The Good News…

It may sometimes seem as if the Trump regime will never go away, but I promise you, it will. Not only that, but it will seem like it went by in a flash, once we have some hindsight in our perspective. And please, don’t fret over the possibilities that he might not let go of power; we have procedures in place to get rid of a “president” who won’t leave the White House of his own volition. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, almost every time Trump asks a court to do something for him, they say no.

While the current Department of Justice is hopelessly corrupt as led by the current Attorney General, William Barr, the Southern Districts of New York and Florida seem to have retained most of their independence, which means Donald Trump is looking at a multitude of charges once he leaves the friendly confines of Washington, DC. Republicans run the Senate and they keep trying to pack the court now, but that won’t continue once we beat him to a pulp on November 3, 2020.

That’s the only catch; we have to “Flush the Turd on November 3” next year, without fail. All we have to do is encourage all right-thinking people to show up and vote, and that will happen. And there is a lot of good news on that front. As of right now, it is hard to find a poll anywhere that gives him a chance to win. At least 8-10 Democrats beat him in the polls right now, and his approvals have never not been underwater.

And please don’t tell me that incumbents always win when the economy is doing well. That would be “normal,” and “normal” has taken a powder under Trump. One of his stupidest lies is the one he Tweets at least weekly, when he Tweets, in all caps, “Republican vote is 95% right now!” The last few polls I’ve seen that even deal with that have him at 75% favorable among Republicans, and it’s really early. Most political scientists know that it’s pretty much impossible for a Republican to win any race without at least 80% of the Republican vote. And that’s before the economy starts to turn, which is likely to happen next year, between Jan. 1 and Nov. 3, 2020.

One other thing to consider; while the effect of hearing that Trump had won in 2016 was and still is a major shock, he didn’t really win. Even with all the cheating and manipulation and supremely low turnout, Donny won the electoral college by less than 77,000 votes in three key swing states, of which the Russians took special notice throughout 2016 because the Trump campaign told them to pay special attention to Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. There were at least a half dozen other states Trump won by less than 2% of the vote, which will be difficult for him to pull off in 2020.

There are other reasons why Trump is unlikely to fare as well in 2020 as he did in 2016. For one thing, while he was a well-known name in 2016, no ne really knew anything about his politics then. A lot of people voted for him thinking he was still a Democrat in a GOP suit, and they probably thought he would show his “real stripes” once he took office, or soon after. His public persona was always a mix, but he tended to side with Democrats until he became a birther.

That won’t be a factor this time. Now, we know who the “political Trump” is for real this time. He’s a racist and misogynist and he hates poor people and immigrants who are not of European descent. He is now committed to packing the courts with right-wing judges and he has more of an affinity for Vladimir Putin and Russia than he has for America.

Put simply, all we have to do is repeat what we did in 2018; vote like it matters and overwhelm the polls and everyone but Republicans support Democrats as if our democracy was at stake, which, of course, it is. No more of this wishy-washy attitude toward Democrats, as if it was possible to elect the perfect human as president, which is, of course, impossible, Democrat, “Third Party” or “Independent.” And we all know by now that Republicans are hell-bent on destroying the democracy. So, who is this perfect candidate you imagine going to come from? And isn’t preventing further major damage to the democracy worth a “no” vote, in the form of a vote for even a “centrist” like Biden? (If not, stop calling yourself “progressive.” You’re not.)

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