The Bernie Stans Speak… and It Is Not Smart

My post from yesterday, in which I pleaded with Unicorn Progressives to stop undermining the Democratic Party, attracted a lot of attention. A lot of people read it, a lot of people shared it and I received a lot of personal comments on Facebook, Twitter and email.

And, as I figured, it drew a lot of consternation from the Bernie Stans, who are a large subset of the white liberals I refer to as “Unicorn Progressives.” These are people who demand purity from the Democratic Party, but don’t seem intent on following that same direction. As I wrote yesterday, these are people who treat every other liberal, especially the black and brown among us, as if they are political experts and everyone else is a dummy.

This morning, the post received the following comment from “Martin.” This comment is typical of the Bernie Stans’ mentality, which is far too similar to the Trump fans’ mentality for my comfort. Apparently, as long as you call yourself “progressive” and you mimic pro left talking points, you can say anything you wish. If you can read this and not laugh, you’re better than I. (For the record, I cleaned up some of the misspellings, just for readability, but only the misspellings.):

“Milt, why do you feel you have to invent one more damn division in our party? Really? Unicorn progressives?? And white at that. I get that we are the big tent of inclusion compared to the other side but we really need to stop this name calling between each other. It’s going to be hard enough getting the House back without people like you coming up with one more negative term to describe someone in our party you don’t seem to mesh with. Here is news flash Democrats are white too. We are just as relevant to the party as black women. And as a white liberal I really don’t care if we are full of any particulate ethnic group as long as they (are?) American citizens who can vote. I also don’t count out the “our revolution” people because if you read the book, and you are a fact kind of guy you would have discovered that out of the democrat big tent it’s Bernie who had a plan going forward. Yes, he lost to Hillary, but did you read the book, and see the plan he was pushing. I don’t care how middle of the road liberal you might be, if you looked that plan over from taxing to investment to reconstruction as a liberal you have to admit it was pretty damn good idea. And it wouldn’t have killed the economy, or made rich people poor. We have to come together and that means embracing every kind of view we have under this big tent of ours in order to win against the scourge that has infested our government. We need all of us in order to pull this off. I’m tired of winning or losing elections based on the majority being just a little bigger than the loser. We need the numbers, and we need a landslide in order to fix our country.”

The dumb is strong in this one…

First of all, as a personal note, I am not “middle-of-the-road” in any way shape or form. In a perfect world, I want all the things the Bernie Stans claim they want. The difference is, I know we don’t live in a perfect world and I know the difference between wanting something with all your might and actually getting it done. Whereas Unicorn Progressives think they were being constructive by demanding “single-payer” and they have all the nicest intentions in the world, it’s telling that most of them don’t even know what “single-payer” is. I understand that we will never get anything progressive with the Republicans in charge of the government. That means any so-called “progressive” who doesn’t make electing Democrats the most important aspect of progressive politics is “progressive” in name only.

Now, let’s deal with the stupidity above.

If you’re a hardcore Bernie Stan, or Bernie Bro, if you will, you have no call to accuse anyone else of sowing division in the Democratic Party. Especially me. I have stuck by and worked within the Democratic Party establishment since I was 14. I have never even considered becoming “independent” because doing so would be stupid. And in the 46 years working in Democratic politics, our greatest problem has been those on the far left who think it’s an effective political strategy to bash Democrats, in all races and at all levels.

Do you know who sowed the most division in the Democratic Party in 2016? Bernie Sanders and (especially) his followers. Here’s some of what I mean:

  • For TWO SOLID YEARS, they operated under the assumption that running in a primary was the same as running in the general, which is flat stupid. Therefore, Bernie and his brood attacked Hillary Clinton as the enemy.
  • For TWO YEARS, Bernie’s followers dredged up every right-wing accusation flung against Hillary Clinton over the last 30 years.
  • For TWO YEARS, Bernie and his Stans accused Hillary Clinton of being dishonest and being a “warmonger,” “corporatist” and any number of other things.
  • For TWO YEARS, they accused Hillary Clinton of cheating.
  • When Bernie Sanders (unofficially) lost the nomination on March 1, 2016, his campaign dismissed Clinton’s victories that day, most of which were by upwards of 50 points by declaring those “red states” (which has nothing to do with the primary) as “the old Confederacy,” thus dismissing the Black and Brown people who live in those states as unimportant.
  • Bernie and his Stans repeatedly accused the Democratic Party and the DNC of being corrupt and of cheating and they suggested the primary was “rigged,” which is impossible to do, in any case.
  • Bernie Stans disrupted the Democratic Convention, even after they got their way on the platform committee and got a platform that essentially mirrored about 80% of Bernie’s platform.
  • After the convention, while Bernie did give some speeches and hold some rallies, his message was entirely anti-Trump, with very little pro-Hillary or pro-Democrat.
  • Following the election, Bernie Stans have spent the last year and a half blaming Democrats for their own loss, and demanding that Democrats give in to their demands of complete reform.
  • Among those reforms include dismissing most super delegates, who are simply Democratic Party officials with a stake in the party, and replacing a number of primaries with caucuses. You know, because Bernie won a lot of those, because Hillary skipped them.

