure is
somehow "balanced," or even objective. Look, journalists; if someone
important says something that's a complete and utter lie, it's perfectly
alright to call it such. In fact, it's your job as journalists to expose the
lies as lies, and get at the truth. One of the reasons the American people
believe so much complete bullshit is because the American press keeps feeding
it to them along with their corn flakes and the truth. 


more time; it's not "responsible journalism" to report what someone
says that lacks any sort of factual foundation 
alongside something that's an absolute fact, and then let it lie there.
Responsible journalism is to report the facts, and only the facts, and if
you're going to report something that someone says  that isn't true, then say it's a pile of
crap; don't just leave it out there, on an equal plane with the truth.


the rest of us have to help, too. I think it's high time we started taking back
the truth, and demanding facts from the people we speak to. No more politely
staring at Uncle Billy or your co-worker blankly, as he spouts on and on about
how Barack Obama is a Socialist Muslim Radical Christian Atheist alien from the
planet Venus, who's here to destroy our way of life, and then walking away
shaking our heads and laughing to ourselves. No more accepting that your
friends watch Fix News, or Rush, or Sean or the Savage-Weiner, and listening to
them spout off ignorant shit, and letting them think it. It's time we got in
their goddamn faces, and told them they're full of shit, and cleared the air
with everyone who might possibly be within listening distance of a fact. It's
time we pointed them to the facts, and told them to piss off, until they get a
few of them straight.


we're going to move this society forward, it's time we started only dealing
with facts and reality, and leave those who are unwilling to deal with either
behind, to fend for themselves in the world. But we cannot continue to allow
the idiots who follow Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage-Weiner, et al, to have equal
billing on the opinion bandwagon any longer. It's time we shouted them down,
dammit, starting right now.

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