The 2020 Election Grows in Importance Daily

The Trump reelection campaign is running really scared right now. They are digging hard for dirt on pretty much every Democrat running so far. If one were to guess, I’d say they seem most afraid of Kamala Harris, but they also seem intent on knocking Cory Booker off at the knees and they also seem to truly fear Elizabeth Warren. Strangely, they seem to not worry at all about Bernie Sanders.

It’s not hard to guess why. In 2016, with the entire Russian intelligence apparatus helping Trump’s campaign with their massive troll farms spreading bullshit far and wide, and a compliant press who hung on every word because they imagined him driving clicks and eyes to their products, Trump won the Republican nomination almost by default – he received a smaller percentage of Republican votes than Bernie Sanders got in the Democratic primary – and he really didn’t win the general election. In the General Election, Hillary Clinton beat him in the popular vote and the electoral college was decided by less than 77,000 votes from three key swing states run by Republicans, who refused to even consider a recount.

Of course, that was when Donald Trump was an anomaly. He had no political experience and the press did a piss-poor job of vetting him in any significant way. Put it this way; consider what we know about his business practices now, compared to what we knew in 2016. Now, voters can look at his dismal and destructive record as “president pretend” and it’s hard to imagine anyone except his hardcore cultists voting for him as a curiosity this time around. There is no “making a point” this time; if you vote for him again, you are endorsing the job he’s done as “president.”

Add to that the likelihood that turnout will likely be much higher this time than 2016. Turnout in last year’s midterm was about 12 points higher than usual for a midterm over the last 50 years, and there is no reason to believe that 2020 will reverse that welcome trend. It is likely that turnout next year will be at least as high as the turnout to elect Obama in 2008, and that will spell doom for most Republican candidates, especially Donald Trump.

Of course, that’s up to all of us, isn’t it? If most of us don’t turn out to vote en masse to oust every single Republican we possibly can, at every level of government, then we have the possibility of entrenching Republicans in the leadership forever.

I am sure most people who will read this post are sick of hearing this, but this next election is the most critical election of our lifetimes. And it’s not just because of Trump; over the past 40 years, we have given Republicans every chance to runtime government, and all they have managed to do is to run it into the ground. The GOP itself is inhabited by racists and bigots these days, and they have become an embarrassment, dragging us all back to a time we had all hoped we had left behind us.

Of course, I will be writing about the 2020 election ad nauseam for the next two years, but let’s start out by agreeing in principle that this is an important election that must lead to a Democratic tsunami. There is no other choice. It’s also not just about Trump; it’s about something we’ve been dealing with most of the last 40 years; long before Trump decided to ruin his “legacy” by running for office.

Just commit to vote and do everything you can to NOT discourage people from showing up on Election Day. And support Democrats, period. Don’t wait for the perfect one because that will never happen. Support all Democrats all the time.

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The 2020 Election Grows in Importance Daily — 2 Comments


    I will support the Democrats, from dog catcher all the way up to president, with an extra dollop of enthusiasm for those Leftists who join me in working with the Democrats for the common good.

    Of course, that leaves out the Putin Huffers, those soidisant “Leftists” whose number one priority is running cover for the fascist Russian Plutocrats and their American patsies.