The Cluster-Trump

Do your realize that it will take another week to go past the one-month mark in the Lord Donny reign? It’s barely over three weeks and he’s already taken two vacation weekends. I mean, even though he excoriated President Obama for his golf outings, he’s actually poised to out-do Obama’s first year in the first two months.  I really don’t care, except to point out the hypocrisy and to note that no one who is running such a chaotic mess of an organization should not be taking vacations.

In the history of government, there has never been a greater clusterfuck of an incoming presidency. I’m not just comparing him with Obama. There is nothing the Lord Donny junta can point to as a success as yet. I mean, he came in the electoral vote winner who lost by the widest popular vote margin in history and with, at the very least, the veneer of Russian influence surrounding his inauguration. Instead, the idiot has been taking victory laps for three months and declaring a non-existent mandate. If he was a great a businessman and dealmaker as he and his brain-dead minions claim, he should have figured out that the best way to handle such a situation would be with some sort of humility, even if it was fake. As late as this past weekend, he was actually claiming he inherited a mess, but for chrissakes, every mess one can point to right now is of his making. This is a guy who screams at the leaders of our staunchest allies and who cozies up to a dictator and killer in Russia. I’d say the only thing he hasn’t completely fucked up in less than four weeks has been healthcare, and that’s only because Republicans realized that Obamacare, or at least the ACA (yes, I know they’re the same thing… shhhh), is hella popular and they weren’t just going to wash it away. Everything else has been completely and utterly botched.

And all he does is whine about everything. His followers call us “snowflakes,” but really, no one whines about anything more than Lord Donny and his band of idiots. And when I say “band of idiots,” I am being kind. There is no evidence that anyone in the Donny Regime knows anything. Well, maybe Steve Bannon, but we don’t want him doing what he’s been doing. Bannon actually appointed himself to the National Security Council, even though he is essentially a neo-Nazi white supremacist. And he did it by sliding an order in front of Lord Donny, who signed it without examining it. While Donny objects to calling him “President Bannon,” what else does that look like? I mean, if Bannon can place anything in front of him and get a signature without so much as a question, what’s to prevent President Bannon from doing so with a declaration of war or an expulsion of all press from the White House? How many times must we take this White House to court? So far, he’s the subject of 60 lawsuits. Each vacation is already costing taxpayers $3 million-plus each and his security is costing us $1 million per day; how much is his staff running amok going to cost us?

Last night, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was fired, just 24 days after being confirmed (a record for futility). And yes, I said “fired.” No one believes he volunteered his resignation. And now, his people are all over the media telling us that the issue was that Flynn lied to the Vice President about having contacted Russia. But really, does anyone actually think Flynn just called the Russian ambassador of his own volition, without anyone in the White House knowing? Does anyone imagine that he discussed lifting sanctions before he was even confirmed, without anyone else knowing? If you do believe that, I have this bridge to sell you. One end is in Brooklyn and the other in Manhattan. If Flynn was compromised to the point of blackmail, someone else must be. That means Flynn is but the tip of the Trump Regime iceberg. If Russia had enough on Flynn to be compromised, he can’t possibly be the only one. And given that Lord Donny is a first-class narcissist, it’s unlikely he allows anyone in his employ to know more than he does.

This is a regime in freefall and they’re just getting started. The leader of the pack is a pathological liar who seems incapable of telling the truth about anything. It is clear that he cares nothing about the American people. He still doesn’t understand the job he ran for and apparently, no one has explained it to him. He Tweets too much and he’s overly concerned with his personal business image and not the image he projects on behalf of the American people. That is not the trait of a president. Presidents, even one as bad as George W. Bush, typically understand that the image of the country is more important than his personal image. In fact, for four years, his image reflects the image of the country. Donny obviously doesn’t get that. He yells and screams at world leaders and is completely disrespectful. The whole “America First” bullshit died after the Second World War, when we saw what “Deutschland Uber Alles” brought. When world leaders come to the White House, it is obvious that he doesn’t even consult with the White House protocol staff beforehand. That is obvious, given the uncomfortable body language and handshakes that look more like fraternity initiations than a respectful handshake with another world leader.

