How The Neocons Screwed Us, And Why We Can’t Let It Happen Again

I hope no one is betting the farm on Congress being able to tax AIG bonuses to get the money back. The Constitution kind of forbids that sort of thing, and for good reason. Say the party in power was … Continue reading

Making Money From the Messes They Made, When They Should be on the Way to Jail

This has to stop, folks. Apparently, a couple of former executives at Countrywide have gone into business for themselves. Now, for those of you who have really short memories, Countrywide was pretty much at the epicenter of the mortgage meltdown, … Continue reading

If We’re Going to Bail Out the Big 3, It Must be Done Right…

The concept of an auto industry bailout is a tough one. My first instinct is to bail the Big Three automakers out, in order to curtail the possible employment ramifications if they're allowed to go under. Somewhere around three million … Continue reading