That Hard Slogging Harry Reid!

You know, this is one of those things that makes me say “WTF!”

Senate bracing for a ‘hard slog’ on stimulus bill –

On Thursday night, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, said it is going to be a “long, hard slog” with “late nights” after the $900 billion bill comes to the Senate floor Monday night. “It is up to us how long this takes,” Reid added. “We hope we can work things out.”

The full Senate will vote on its version of the bill Wednesday. Should the Senate and House pass different versions, the two bills would have to be conferenced together. Then both chambers would have to vote on the conference version.

Is it time to just box Harry Reid’s ears, or perhaps replace him with someone with gonads?

Yeah, there should be a lot of work to get it right, and make sure they’re not wasting too much taxpayer money. But “a long, hard slog”? “We hope we can work things out”????

Maybe he’s not aware that Republicans only have 41 seats right now, and that it’s unlikely that they’ll even attempt to filibuster. If they TRY to filibuster, it’ll do more to damage the GOp than anything they have done previously, and that takes some doing.

Here’s a clue, Harry. You have the majority. You have a president that is more popular than the last president ever thought of being (except when the country was in a 9/11 stupor), and the people want something done NOW, and screw the deficit. The only thing to “work out” is to make sure that as much stimulus as possible is passed, so that we can get the economy moving again.

We gave you the backbone, Harry. We don’t REALLY need 60 votes; 59 will work just fine. Now get out there and do your job.

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