We need a new corporate tax code, but without GOP input

Last week, fast food giant Burger King swallowed up Tim Horton’s, a chain of donut and coffee stores popular throughout Canada, and growing in strength throughout the northeastern United States. one of the main reasons Burger King purchased the Canadian … Continue reading

SCOTUS Case to Decide Whether Corporations Can Be Religious

Today, two very large for-profit corporations – arts and crafts behemoth Hobby Lobby and cabinet-maker Conestoga Wood Specialties – argued before the Supreme Court, to ask that they be allowed to deny employees access to  contraceptive coverage mandated under the Affordable … Continue reading

The Supremes Screw The Pooch; It’s Bad, But Not Insurmountable

I get a real sense that many people, including some usually very intelligent people, don’t understand the significance of the Supreme Court’s “free speech” decision in Citizens United v. FEC last week. That’s troubling, because we can’t work to fix … Continue reading