The GOP Goal is to Piss Liberals Off. Why They Do It.

The current incarnation of the Republican Party does not run for office to serve their constituents. Look at the menu at the top of the page. Click on “The Republican Record,” and you can see that they don’t serve their constituents. Their record of governance is abysmal. They do not run for office because they think they can run government better than Democrats – they know they can’t. They run for office because their benefactors make more money when there is chaos, and the current GOP specializes in chaos. Their benefactors do better when Democrats are not running government because Democrats despise chaos. Republican benefactors love power and they don’t give a rat’s ass about the people; in fact, they see running government as ruling over the people. They love the power so much, they will do almost anything to get and keep it.

And now you know one reason their main goal is to piss off liberals.

As I have discussed before, Republicans can only win if a large number of people stay home on election day. That’s why Democratic candidates talk about issues and Republicans never do. Seriously, when is the last time a Republican ever brought up an issue and offered a solution? They only talk about how bad Democrats are.

imageAnd, as time goes on, the entire electoral process gets harder for them. Republicans don’t win elections, progressives lose elections for Democrats. Consider; it used to be that, once a Congresscritter was elected, they could be counted upon to be serious about their job for the first year, then ease into campaign mode in the second, at which time they would start smacking around Democrats. Now, though, there is no respite. The GOP’s base is shrinking and they need to make sure everyone is always fully on board. That’s why the RNC is so freaked out about Drumpf. He pushes all the right buttons to get the “base” on board, but he makes the party look bad. He also doesn’t just piss off liberals, he pisses off pretty much everyone but the Tea Party.  It’s important that Republican candidates only piss off liberals. It’s also very important, for several key reasons:

  1. It makes a lot of progressives yell back at them. This is like red meat to the Republican “base.” The cretins who occupy their voting base like nothing better than watching someone – anyone – piss off a liberal, which means pretty much anyone who isn’t a far-right clown.  
  2. The resulting chaos, as the progressives and right wingers fight with each other feeds into the GOP ideology that says government simply doesn’t work. That makes them so happy, Republican politicians have no choice but to turn that into a self-fulfilling prophecy. 
  3. The constant negativity and chaos also cause moderate voters – who make up the majority of voters – to lose faith in “the system.” What else would anyone expect? When two sides are screaming irrationally, voters really don’t hear anyone in particular.

It has been this way for a long time. Contrary to professional left legend, John Kerry did not lose because he was “Swift Boated,” he lost because the professional left actually fed the right wing spin machine. The LEFT was uninterested in making him president, so they never made a positive argument in favor of Kerry in 2004.

Likewise, George W Bush shouldn’t have been close enough to steal the 2000 election. But the Republicans trashed him, and the professional left piled on, constantly berating him for not being “progressive enough.” It’s not unlike what they’re doing to Hillary Clinton this year. Essentially, both sides screamed “Gore sucks” at the top of their lungs, which was great for the GOP, and bad for Democrats. If you don’t think the left had anything to do with Gore’s defeat in 2000, consider that a large portion, if not most, of Ralph Nader’s support in 2004 came from GOP donors. It sure must have worked for them.

imageMichael Dukakis did not lose because he looked ridiculous in a helmet, or even because of the Willie Horton ad. He lost because the left didn’t support him; they simply screamed back at the GOP. In 2010, BOTH SIDES were screaming “Democrats are spineless,” and “Obama’s a disappointment.”

This is how the GOP spin machine works. They will do anything they can to discourage voters from showing up. They develop a negative meme, and hope to hell prominent liberals will attack them on it.

They like to cheat for the same reason. Voter ID laws really don’t gain them much of an advantage; in most states, it might get them a slight advantage. But the more they do it, and the more we scream about it, the more people begin to think their vote won’t count. They don’t gerrymander because it will secure them a majority; they do it because it give voters an overall impression that  their votes don’t matter, so they don’t show up. They don’t suppress 10,000 votes here and there because they think those 10,000 votes will make a difference; they’re hoping 50,000 other people won’t bother to show up because of their shenanigans.

There are ways to handle these situations in a way that wins for us and it’s  really easy; counter them by maintaining an overall positive vibe. Instead of complaining about Voter ID, drive people to DMV and get them an ID card. If someone has been dropped from the voter rolls because they have the same name as a felon, train voters to check their voter status before the deadline, and have them re-register. If they’re worried about gerrymandering, then just encourage voters to come out in droves, ESPECIALLY in the mid-terms, so that we can drown them out.

Give voters reasons to vote FOR something, and The GOP would be gone by now. The Republican Party is at its lowest point in decades, which should be painfully obvious with their choice of the moronic Donald Trump as their nominee and we should be able to beat the crap out of them, fellow progressives. But we have to work differently than in the past. Being negative works for the Republicans. They’re like the blob; they feed on it; it makes them stronger. And it doesn’t matter where the negativity comes from; it all depresses the center of the electorate, which is where the deciding votes come from.

Moderates don’t want to see fighting, they don’t like chaos, and their desire is to vote for something. They want competent politicians in office. They don’t care about individual issues; they are more concerned with making sure good people are in office. For many of them, the decision isn’t who to vote for, but whether or not to vote. They often work a couple of jobs, and they’re required to drive a while or take a bus to go to the polls. To get them to want to leave work early, or take a couple hours between jobs, or to even go through the trouble of getting a mail ballot, filling it out and mailing it in, they have to be motivated in a positive way. Give them a reason to vote and they will show up. De-motivate them through negativity, anger and fear, and you will not get the result you wish.

Stop fighting with the right. It just helps them.

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