Okay, enough of that.

White liberals (and I am one, BTW) are NOT as important to the Democratic Party as Black women. Period. Anyone who thinks so is too politically ignorant to take seriously. Black people have driven the Democratic Party bus for decades now, while white liberals have tried to run it off the road.

And it didn’t start with 2016, either. In 2000 and 2004, white liberals championed Raph Nader because he SAID all the right things. While Black and brown people got fully behind Al Gore and John Kerry, white liberals worked against both and made the race close enough for the GOP to steal.

This is how stupid unicorn progressives are, politically speaking. In 2000, all white liberals had to do was to work WITH Al Gore to defeat George W. Bush, which is the easiest thing to do in thew world. In fact, if the Naderites had done that, Nader would have gotten his five percent and the Greens would have gotten permanent ballow status AND we would have avoided two terms of Bush.

The problem is, the mentality of idiots like “Martin” and the rest of the Unicorn Progressives and the Bernie Stans subset is, they see everyone who disagrees with them as the “enemy” and they think the only way to oppose them is to cut them off at the knees. It’s a highly immature and ineffective methodology and all it does is to perpetuate Republican majorities everywhere. I could go farther back. In 1980, the irrational love of Ted Kennedy by unicorn progressives essentially killed the presidency of the most liberal president in history, Jimmy Carter and gave us St. Ronald of Reagan, which led to both Bushes and Trump.

See, this is the fucking problem with Unicorn Progressives. They think we should all kiss their ass, or Bernie’s because they have a “plan” to fix everything when they take office. The problem is, they have no plans for how to take office, and their actions perpetuate the rule of the one party that is not just batshit crazy, but also extremely anti-liberal.

I call these idiots “Unicorn Progressives” because they demand purity from everyone else on the issues, but they have no clue how to get us a progressive government capable of passing progressive laws. And that is the fucking POINT of a democratic republican system, for Chrissakes. If you don’t win, or the actual enemy wins all the time, you are not actually “progressive,” regardless of your ideology.

If I seem pissed, it’s because people like “Martin” piss me off. They claim to want “unity,” but their actions betray that. It’s just a FACT that Unicorn white “progressives” make up about 5-10 percent of all progressives out there and they are generally not Democrats. Yet, they imagine they are the most important demographic group in the Democratic Party.

Let me enlighten you, “Martin” and the other Bernie Stans in the Unicorn Progressive movement. You ARE WHITE. Oh, sure, there are a smattering of people of color mixed in, but it’s a smattering. And MOST white people are Republicans these days. You make up MAYBE five percent of the progressive movement, which means you are essentially demanding that the 95 percent do things your way or you’ll withhold your five percent and do everything you can to make sure Democrats lose.

In what way does that not mirror the attitude of the worst Trumpers?

YOU need to join US, unicorn progressives, professional lefties and Bernie Stans. White liberals are no longer the “Big Men on Campus.” Get a clue.

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The Bernie Stans Speak… and It Is Not Smart — 6 Comments

  1. Donna Brazile and Debbie Wasserman Schultz arranged for Hilary Clinton to have advanced copy of debate questions. That is not an accusation of cheating; that is a fact. Plus Bernie was using the computer system at the DNC where his information was made available to the DNC leadership. The DNC leadership shared Bernie’s information with the Clinton campaign, but shared nothing with Bernie.
    Who was the enemy of the Democrats during the primaries?

    • And to answer that last question, there ARE no enemies during a DEMOCRATIC primary. If you think there should be, my answer to you is to grow the fuck up.

  2. I am so glad you’re alive to say these things. We will never change the Sanders people, because they are incapable of learning. They’ share the same authoritarian mindset as the GOP, but with different issues. However, we can’t let them take over. They are a small percentage and the media amplify their voices so they (and other) THINK they are much more numerous than they really are. Sharing articles like yours and using your information in private conversations are absolutely necessary to counteract their nonsense.

    • Agreed. We’ll never get them to see things our way, but I believe we can get people to stop listening to them. That’s the most important thing right now.

      • You are right on many points, especially on getting people to stop listening to the Bernie Stans, beginning with Politco.