Stop Trashing Democrats; it’s Asinine

Right after I finished the last post, I started listening to and reading a bunch of professional lefties opine on just what “pussies” (their word, not mine) Democrats are. The reason? Because they haven’t embraced the “audit/recount” idea fully, to the point of starting a huge campaign to make it happen. You know, because doing so would result in the election of Clinton and the repudiation of Trump and show just what “fighters” we all are. Right?

Not so fast.

In a nutshell, this is the problem with the unicorn left; they don’t know how politics worse, but goddammit, they can be reactionary with the best of them and they like to think they’re smarter than the Democratic Party. That’s why they they left the Democratic Party in the first place and why they have been so successful at electoral politics… wait… what?

Let me explain why Democrats jumping full force behind the recount idea is a lot trickier than it sounds and why it doesn’t constitute “fighting” for anything.

  1. Recounts usually do not work. I want you to think back to 2000. How’d that recount work out? And that was one state, Florida. Since the 2000 election was the closest in history, flipping any state would have actually thrown the election to Gore. However, Florida was the biggest, so that was the one Democrats and progressives decided to “fight.” of course, they lost, largely because it was Florida, which was a lot bigger, rich and more powerful than if they had tried to flip a 3 or 6 electoral vote state. The idea was stupid, in other words. They could have easily tried to flip New Hampshire, which would have been easier, but because lefties wanted to make an example of Florida, that’s the one they chose. There are many examples of failed recounts, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find any statewide recount that produced enough of a swing to flip a statewide election. There has never been an instance in which a recount has flipped more than a couple thousand votes, and Clinton would have to gain at least 20,000-30,000 votes in at least three rather large states. Five-Thirty-Eight elaborates here. (Source)
  2. Recounts are not unilateral. One reason recounts rarely work is because no political party will ever conduct one unopposed. Everyone has to be involved in the process. And sure enough, The state of Wisconsin already filed to stop the recount there and just minutes ago, the Michigan Attorney General has filed to stop that one, as well. If one recount finds, say 30,000 extra Clinton votes, a state’s electors may be contested, which means some electoral votes may not count, which could throw the election to the House of Representatives. Now, they may not choose Trump, but they sure as hell won’t choose Clinton, either. Or any other Democrat.
  3. Losing is losing and losing stays with you. One possible reason Jill Stein applied for a few recounts was probably to retire her campaign debt. She may have also done it at the Democratic Party’s request. If the Democrats were to start this process again and lose again, it would hurt their chances in 2018, which is now absolutely the most important election in our lifetime, since progressives blew this one for Democrats. One reason I bristle every time a so-called liberal trashes Democrats or claims they don’t fight is because it really hurts our chances in the subsequent election. In politics (real politics, not this pretend politics that unicorn progressives seem to believe in), the “loser” or “wimp” labels are deadly and you never overcome them. If Democrats start this fight and lose it, which is likely, they will pay a price for that, even IF unicorn progressives extract their heads from their anuses and support Democrats unconditionally for the future.

I know there is a certain strain of “progressives” who think “fighting” is important and they’re not entirely wrong. However, there are many ways to “fight.” Politics is not like MMA, where you have to score a knockout to “win.” It’s a lot more complex than that. It’s closer to a chess match, where every move you make has an impact on the ultimate outcome. Image is everything, and constantly losing is far more detrimental to your image than working under the radar to find out if you can win BEFORE you invest in something like a recount or audit. The prospect of flipping three states large enough to give Hillary Clinton an electoral college victory is extremely daunting and is very likely to fail. Therefore, making the decision to do so is not one to be taken at all lightly. Of course, a bunch of high-profile lefties screaming and calling Democrats “pussies” or “cowards” because they decide not to weakens their prospects for the future at a time when we really can’t afford that.

