Republicans Are Not Big Fans of Capitalism

Let’s get real here. As I have pointed out repeatedly on this blog, the current incarnation of the Republican Party is in no way a¬†fan of capitalism. Oh, they like making money for themselves and their “investors.” (That’s George W. … Continue reading

Cutting it Deep: Supply-Side is NOT Capitalism; Right Wingers HATE Capitalism!

Let's start by making something crystal clear; for all of their talk, the right wing is not a fan of capitalism.They like it when their heroes make a lot of money, but as organized crime, Enron and Jack Abramoff have … Continue reading

Don’t Let ‘Em Fool Ya! The Neocons Screwed Our Economy

One of the more fascinating arguments used by right wingers to justify their continued belief in the ridiculous concept of supply-side economics, or "trickle-down" as they like to call it, is the truly hilarious argument that "private investment in markets … Continue reading