Texas-based Contractor USPI Indicted

This is the first of a small trickle of these types of stories, that is likely to turn to a flood sometime just after January 20.

Apparently, a Houston security company, United States Protection and Investigations, has been indicted and charged with conspiracy, three counts of wire fraud, and three count of major fraud, for inflating expenses for rental vehicles, fuel and security personnel in Afghanistan, to the tune of $3 million.

Of course, compared to the likes of Blackwater and Halliburton, these (alleged) crooks are just pikers. And I’ve become just cynical enough with the current administration to believe they’re going after companies like this, just so they can say they’re going after fraud and abuse, and to discourage any investigation of their crony companies.

And that is likely, given that Afghan authorities were behind the initial raid a year ago, along with FBI and State Department officials, and — hold onto your hats — Blackwater security personnel. During he raid, they arrested four of the company’s management team and seized 15 computers. After the raid, the two Americans who had been arrested, while the Afghans remained in custody.

More coming…

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