The Boss of America Operates Unchecked: The GOP Must Go

Today is Donald John Trump’s 500th day of “presidenting.” I know, it feels like it’s been about five years, but it’s only been 500 days so far. And the reason it feels like it has been so much longer than that is because Trump is completely incompetent and has absolutely no comprehension of what the job he ran for of his own volition actually entails. He has no concept of what the job is about, and he lacks the intellectual curiosity necessary to ask someone.

Put simply, Lord Donny Trump thinks he was elected to be the “Boss of America.” That is how the job was presented to him, more than likely, although it is possible he’s just trying to refashion the job so that he can do what he’s comfortable with. He’s done essentially whatever he’s wanted his entire life and the idea of working for someone else has to be abhorrent on some level. So, he’s doing what he’s always done. He makes decisions and he expects everyone else to just do what he says. That is why he gets so obnoxious when he doesn’t get his way. He’s always told everyone what to do and expected them to do whatever he says, with no questions asked.

Contrary to popular legend, Donald Trump was a terrible businessman. I know the legend is that he started with a “small loan” of $1 million and built that into billions, but anyone who’s paid attention knows that is all bullshit. He used his father’s real estate empire to borrow tons of money to build his own little empire and he eventually inherited it all. He was handed hundreds of millions of dollars in assets, but he hasn’t been able to borrow money from an American bank, or any bank in the developed world, for that matter, because he can’t be trusted. And he has been able to build his legend because he has been under practically no scrutiny throughout his career. The Trump Organization is privately held, which mean he has never been subject to disclosure rules that publicly held companies have to follow. He could do whatever he wanted and say whatever he wanted and there was no one around to hold him accountable. He could be as corrupt and as irresponsible as he wanted.

Now, he is trying to operate the same way and it shouldn’t be possible because he’s running the Executive Branch of the federal government of the United States. He has shown near-complete incompetence. It is clear he doesn’t know most of what he is supposed to be doing. He seems to truly believe that Executive Orders are exactly that; orders from the executive that everyone must follow. He doesn’t seem to understand that the Executive Branch implements the laws passed by Congress and the purpose of executive orders is to instruct the Cabinet how to implement those laws. He has proven that he has no clue how treaties work and he has no idea how international trade happens. He’s completely unaware of how government works.

And that is an impeachable offense. You know the line in the Constitution about “high crimes and misdemeanors”? Well, “misdemeanors” refers to incompetence and an inability to do the job right. In other words, it doesn’t take a criminal act to get rid of a president who is incompetent to do the job.

Yes, that’s right; even the Founders knew the people could make a mistake someday, so they gave us a failsafe, so that we didn’t have to wait a full four years to deal with an incompetent boob as president. They gave us impeachment as a check and balance on an incompetent president.

Unfortunately, the Founders never anticipated that a major political party would ever forego its responsibility to the American people in favor of just winning. In other words, they never anticipated that Congress would also be inhabited by a majority of corrupt, incompetent boobs.

And that’s the problem, folks. We knew in 2000 that the American people were capable of electing an incompetent moron as president. We found out in 2004 they could do so twice. Yet, with someone as corrupt and completely incapable of doing that job as Donny Trump obviously is, the Republican Party is not only doing nothing about it, but they are facilitating the corruption by not even considering holding him accountable.

There is plenty to hold him accountable for.

  • Take, for example, the fact that he has never put the Trump Organization into a blind trust, and that he seems to be continuing to run the company while “presidenting.”
  • Then, there is the nepotism, in which he’s been appointing unqualified family members for important position in the White House.
  • How about the constant lying about everything?
  • How about the denigration of the intelligence and law enforcement communities that he has engaged in for 500 days so far?
  • How about the constant violations of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution for 500 days now?
  • How about the pillaging of the Treasury, in which he bills taxpayers for his near weekly 3-4 day weekends he and his massive entourage at expensive resorts?
  • How about the fact that all of those resorts are owned by him, which means taxpayers are essentially paying the Trump Organization for his constant vacations?
  • How about the time, just weeks ago, when he received a $500 million loan from China and days later, promised to help “create jobs” for Chinese phone company ZTE?
  • How about his reversal of sanctions on ZTE because they were selling phones that were essentially spying on Americans?
  • How about the near-constant favoritism he’s shown Russia and the fawning he’s done over President Putin after it was clear his campaign worked with Russian intelligence and Russian oligarchs to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton, to give him an advantage in the election.
  • How about unilaterally starting a trade war and lying to his followers that he will somehow bring back the good old days and return balance to trade, even though he has no power to do so?

That doesn’t even get into the obvious conspiracy Trump was involved in before the election and which continues to cast a shadow over everything he does. It also doesn’t include the constant violations

There are so many possible impeachment grounds, there is no possible way this man should continue to be able to stay in the White House without a challenge. Bill Clinton was wrong for what he did to Monica Lewinsky in the White House, but Clinton is a veritable saint compared to Trump. And yet, Republicans do nothing. They are the “check and balance” in the Constitution that was meant to rid us of an absolutely corrupt and incompetent president, yet he does what he wishing with impunity.

There are so many reasons to get rid of the GOP starting this year, but one of the most important is their inability and unwillingness to put the brakes on the embarrassment in the Oval Office. They need to go, and be replaced by Democrats because we can’t continue to pretend there is nothing wrong. “Shit Show” is too nice a term for what it going on in the White House right now. It’s embarrassing and it’s frightening and no one is holding anyone accountable. It has to stop.

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