Stop Saying He Can’t Be Convicted. This is No Time for Eeyore Politics!

Look, I get it…

Passing Articles oof impeachment against the giant orange toddler in the White House will be relatively easy, but once he goes on trial in the Senate, if the Republican holds true to its nature these days, there’s a good chance Trump will be acquitted.

However, it is a lie to say he’ll definitely be acquitted. Despite that, almost every single day, I encounter multiple “progressives” who will swear there is no way he’ll ever be convicted. They are far too certain for comfort; it’s almost as if they think themselves psychic or something. They apparently learned nothing from 2016, when Hillary Clinton was certain to become the first woman president.

Once again, if you are asserting with any kind of certainty that Trump can’t be convicted, you’re just a liar. No one can ever be certain of that, no matter how much of a “news junkie” you think you are. I don’t believe in psychics and telepathy, so color me skeptical, but that’s only a small part of the reason. Here are the real reasons you can’t predict shit based on past practice:

  • It was predicted to be a near-certainty that the ACA was going down to defeat, up until none other than John McCain cast his deciding vote to keep it. That meant at least a dozen or so Republicans had to have voted to keep the ACA, even before McCain’s “heroics.” You simply don’t know what even a Republican might do when they’re vulnerable.
  • In the Senate in 2020, 24 Republicans will be up for election, as opposed to 12 Democrats; almost exactly opposite of 2018. That means 24 of them will be vulnerable, and it is possible we will be able to get to the 20 we need to make sure Trump its removed. It’s certainly a better chance than if we would have tried the same thing in 2018, when 24 Democrats and only 9 Republicans were that vulnerable.
  • We still don’t know what the evidence will look like. If the prosecution Democrats put together a solid case, it may become difficult for even Republicans to not vote to convict. WE don’t know. And that’s the point.
  • In the worst-case scenario, he’s acquitted. However, then we have a “president” with everything that came out about him in a trial trying to beat a Democrat with little or no baggage, except that which the Russians make up. Also, that means 24 Republican Senators who voted to acquit after the public saw the evidence, whatever it is, and they will be more likely to lose.
  • Another thing; having the evidence laid out for the public to see, Democrats are likely to turn out in numbers unseen in decades.

Impeachment just makes sense. Get everything on the record and force him into a trial, whereto evidence is presented to the public and the Senate. There is no way that’s not a win-win for Democrats and, by extension, the country. We have the GOP on the ropes, finally, and an impeachment trial will sound their death knell, whether we remove him before the election or not. If we fail to remove him before the election, then we remove him with the election.

Let’s do this.

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Stop Saying He Can’t Be Convicted. This is No Time for Eeyore Politics! — 3 Comments

  1. 2018 was the biggest turnout for a midterm since 1914, the first time people could vote directly for their senator. 8,000,000 more voted Democratic.
    I hope 2020 is similar, signs point to it.

    • I hope that’s the case. It’s looking like it, but it’s really early and the GOP will always cheat.