The Constitution for Dummies — Yes, I Mean You, Right Wingers

You know, I don't care how you feel about homosexuality, or how tolerant you think you are, or any of that crap.

you vote for any of these umpteen referenda in various states that
effectively ban gay marriage in your state, then you are simply don't
care about what America stands for.

The basis for everything
this country does is embedded in the Constitution. The purpose of the
Constitution is to regulate the government, not individual people. Yet,
for the better part of two decades now, the neocons running the
government have been threatening to amend the Constitution to give
government greater power over individuals. This is crazy.

find it fascinating that the far right invokes individual rights to do
anything they approve of, such as owning and carrying a gun without
anything even resembling control. But when it's an activity they object
to, even if it doesn't affect them in any way, they will stop at
nothing to try to limit others' rights.

That's what these
amendments are about, folks. They are about imposing the will of the
pseudo-religious on those who might actually want to exercise their
rights in a way that makes them happy, and harms absolutely no one. If
this were liberals trying to amend the Constitution to repeal the
Second Amendment, they would be screaming bloody murder. Yet, here they
are, trying to deny the rights of certain people, just because they
don't approve of their personal choices.

Look, right wing nut cases, let me clue you in…

don't actually marry all people. Most people actually get married in a
church, and simply sign a marriage license. The license is the issue,
not the marriage. Same-sex couples already get married, and  many of
them in a church. And even if the state constitutions are successfully
amended, which would be shameful, all of those couples will still get
married, and they will still live together. What they will not receive
are the hundreds of individual benefits that states reward married
couples with. And tha, folks, is a violation of the 14th Amendment.

you read that right. Even if you pass your precious "anti-gay-marriage"
laws, same-sex couples will still marry, and it's likely that, at some
point, a judge somewhere will void the amendment anyway, because such
an amendment is absolutely unconstitutional.

See, here's the
deal. This is about personal freedoms, pure and simple. If you believe
that people should be free to do what they want, then you have to vote
against this law. You can't base it on your own personal prejudices,
because such a concept is never a good basis for law. It doesn't matter
if you "approve," it makes no difference if such a thing makes it look
as if you're "condoning" homosexuality; if you feel like you must pray
for their soul, then pray for their soul; but you can't vote to take
away their rights.

You know, only once in our history has the
Constitution been amended to take away people's rights, and that was
Prohibition. It didn't work then, and it won't work now, because the
purpose of the Constitution is to prevent the government from running
our lives, not to be used by prigs to run the lives of others.

you vote in favor of denying the rights of people because you disagree
with their personal choices, then you are in favor of tyranny and
fascism, not freedom. It's that simple. Vote to "prohibit" gay
marriage, and you're voting against what America supposedly stands for.

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