Stop Blaming Blacks For Proposition 8!

Look folks, you really have to stop blaming black people for the demise of Proposition 8. There were a lot of reasons why it failed, but it wasn't the perceived "betrayal" of African-Americans, and such a characterization is unfair and … Continue reading

Let’s Cut The Crap: Civil Rights Can Never Be Decided by Majority Vote

You know, I'm sick of all of the lies, the subterfuge and outright fraud that accompanies the issue of whether or not gays get married. I'm tired of all of the referenda, and the democratic treatment of an issue that … Continue reading

The Constitution for Dummies — Yes, I Mean You, Right Wingers

You know, I don't care how you feel about homosexuality, or how tolerant you think you are, or any of that crap. If you vote for any of these umpteen referenda in various states that effectively ban gay marriage in … Continue reading