The Difference Between Democrats & Today’s GOP on Health Care

I won't give glowing praise for Democrats and a complete dismissal of Republicans on health care throughout the last century, because Democrats were only slightly better than Republicans when it came to fixing the complete mess our health care financing … Continue reading

Updated Again!: Factchecking No Abortions With the Health Care Reform Bill

(Who knew? A friendly little reminder that a piece is mistaken, and it turns into something of a war? Come on, guys… we all make mistakes; it's okay…) Look; I like They perform an essential public service, and … Continue reading

What’s Actually IN The Health Care Reform Bills, Without the BS — Part One

I don't know about you, but I'm getting sick of the right wingers (and frankly, everyone else) talking about what's NOT in the health care reform bills before Congress. Don't you think it's time someone actually looked at what's actually … Continue reading