The Bernie Cultists Are Burning Bridges They’ll Eventually Have to Cross

I know I have said this before, but I am sick and tired of Bernie Stans. There are many reasons for this, but one of the biggest is, they seem to love helping the Trump Train win. They did in in 2016 and they seem hellbent on doing it again this year.

I turned on my Twitter feed this morning and was greeted by this:

Now, I normally like Rashida Tlaib. I respect her and admire her boldness. However, as a Bernie Stan, Tlaib should think a little more. First of all, Bernie’s ass was kicked to hell and back in 2016 and he will likely need a lot of those 66 million votes Clinton received in the general election if he can get millions of her primary votes in this year’s primary.

However, members of the Bernie Cult, who are almost as thoughtless as the Trump Cult, seem incapable of thinking that way. Their egos are almost as lofty as those Trumpers; they are so enthralled with Bernie’s tendency to say whatever they want to hear, much like the most odious of the right-wing Republican warriors, who hang on everything Donald Trump says.

The problem with Bernie Stans is, they see everyone who is not like them as “the enemy.” They love that Bernie is using the Democratic Party as a host because he knows something that most of his followers don’t know; the key to winning elections is to divide the opposition and add as many people as possible to your side. That is the only reason I can figure they tend to think everyone who doesn’t think as they do is “not worthy” of their support. That’s a key reason the progressive movement has been dormant for a half-century and why the Republican Party has been able to hang on long past its expiration date.

See, Bernie Sanders and his cultists do NOT understand that we live in a democracy, and you have to have the most votes to do anything. I know this because they seem to deride anyone who isn’t like them. And that includes People of Color.

Perhaps you have noticed, but voters of color have not warmed to Bernie Sanders, no matter how many times Bernie claims he marched with Martin Luther King and Bernie and his Sayans seem flummoxed by the fact that black people haven’t embraced him for his King march. But see, here’s the thing; King was assassinated almost 52 years ago, and if that’s the crowning achievement of your life in politics, they will likely not be impressed. And why should they? A lot of things have changed since then, but not enough. If Bernie, through some major miracle, ins the nomination, he will be running against a Republican who is revered by white supremacists for his rhetoric. You don’t think there will be a “What have you done for me lately vibe” going on. And let’s be real clear; if black voters don’t turn out in droves and vote for you at a 95% clip, you will more than likely ensure another four years of this completely fucked up Trump regime.

All other Dems will need Black votes, too. However, Bernie Stans are a rich combination of white millennials and white Boomers who tend to openly insult the other candidates’ black support. Consider that the first candidate to spout the insane concept that “All Lives Matter” was Bernie and his Stans. They also took many digs at Hillary Clinton’s support on Super Tuesday 2016, when she cleaned Bernie’s clock all over the south. Bernie AND his Stans derided the wins as not being valuable because those states represent the “old Confederacy.” They did so without even considering the FACT that practically all Democrats in states like Alabama. Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee are black these days, as virtually all white people in those states have embraced the GOP. It never even occurred to either Bernie or his faithful that they needed as much support as possible, or they wouldn’t have pulled the kind of shit they did in 2008, even after Bernie lost the nomination. (Ironically, on March 2, the day after Super Tuesday, it was clear that Hillary was going to win the nomination.)

They continue to defame her and hurt her chances all through the rest of the primaries. They seemed to have no clue that their slams on her would hurt her in the General Election, even against an idiot like Donald Trump.

I used to give white “progressives” the benefit of the doubt because they were educated and seemed to be able to memorize a lot of minutia about politics. I no longer feel that way. The Bernie Stans are largely dumb as a post. They have to be because democracy isn’t all that hard to figure out. In most cases, except for the vote for president, the candidate with the most votes wins and gets to take office. In an electorate of more than 200 million, a group; of white progressives who represent perhaps 20% of the electorate cannot beat a segment of the electorate re[resenting 23% of the electorate. Therefore, just because they get all gooey about a candidate does not mean he or she (I’m being kind using the term “she” – white progressives are no more prone to vote for a woman than the far right) is going to win a majority.

