Stop Your Whining, Chaffetz

Crap Cutting 101

As Jason Chaffetz heads out the door of Congress for the last time at the end of this week, he is, as usual, complaining about something. Chaffetz decided to give an inteview to the Hill, where he whined about howput upon he is at “only” making $174,000 per year because, well, it’s “hard.” This is from The Hill:

Just days before he resigns from Congress, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said Monday that House and Senate lawmakers should receive a $2,500 per month housing allowance — something he explained would help ease housing costs for members who can’t afford two mortgages or rents.

“I really do believe Congress would be much better served if there was a housing allowance for members of Congress,” Chaffetz told The Hill in an interview in his Capitol office, where he sleeps whenever he’s in Washington. “In today’s climate, nobody’s going to suggest or vote for a pay raise. But you shouldn’t have to be among the wealthiest of Americans to serve properly in Congress.”

Keep in mind, this little shirt just voted to take private health insurance away from 23 million Americans, but he’s complaining because  $174,000 just isn’t enough to pay for a “bachelor pad” to work part-time in the nation’s capital, in addition to a home in Utah and kids in college.

Apparently, whatever Russia paid him to leak the Comey lletter about Hillary wasn’t enough.

Now, @JasonintheHouse thinks he should have an extra $30,000 a year to pay for expensive housing in DC. That’s THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS.


What is it about Republican politicians? They want EVERYONE ELSE to suck it up and pull themselves up by their bootstraps, but they’re just a bunch of little snowflakes when it comes to themselves. Yes, the housing in Washington DC is famously expensive, but so are most large cities these days. I have always thought they should get a small housing allowance, but certainly not $2,500 per month. That would be insane. How many of their constituents get to live in a $2500 per month apartment for free.

I’m thinking $500 per month for those who live outside a 50-mile radius of Washington would be a fair amount, but I always thought there should be a means test for it. For example, it should only be provided to those who are living solely on their Congressional income. If they have a few million in the bank, they don’t need it. After all,  Congress is keen on means testing welfare recipients and, given the amount of time they actually spend at work every year under Republican leadership, one could say, they’re getting a lot of “free money” from taxpayers, am I right?

Jason Chaffetz has been famously living in his office pretty much since he arrived in Washington. That means he has been sponging off the taxpayers the entire time. He recently bragged that he’s gone through three mattresses in his time in Washington. Now, he wants taxpayers to foot an even larger bill so that he can live along in an apartment within walking distance of his job.

What a snowflake.

For about a decade, I worked in DC, about two blocks either side of the White House. I couldn’t afford to live in DC, anyway, so I lived just south of Baltimore and COMMUTED. The MARC train is fabulous and it’s not very expensive and, every day, it dropped me off at Union Station, where you should step out of the station and see the Capitol Dome.It was a walk of a quarter mile at most, or he could have a member of his staff pick him up. And he wouldn’t be the first, either. I used to see Joe Biden in the station from time-to-time, if I happened to work a bit late. Senator Joe commuted every day of his Senate career, to Delaware, no less, which is a hell of a commute. Every day, my train was jammed with commuters, if I took the express, which would take 25 minutes each day, from Halethorpe to Union Station, so Jason could do what tens of thousands of regular Americans do every day to get to work in the Capital..

Of course, if he felt while $2500 for a relatively lush apartment was too much to pay, he could always share. Two or three Congresscritters could SHARE a place for less than $1000 and if they could cram four in there, the $500 I propose makes sense.  I mean, they only work in the District part-time.

Another possible solution may be to house Congresscritters in the old dorm the pages shared. After all, they’re certainly not sing it, since a series of incidents involving Percy Congresscritter spelled the end of that program. That would cost virtually nothing.

Jason Chaffetz is only one of about 50 Congresscritters (at last count) (Source) who are sleeping in their offices. It’s a bad practice that needs to end. One of them is multi-millionaire Paul Ryan, believe it or not. (Source) But that doesn’t mean they should go from living like hobos, to living like kings on our dime. Little Jason needs to stop his whining. Oh, wait. He is.

Wonder if he’s taking his taxpayer supplied iPhone.

He could easily live at the C Street House that puts up RW congressmen. Or the Methodist building next to the Supreme Court. They are relatively inexpensive. The Methodists, though, have signs talking about their social justice accomplishments and current actions. It so pissed off Newt when he lived there he left. So maybe C Street is better for a guy like Chaffetz – they celebrate screwing the poor. Just his style.

I would be willing to vote for military-style barracks for congress members who want it with free bus service to capitol hill. I bet some members would go for it and be happy with that.

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