Stop With the False Equivalence

Where the hell does this bullshit come from?

When people discuss politics, it seems to be almost an obsessive compulsion to try to equivocate among all of the candidates.

Just stop it.

The following are all facts:

Hillary Clinton has been accused of many, many things. She has undergone numerous investigations costing millions of dollars and she has been cleared in every single one. And I mean cleared, meaning there was no evidence that she did anything wrong. I’m not saying that there wasn’t enough evidence and she got away with something. She was investigated repeatedly by political enemies who wanted nothing more than to ruin her and her husband. No one can name one thing that she’s ever done that marks her as some sort of horrible person who is not qualified to be President. Yet, these equivocators feel compelled to tell everyone how horrible she is, without any evidence whatsoever.

Likewise, when you call Bill Clinton, it’s hard to know what you’re referring to. If you mean having an embarrassing dalliance while he was president was horrible, sure, we can all agree on that, but overall? The eight Clinton years were excellent for most people. And, like his wife, his political enemies threw everything but the kitchen sink at him and throughout all of those investigations, he was cleared on every one. Of course, it really doesn’t matter, since he’s not running for president, anyway.

Hillary Clinton is easily the single ost qualified person to run for president in the modern era, if not ever.

Gary Johnson has a little government experience, but it wasn’t particularly successful, and he shows little to no ability to handle the issues that he will have to handle. I’m not saying he’s a horrible buy, but issues-wise, he’s essentially a right winger who smokes pot.

Jill Stein is a bumbler – she’s one of those who runs for everything even though she’ll never win. She’s never held office to speak of and she only adopted Bernie’s platform because she wants to appeal to someone. And, if we’re wing honest, Hillaryhas adopted almost all of Bernie’s platform, so…

Donald Trump is, quite simply, the worst major party candidate in history, bar none. If you are equivocating between him and anyone above, you’re a sick person and should see a doctor.

It is okay to say that Hillary Clinton is the only qualified candidate to be running for president this year. Sometimes, democracy does that to us. It’s no one’ seems fault.

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