These are Teabaggers. They Run the GOP. Still think both parties are the same?

The next time someone tells you “both parties are the same,” show them this gallery.  You can’t find a Democrat in the last 30 years who measures down to this level. And yet, these are the people whom Boehner is letting run the Republican show. 

You have to be brain dead to claim “both parties are the same these days. 

The first one literally says it all. This peckerwood actually uses racist terminology and racist imagery to explain why he’s tired of teabaggers being called “racist.” (the rest of the photos are still below…)


This video is a brave Democratic operative named Tyler Jones interviewing teabaggers at a gathering in South Carolina just a few days ago. Destined to be a classic…


The following photos are in no particular order, but they represent the racism, intolerance and the phenomenal stupidity of the teabagger movement. 



Pic 4

Pic 10


Pic 12

Pic 18 Pic 13


Pic 14




Pic 21b

Pic 001


Pic 19


Pic 40


Pic 66

Pic 39




Pic 1A

Pic 2

Pic 2a

Pic 3

Pic 3a






Pic 4a

Pic 6

Pic 7

Pic 8




Pic 9

Pic 15a

Pic 16 Pic 20

































































































































































































Pic 23












Pic 22




















Pic 25












Pic 30












Pic 31









Pic 32
















  Pic 37



















Pic 46  




















Pic 42

   Pic 44











Pic 43










Pic 48

Pic 50



Pic 51



















Pic 56













Pic 57
















Pic 61







Pic 63












Pic 64











Pic 67














Pic 68












Pic 69











Pic 70










Pic 71












Pic 72














Obama is a trader


Pic 73












Pic 74












Pic 76












Pic 78












Pic 79












Pic 81













Pic 84











Pic 85











Pic 86





















Pic 87




















Obama teabaggerkenyan



Pic 88











Pic 90




















Pic 91  


















Pic 92




















Pic 94











Pic 96












Pic 98





















Teabagger spelling










Pic 80  











































































Pic 36












Dumb teabagger








Teabagger violent2


Teabagger violent1



Cure for obama is mccarthy





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