Telling Half the Story Isn’t Enough

This meme is making the rounds on Facebook:


I’ve seen it five times already this morning and I’m sorry, but I don’t see a purpose. As I pointed out in an earlier post, even if ALL super delegates were disqualified, she would still have enough delegates to win.

But that’s not what bothers me. No, what bothers me is the right-wing nature of the smears, in which they pull ONE THING out of someone’s background and use it to – again, what purpose? To disqualify them? Do you know what happens if a delegate can’t serve? They’re replaced by another super delegate. And since none of them are committed to a candidate as yet, the replacement could still support Clinton. In fact, since Hillary has 2.7 million more votes and has won the most states, and super delegates serve the party, the replacement would likely support her.

Anyway, Let’s look at these five examples and show you what they have wrong, shall we?

emilysecondaryEmily Giske – Above, it claims that Emily is a lobbyist working with Pfizer and Goldman Sachs. I can neither confirm nor deny that is the case. However, what I CAN tell you is that Emily has been a member of the DNC for at least 16 years, that she is the head of their LGBT caucus and that she was the lead lobbyist when it came to passing New York’s marriage equality law. She’s also been a principle consultant for a number of Democratic campaigns throughout New York and she’s Vice-Chair of the New York Democratic Party. (Source)

So, I guess the question is, what have the people smearing her done for Democrats? Hmmm??

tonio-burgos-smTonio Burgos – According to this meme, Tonio is a lobbyist for Pfizer, as if that’s automatically a disqualifier. This is problematic since, in addition to being a corporate rapist with regard to some pricing of medications, Pfizer has also been front and center in the effort to eradicate AIDS in Africa. In other words, without more information, why would anyone assume that lobbying for Pfizer is definitely bad? The Gates Foundation works with them. Anyone, getting back to Tonio, he runs his own consulting and lobbying firm. According to his website:

At Tonio Burgos and Associates, Inc. (TB&A) we achieve success for our clients across a broad array of sectors: Homeland Security, Education, Transportation, Infrastructure, Labor, Telecommunications, Energy, Healthcare, Economic Development, Technology, Tourism, Financial Services and Insurance.

That would seem to be a whole lot more than just Pfizer, wouldn’t you say? Yeah, he’s a little more well-rounded than that. For one thing, he was a super delegate in 2008, as well, and he has served in a number of positions in government. Here is his Sourcewatch profile, explaining what he’s done. Currently, he also serves on the board of New York Harbor Parks. His affinity for Mrs. Clinton may stem from the fact that he was appointed by President Clinton to be on the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. He is also on the New York City Latin Media Entertainment Commission and he is on the Board of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute and member of the New Jersey DNC.

Seems like he’s a lot more qualified than any of the people whining about him.

Joanne_DowdellJoanne Dowdell – According to this meme, Ms. Dowdell is a Senior VP at News Corp, and that alone apparently disqualifies her as a super delegate. What she is, is a Senior Vice President for Global Government Affairs for News Corp. That is a position she has held for less than two years and it certainly means she doesn’t program Fox News. Before that, she served on  the boards for Volunteer New Hampshire and the New Hampshire Humanities Council and she ran for Congress from New Hampshire’s First District.  (Source)  Before that, Ms. Dowdell was the Senior Vice President and Director of Corporate Responsibility for the Sentinel Financial Services Company in Vermont. (Source) I’m sorry, but how has she not earned delegate status?

Bill Shaheen – So, according to this, Bill’s entire career is pushing opioids on people. That’s all he does. The last name should seem familiar, as he is the husband of Jeanne Shaheen. In addition to pushing drugs (just kidding, of course), Shaheen was also the co-chair for Hillary’s campaign in 2008. He is a lawyer who is a name partner at his own firm, and which does lobbying and legal work for a lot of companies and causes. He’s also served as a U.S Attorney and served as a judge for a time in state courts. By the way, his firm has won several several seven-figure settlements against drug companies, according to his firm’s website. Shouldn’t that count, too? (Source)

I’ve saved the best for last.

Jeff Berman
– Of all the things you can say about Berman, insinuating that he is merely a lobbyist for a couple of choice companies that you don’t like is incredibly misleading. Yes, he was once a lobbyist with Bryan Cave, and yes one of his clients was Trans Canada, but he left both behind some time ago and runs his own consulting firm. He is also a consultant with the 2016 Clinton campaign, and was in 2008, as well until — wait for it — he bolted the Clinton campaign to help Obama win over super delegates during that primary. Berman has also been an operative in the Democratic Party since the 1980s and has been a major player, along with Harold Ickes, in making the rules. And you must admit, Democratic rules seem to work far better than the Republican rules.

