The Egomania on the Left

It’s depressing to have to say this, but there are just too many times people on the far left are largely the same as the worst denizens on the far right. It’s not so much that they’re as stupid – we know they’re not. However, when it comes to politics, they completely lack common sense, even though they’re almost as arrogant as Donald Trump.

Consider this past week. The level of skullduggery and outright cheating that was going on among self-proclaimed “progressives” was off-the-charts. And it was all based on personal ego, without regard to the good of the country or the people we on the left are supposed to care about.

A few days ago, Bernie Sanders, who has spent zero days as an actual Democratic in his long political career, has nonetheless spent several years now telling Democrats how to win, when in fact, he hasn’t really won much of anything. he won a few congressional races, AFTER he basically kowtowed to the NRA and promised to vote against common sense gun control measures, and he won a race for the Senate later on. He won all those in a state that is roughly 97% white. In all of those races, he denied ever being a Democrat, and was practically apologetic about even caucusing with them, as if he had a choice.

Then, in his first attempt to “go national” in 2016, Bernie Sanders had his ass handed to him by Hillary Clinton, although when you listen to him and his most fervent followers in their cult, one would think he won. I mean, we have large groups of Bernie Stans banding together to demand that the Democratic Party, which has survived for more than 200 years and which has won far more elections than Bernie Sanders ever dreamed of, do things their way, or else. It’s still unclear what the “or else” is, since all they have is a small number of votes to offer. But they truly believe they hold the key to Democratic fortunes going forward. They make up MAYBE five percent of the progressive movement, and most of them are not even Democrats, and yet, they are attempting to hold the Democratic Party hostage.

And now, Bernie plans to hijack the Democratic Party apparatus to win his primary this year, and then turn around and run as an independent. Basically, he will run as if he’s a Democrat until he wins the Democratic nomination, and then jettison the party. That means any actual Democrat who would like to run for Bernie’s seat in Vermont will be screwed going in, even though Sanders has no intention of ever running as a Democrat. The same man whose followers who want the Democratic Party to abandon primaries in favor of caucuses and who are trying to get rid of superdelegates are perfectly fine with hijacking the party’s voter rolls and exploiting their resources, and then taking the ball and going off on their own when it’s no longer convenient.

If Bernie Sanders is such a great campaigner – if he thinks he has the stones to tell Democrats how to win elections every time – then why does he need help from the Democratic Party to do so? He’s simply trying to give himself a clear path to to preclude any sort of competition for his seat; something he’s been accusing Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz of doing for several years. I don’t have a problem with that, exactly. My problem is, he needs to decide whether he’s a Democrat or he isn’t and he needs to stop smacking the Party down by lying about it. The Democratic Party can’t both be pathetic and also the only way he can be re-elected. His arrogance and the arrogance of the Bernie Stans is beyond belief.

Then, also this week, the “upstart” race for the New York governorship run by actress Cynthia Nixon resulting in her drubbing in the state convention; an outcome anyone could have predicted. Current governor Andrew Cuomo received 90%, while she received 5%. However, instead of taking her loss in stride, like an adult, she “pulled a Bernie.” What I mean by that is, she decided to whine about the loss and she promised to get the signatures she needs to get on the ballot, apparently so she can lose by a wide margin again. Face it; not a single poll had her less than 40 points behind among Democratic voters; THAT is why the state convention didn’t endorse her; they want to – get this – nominate someone they think can win. Cuomo can win, she probably can’t.

Keep a few things in mind. In Andrew Cuomo, New York has a dynamic governor with lots of experience; someone who has shown himself to be competent and skilled. He’s a Democrat through and through. The only thing he isn’t is as “progressive” as people Cynthia Nixon and her lickspittle followers believe they are. Of course, their definition is so narrow, almost no one could ever qualify.

And what is it with celebrities who decide they can just become politicians. some have been good at it in the past, like Nancy Kulp in Pennsylvania and Sheila James Keuhl (who played Zelda Gilroy and was a strong LGBT activist back in a time when there were no such people) in California. However, they were successful because they didn’t run for an executive position first. I know a lot of people like Cynthia Nixon. As an actress, she’s apparently been ver successful as an activist. However, she has zero executive experience, which means there is nothing to indicate she’ll be competent in running the second-largest state in the union.

Consider some of the other celebrities who have been elected governor in the past. Governors Reagan and Schwarzenegger were both elected in California, and they both screwed things up so bad, Jerry Brown had to come in and bail both out. Then there is Jesse Ventura, who was so bad, he has pretty much made it impossible for independents to run for anything in Minnesota. If Nixon wants to run for office, she should start in the state legislature, or even the New York City Council. Learn how government works and how you can use it to get shit done.

The arrogance among some on the left is remarkable. No, being n “activist”does not qualify you to run for governor of a large state. And you don’t get to bash Democrats for being completely ineffective and then use them to do your bidding. Arrogance is only good if you have the skills to back it up. Unfortunately, most people with those types of skills know enough to put their arrogance aside. If you don’t support the Democratic Party, that’s your prerogative, but then, don’t bash the hell out of dedicated Democrats as a way to soothe your own ego. That just makes you dirty.

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The Egomania on the Left — 2 Comments

  1. Sorry, two comments in one day but this is what concerns me most from your article, going into this crucial Mid-terms 2018 time:

    “They make up MAYBE five percent of the progressive movement, and most of them are not even Democrats, and yet, they are attempting to hold the Democratic Party hostage.”

    That 5% has shown they can skew extremely close tight races. I do not want to give these people the power of our fears but on the other hand, look how they played a part in helping Trump win in WI, MI, and maybe FL and PA in 2016. And they will blame the Democrat for not gaining enough votes when these so-called Progressives vote 3rd party, do a write-in, or withhold their votes to punish the Democrat. God help us Mr. Shook. I hate to be negative but what you write about is so true and it could all end in disaster if these people pull their “sabotage the Democrat” game again. Bernie Sanders is the worst thing to happen to Democrats since Ralph Nader. I think he is worse perhaps.

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