Even though Bernie had all but lost the nomination by early March, the Bernie Stans kept attacking Hillary, up to and through the convention, which should have been HER convention. Instead, Bernie and his acolytes spoiled it for her, constantly protecting everything Democrats did and referring to the nomination process as “rigged,” which was a flat-out lie. Even during the general election, these brain-dead cultists kept harassing Hillary and anyone who planned to vote for her.

Consider; swing voters heard both the far right and the far left dogging Hillary and saying she was bad news. While Bernie himself said he would vote for her and even gave a few half-hearted speeches in her favor, his cultists kept attacking people on social media and repeating smears about the Clintons that were buried as bullshit back in the Nineties. While Bernie Cultists love to proclaim that “90% of Bernie primary voters voted for Hillary in the General, there is no real proof of that and, even if there was, that was still too few.

The fact of the matter is, Hillary lost three swing states – Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania – by a combined total of fewer than 77,000 votes. Can you really say that Bernie Cultists didn’t constitute at least that many votes in those states? Of course, you can’t.

There were many factors that caused Donald Trump to “win” in 2016, including very low turnout and a lot of voters being told that Hillary Clinton was somehow a warmonger and a cheat. There is no way to say that Bernie voters did not contribute to that loss. In fact, it’s likely they did.

Therefore, for the sake of democracy, you need to stop it this time around. The only demographic that is not completely on board with the concept, “Vote Blue no matter who” are Bernie voters, and that is flat stupid. There is no one else running for the Democratic nomination who isn’t miles better than Trump, so declaring you won’t vote for any Democrat unless Bernie wins is narcissistic white privilege and nothing more. What do we want the progressive movement to be, ultimately? A political manifestation of white privilege, or a movement that pushes the country into a peaceful and promising future? You may love hearing everything Bernie says, but none of what he promises can happen unless Democrats win by a mile all of the time. That means every time and in every election. Face it, we will never see a progressive majority as long as Republicans hold too much power, so the first step in a progressive direction means making sure the GOP loses.


The Bernie Cultists Are Burning Bridges They’ll Eventually Have to Cross — 4 Comments

  1. What is needing to be determined is are those you’re referring to by the label “Bros” actually that? We know there are a lot of trolls actively working to disrupt things and i have little doubt that some (many?) are using that as camouflage.
    One way i recognize a ‘leftie’ is that they don’t waste time and effort knocking other “lefties”. Those who do spend time knocking others aren’t those we need on “our side”. They would find a better fit in the (dis)loyal opposition party.
    Just my 2.25 cents.

    • I’m confused. I almost never use the term “ Bernie Bros.” I mostly use the term “Bernie Stans” because it just means “I extreme fans. And I only write pieces like this to refer to people I know, not just anonymous people who show up in social media mentions.

      • Apologies, I stand corrected. I didn’t notice that distinction likely because thoughts from other things i’ve been reading leaked over.
        Still, i’m wondering if a lot of those loud people attacking other lefties are actually trolls, which is the point i should have focused on.

  2. Thanks, Milt. You nailed this beautifully. My objection to Bernie goes beyond the Bros. It lies with his total lack of both previous accomplishment and hard work doing the ‘deep dive’ into actual policy. He issues manifestos, not legislation, and since all legislation binds us by its language, that actually matters. Creating super ginormous new projects without any significant details leaves us, as with Trump, lab rats in the demented scientist’s experiment. I for one cannot choose anyone who refuses to tell me real details about any program or policy or law. Tell me you’ll research it and how, I’ll listen. Bernie never does. I am done with autocrats and their disinterest in anyone. The lefties of this ilk embrace the criticism of us: I LOVE humanity. It’s people I can’t stand. That’s a rotten way to run a country.