Surviving Covid-19 With the Clown King in Charge

We always knew it was a possibility.

We knew that, over a four-year term, it was possible that some sort of potential disaster would rear its ugly head and Donald J. Trump would bee forced to show everyone his high level of incompetence. I’m not just talking about misspelling words and Tweeting malapropisms, which seems to be his milieu. I’m talking about laying bare the fact that Donald J. Trump ran for a political office he knows nothing about and seems to have no care for learning even the basics.

For example, Trump has always used the stock market as a bellwether for what he describes is “the Trump Economy,” and he happily takes 100% of the credit for it, even though the Dow more than tripled between the end of the last Republican-caused recession and the dawn of “Trump.” In other words, if we are to use the Trump Standard for economic growth and stability, then Obama gets credit for taking the Dow from 6500 at its nadir in 2010 to 19,827 on the day of Trump’s poorly attended inauguration. I know, Donny seems to love timing it all from the day he won the election, but the fact of the matter is, regardless of Trump’s hopes and dreams, he wasn’t actually able to claim anything as “president” until noon, January 20, 2017.

Therefore the tally is thus:

Obama’s effect on the Dow: +13,327
Trump’s effect on the Dow (as of this morning): +5,567

So, why are we supposed to give all glory until Lord Donny and give Obama zero credit for actually preventing the Great Recession, a Republican creation? Because Donald Trump’s ego is that tender and sensitive. Consider that he Tweeted about Covid-19 this morning and touted a forthcoming “cure” that could be here within weeks, thus showing that he considers himself more knowledgeable than the doctors who are on the front lines. Cures are not the goal; right now, preventing the spread is the most realistic goal. But that’s how Donny thinks; he’s not interested in doing a good job and arresting the spread of the disease; he wants to be the guy who completely eliminates it from existence. And he’s such an practiced liar, he knows he doesn’t even have to do that. He plans to just say he wiped it out and blame whomever is in charge later on when it reappears.

The incompetence of Donald J. Trump has been apparent from Day One, but it really becomes obvious – and potentially frightening – when the country faces a difficult situation. It should teach us a basic reality – that the government cannot run itself, no matter how much we attempt to convince ourselves otherwise. When we placed Trump in charge of the executive, we essentially guaranteed four years of government without a leader. Its not entirely his fault; he has virtually zero real intelligence. Worse, he has no concept that he is the foremost public servant in the country. He truly cannot conceive of being anything other than the “Boss of America” because it[s all he’s ever done. The only person he has ever worked for isnFred Trump, his daddy, and there is little doubt that little Donny took orders from his Daddy and then was heaped with praise when he simply did not fuck up.

This is not a small thing and it is certainly not unimportant. His entire adult life, he has never had do anything for anyone other than himself, and he has never been held accountable for any of his massive fuck-ups during his half-century public life. The spy time someone tried – his impeachment – he was once again protected by toadies and lacks who don’t give a shit about either him or the country. Just like his Daddy, #MoscowMitch McConnell felt it to be more expedient to simply let I’m squirm away and think he got away with something than to make him accountable and protect the government and the democracy.

Put simply, if you’re expecting the federal government under Donald Trump to keep you and yours warm and safe from Coronavirus, there is something wrong with your judgment. Wee will probably survive the coming pandemic mostly intact, but it will largely be because the medical professionals working for us are very competent and really do care about the country.

When November 3 comes around, vote for anyone but this abject moron and we can go back to expecting the government to handle situations competently. Until then, assume incompetence and do what you can to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. That’s the best anyone can hope for now.

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