Immigration Ignorance Rears Its Ugly Head

I’ve been seeing this garbage posted many times ob social media over the last few years, and it never ceases to amaze me that, in the United States of America, there are people ignorant enough to think this was a … Continue reading

Right Wing Humor: an Oxymoron in Action

I subscribe to several right wing mailing lists, because it’s best to keep up with their abject insanity. Every year at about this time. I start seeing examples from and postings for a book entitled “365 Ways to Drive a … Continue reading

Repost: Here’s What Obamacare Does…

I posted this on the old blog, on September 14, 2012, before the election. This is what people are complaining about. Seriously. If you think your old insurance was better, there are people who would pay good money for what … Continue reading

Another, More Lethal, Example of Lack of Contractor Oversight

I just heard a news story that made me sick to my stomach. It seems that the contractor who hired the Navy Yard shooter (You know we don’t use names on this blog, because I won’t give killers publicity) as … Continue reading

This Election is Too Important to Let People Stay Home; Support ALL Democrats

President Obama's convention speech last night was nothing short of brilliant. But that shouldn't be a surprise, since nearly all of his speeches are brilliant. He touched on all the right themes, and demonstrated once again why he deserves a … Continue reading

There, I Said It! The Rich SHOULD Pay More in Taxes!

One of the most ridiculous arguments in right wing world is the argument that no one will want to become rich if the tax rate goes any higher, because the tax rate will be too cumbersome. As a result, all … Continue reading

Don’t Let ‘Em Fool Ya! The Neocons Screwed Our Economy

One of the more fascinating arguments used by right wingers to justify their continued belief in the ridiculous concept of supply-side economics, or "trickle-down" as they like to call it, is the truly hilarious argument that "private investment in markets … Continue reading

Annie Coulter: Squealing Like a Stuck Republican

I got this in an e-mail last night, and I just had to share. It's Annie Coulter's latest column, and it demonstrates just how much she despises the very people who buy her books… wingnuts, pay attention; she's talking about … Continue reading

Gregg: Example of Obama Political Genius or…??

Okay, so President Obama is about to appoint Judd Gregg as Commerce Secretary. When this was first announced, many liberals were giddy at the prospect of getting a 60th Democratic vote in the Senate, despite the reality that there is … Continue reading

Republicans — In the Car Seat, Driving Nothing

I know it's difficult, given what we've been through for the last 28 years, and especially the last 8, but can I please ask progressives and others to stop obsessing over whatever the Republicans do? To put it bluntly, who … Continue reading