And what’s with the provocative statements from staff, including many who should never be allowed near a camera and a microphone. Consider that little douchebag, Stephen Miller, who was all over the talking heads shows Sunday, telling us all that “Dear Leader” is the president and the president’s power is all-encompassing and no one dare question it. Who the fuck is he to tell the American people that they dare not question the president, or anyone in his employ, about anything? Why does no one in this White House not realize that the president works for us, not the other way around? The president is only the leader of one-third of the government and WE hired him, which means we can fire his ass. Presidents can make a few laws; all three branches of the federal government were created to check and balance each other. And it is actually my duty as an American citizen to question what everyone in the government does, including “Dear Leader, Lord Donny.” I can even call him “Lord Donny” and tell him to fuck off, as long as I don’t threaten him or wish him harm. I refuse to use the word “President” and his last name adjacent to each other; that is my right. If I have to meet him, I will refer to him as “Mr. President” and pray I don’t throw up, because I respect the office, even though the man himself deserves zero of that.

This is the United States of America; we have always laughed at authoritarians because they can’t work with this system of government. No matter what Lord Donny and his Idiot Horde think, it’s not possible for one person to take over the government and do whatever they want. I’ve been asking for years why the Republican Party reminds me more of the old USSR than of anything the Founding Fathers had in mind; Trump is the end result of that; a completely compromised government official who is incapable of running anything like a government and who feels he “owes” Russia for the t-ball trophy he won in November, pretty much via technicality.

Getting back to the clusterfuck, let’s just say, if you have been reading this blog for a while, my objection to Lord Donny has always been less his politics than is complete incompetence and his inability to understand what he was running for.  And every day, I am proven prescient. Look the nonsense that happened at Mar-a-Lago over the weekend? Since when does the leader of any country discuss sensitive national security information in full view of the public, especially in this age of smartphones? I mean, they were using the flashlight on someone’s smartphone to light this apparently serious, theoretically secure information. If you have a smartphone, you know, the flashlight function is just another use for the flash for the phone’s CAMERA. Do we know that no one took pictures of this information? Do we know that the people who posted photos on Facebook weren’t hacked? And these idiots were worried because Hillary Clinton used a private server for her email? Are they kidding?

And what’s with the lying? For a regime that happily points the finger at “fake news” every chance they get, they sure do generate a lot of it themselves. The tragic botched raid in Yemen that Lord Donny ordered before he had a clue what he was doing was in no way a “success,” no matter how many times they repeat that assessment. And let’s be clear; every judge in the federal court system is there until they decide to retire or resign, unless they are impeached, which almost never happens. Until then, they are not “so-called” judges, they are Judges. Thanks to Marbury v. Madison, which set a standard for judicial review of all laws the other two branches of government try to perpetrate, to make sure the Constitution allows it, those judges not only have the right, but the duty, to determine whether any presidential order falls inside the law. In other words, while Donny thinks judges to stay his orders are violating their oath, they are actually just doing their job. And lest you think “judicial review” is just some sort of plot by Democrats and liberals, it’s been the law since 1803.

The Muslim Ban did not fall within the parameters of Donny’s authority under the Constitution. Yes, I know, he has a statutory right to block immigration of some individuals and groups. However, if Donny would bother to read the decision, or at least have someone read it to him, he would find that the decision had nothing to do with whether or not Donny could issue the order. Legally, he could, but it would have to be far more detailed, including instructions for how to implement it. Also, the rules can’t include anything based on religion, due to the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. The order was blocked because it created chaos and no one knew what to do with it.

This is part of the problem. Lord Donny’s narcissism makes him incapable of taking advice from anyone on anything, which may be conducive to running a business, where you are CEO and, therefore, lord and master, especially when you are using your own borrowed money and you are responsible for paying it back or filing for bankruptcy. However, when someone is the lead executive of a “nation of laws,” you must listen to lawyers, so that you understand whether you can do something BEFORE you do it.

I know a lot of people expected Trump to just head into the White House and blow everything up, but that’s just not possible. If Bernie Sanders had magically won, he would have had the same problem if he tried to “revolutionize” Washington, although he is smart enough to know better.  There is actually a reason why traditions in Washington become such; it’s because they are what works. And while wanting to blow up the system and start over sounds like a great idea, it’s not possible in a nation where everyone technically has rights, at least on paper, and where the vast majority of people are at least comfortable. Revolutions come to countries that need them, they don’t come to countries where everyone has the right to vote, but half of them stay home on Election Day.

Anyway, if you’re upset by the goings on in the current Regime, understand that Michael Flynn was driven out of town as the first volley of regime change. keep up the pressure, make the press do its job and resist, people. That is how we get rid of this cluster-Trump of a government.


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