If you want to write to electors and ask them to vote for the candidate who got the most votes, do that. No one could fault you for that. it probably won’t work, but then, it was unlikely that Trump would be elected, so who knows? However, here’s the thing; deflecting your inability of unwillingness to act and blaming it on “the Democrats” is actually damaging as hell, so stop it.

Likewise, if you live in a case where there should be a recount, get together and demand it. Make your state legislature take your concerns seriously and try to make sure there’s a recount. However, again, do NOT expect the national Democratic Party to do your dirty work for you. Voting, vote counting and campaigning are up to us, not the national Democratic Party. If you’re a unicorn progressive and you didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, or you spent most of the last two years trashing her for not being “good enough” because you were stupid enough to think that would somehow help Bernie Sanders, you probably want to blame someone. Well, if you do, then look in the mirror if you really want someone to blame. Democrats owe unicorn progressives nothing. They supported Democratic candidates wholeheartedly and unreservedly; it was unicorn progressives who handed the election to Trump by constantly browbeating them because they are stupid and ignorant enough to think that such tactics will lead to Democrats adopting full-on far-left positions nationwide.

Democrats are not wimpy, they’re calculating. Unicorn progressives would do well to understand the difference and to adopt the same tactics. You whining about their “failure” to get behind a recount does a hell of a lot more damage than anything Democrats are doing/not doing. If you want Democrats to win, stop undermining them, you idiots.


Stop Trashing Democrats; it’s Asinine — 6 Comments

  1. I’m a new Democrat who was not paying enough attention to politics until Pres. Obama ran for office. Since then I’ve realized that unless you pay strict attention you or the average voter wont know the tricks that the GOP play and can be fooled by the way they name bills and how they say one thing but do and say something totally different. Dems need to educate voters so they know what’s really going on. They need to be louder than the GOP and the media. The 2016 election was awful b/c there was so much nastiness and negativity even after the primary and much of the progressive agenda was adopted. I’ll never understand why Bernie supporters didn’t all vote for HRC and then hold her to the agenda and her promises.

    Ever since Pres. Obama was elected it felt like Dems in office didn’t have his back, never fought for him or the policies he was trying to get through congress after the ACA, wasn’t paying attention for 2010, ran away from him most of the elections while he’s been in office, didn’t educate the people to let them know that total obstruction by GOP was the blame for why things weren’t better, didn’t tout the accomplishments of the party enough and didn’t make sure people had the right ids and weren’t scrubbed from voter roles. I’m pretty disappointed with the party as a whole but am staying with it because Dems have the better policies, better people than the GOP and they seem to really care about everyone in this country. I hope we can all pull together and regain all that is lost. One thing I think the entire country could do better is to be better to each other because we all love this country.

  2. Strikes me so odd that the possessive individualism of the Left on “It’s MY vote” becomes nothing at all when it comes to a recount. Then it’s (as usual) someone ELSE’s responsibility to SAVE them. I see a serious disconnect that replicates the worst of hyper individualistic capitalism in the name of…something.

  3. Getting Republicans elected every November.

    That said, I have been telling the squishes that the single most leftist action one can take these days is to vote for the Democrats.

    First we destroy the Republicans, neutralize them such that we can brush away their threats to destroy us all, then we can take over the Democratic Party from the bottom up and turn it into the force for good that we all want.

    The way some of us are doing it now, destroying the Democrats to make us strong for the apocalyptic battle with the Fascists, has too strong a track record of pathetic failure for my taste.

      • Cursed with a long memory such as I am, the enthusiasm with which the Communists shot down Socialists while allowing the Nazis a free hand in Weimar Germany remains a sore point.

        But your point is well taken. I have yet to forgive certain people for their part in sabotaging Humphrey ’68 and giving us the long dreary years of Nixon – now acclaimed as “The Last Liberal President” by these very same cretins.

        • To hear people claim that President Obama is to the _right_ of Nixon–or that Nixon was more liberal than Obama–I nearly wanted to throw up. Of course the people spewing out this swill are also ignorant when it comes to history and politics, but what else is new?