Word of the Day: Bipartisanship

This blog is a little different from most liberal/progressive blogs, in that it’s not about complaining about things. It’s far better to change things. If there is something about this country we don’t like, we owe everyone a duty to change it. … Continue reading

If the Republicans are So Awesome, Why Do They Always Have to Cheat?

You know, if you were to listen to the right wing cranks who inhabit the current Republican Party, you’d think they were geniuses when it comes to running government. And if you listen to the professional left, you would think … Continue reading

Pity The Rich People Who Lost Money in the Markets? They Can Kiss My Ass!

I’m tired of this crap. Why do these right wing idiots and so many economic "experts" bitch so much about how those poor put-upon rich people are suffering far more than the rest of us due to the collapse of … Continue reading