Stop smearing fellow Democrats. If Bernie wins the most votes and the most delegates, he will win over the most super delegates. Otherwise, he won’t. And if you’re going to smear someone, at least make sure they’re true and accurate.


Telling Half the Story Isn’t Enough — 12 Comments

  1. Wow! You really debunked that meme, didn’t you? I mean, how ridiculous to think that corporate lobbyists and Clinton Campaign advisors shouldn’t be super delegates? Just because they swore allegiance to Clinton, before voting even started, doesn’t necessarily mean the game is rigged in her favor or that they aren’t proper representatives of the entire party.

    • So, none of us are supposed to say who we support for president until we vote? How democratic is that? Super Delegates are not a big deal, really; they are a fail safe designed to keep a Donald Trump from becoming president.

      But what bothered me about that meme was the falsehood. So, yes, I did debunk it. I debunked it hard. The people who created it lied about these people and the fact that you are defending that doesn’t exactly put you in a great light.

  2. Excuse me, but but all this information you just posted only shows how thoroughly entwined corporate lobbyists are in the Democratic party. That lobbyists may have redeeming qualities is irrelevant. The DNC & Debbie W. Schultz quietly lifted Obama’s ban on lobbyist donations to the party convention committee and you’re OK with that?
    I thought Democrats stood for restricting influence from corporate lobbyists and here we are putting them on the platform committee (while rejecting a female labor representative I might add)
    What, they support Clinton so it’s OK?
    Democrats also used to be against obscenely large corporate donations, but , hey, it’s for Clinton, so now that’s OK too??
    Giving up long held principles for perceived short term gains (think Patriot Act) is a dangerous road to go down.
    The lack of critical thinking is appalling

    • Agreed. You inability to think beyond simple black and white and to label all lobbying activity as the same is appalling. You show about the same intellectual ability as Donald Trump, but you expect to be taken seriously? Your invocation of DWS in a discussion of lobbying shows just how little you know. What do you imagine the DNC does, anyway?

    • Oh and one more thing. In today’s post-CU world, you don’t get elected without a ton of money. Your definition of “obscenely large” seems to be mired in the 1980s. The Democrats’ biggest donors are still labor, trial lawyers and academics, by far and their corporate donations are tiny when compared to the GOP. Again, you don’t know what you’re talking about, even as you wishing about everyone else’s intellectual abilities. Appalling, no?

  3. The only problem is that voting for Clinton is effectively voting for Trump. She can’t beat him, because she is not trusted by most Americans. If we want 4 years of Trump, then vote for Clinton… otherwise, the super delegates should vote for Sanders who is the only major candidate who has impeccable integrity. If Clinton wins the democratic nomination, and Sanders does not run on an independent ticket, my independent vote (and millions of others) will go to Gary Johnson… not Clinton.

  4. I looked up Emily the first one. HOW can you say you cannot confirm or deny she is a lobbyist. That’s what her personal website screams, not that she is a Democrat.
    Here is what it says at the top of her website
    Emily Giske

    Emily combines over twenty years of lobbying experience with the political acumen and legislative expertise needed to successfully advocate for her clients.

    I think YOU need to cut the crap. She may be a fine person but I don’t think registered lobbyists should be picked as super delegates and I think your spin is more deceptive than the original you are critiquing

    • YOU cut the crap. I didn’t say she wasn’t a lobbyist. IN fact, I said she WAS a lobbyist for the marriage equality bill. Icouldn’t confirm or deny that she had lobbied for Goldman or Pfizer.

      AS for who you think should and should not be allowed to be a super delegate, you fall into the same trap as a lot of people, in assuming that all “registered lobbyists” are somehow evil. Why? PUblic Citizen is a registered lobbying group, as is NARAL and the ACLU. Should they be banned from being Democratic delegates, too? What makes all lobbyists inherently evil in your mind?

    • Oh, yeah. You didn’t have to look her up. That link was included in the article.

  5. Hi Milt… I hadn’t seen these memes until this morning.. I must be a little slow this week. Thanks for debunking them.. as though it will do any good. I’m so, so tired of the crap out there.. and thanks to you for helping to call it as it is.

  6. Thank you Milt. I hadn’t seen this latest from the herbal teabaggers yet. You did a good job shredding their pathetic “black and white only” so-called logic.