The GOP Has been Dead for 80 Years; Progressives are their Life Support

A lot of people ask me and many who are smarter than me “What the hell is going on in the Republican Party?” Strangely, the question seems to mostly come from self-described “political junkies,” which is surprising, since anyone who follows politics closely should have figured it out by now, since it’s been happening slowly for more than 80 years.

I know what many of you are thinking.

“What? Eighty years? Are you nuts? They’ve only been crazy for a decade.”

Nope, not at all. Think about it.

nogopRepublicans brought us the Great Depression and the response was to banish them from government for most of 30 years, beginning with the 1932 election. If you look more closely, only one Republican has actually clearly won the presidency since then, and that was Dwight Eisenhower, who was culturally and politically a Democrat. He could have chosen either party to begin his political career, but he chose the GOP because the terrain was easier. Why? Because the party was on the ropes. The Democratic Party was strong and it had a deep bench because it was taken seriously by most voters. In the post-Depression and post-War era, the GOP only got to run government for two terms in the 1950s and they did so badly, they were banished again for another 40 years.

But that’s getting into the weeds. You don’t have to get that deep. I’ll posit that the last time the Republican Party actually won an election was in 1928. Maybe 1952, but again, Ike was pretty much a Democrat. However, since 1980, when Carter was defeated by Reagan and the GOP took over the Senate, they have not won a single election. The far left has given elections to them, which is not the same thing.

I’ll tell you how I know this has been the case for 80 years. In 1964, Republicans were already tired of losing, and you don’t get tired of losing if you only lose once or twice. When Democrats and liberal Republicans spearheaded the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, the GOP decided it was time to give themselves a better chance of winning, so they developed the “Southern Strategy.” This strategy involved taking the Taft Wing of their own party, which was the farthest right they went at the time and bringing in Dixiecrats to merge with them. Through a strategy of “Look at what them Democrats did to you!” They attracted the worst racists and white trash dregs into the party, in the belief that more votes would mean more wins.  It shouldn’t have worked, but then, our progressive leadership is so politically stupid, some of them are actually saying that it would be better for the movement if Drumpf beat Hillary. Yeah, I know.

What you see right now is the demise of a party that has been overtaken by the worst elements of our democratic system. These are crazy people who will vote for anyone who calls himself a Republican, as long as that “Republican” says something that pisses off liberals and minorities. This is what Donald Drumpf is proving right now. The people who support him are people who hate all government and who think all minorities should be “shipped back” to where they came from. The GOP is dominated by morons because that is the constituency the GOP has been cultivating for 52 years.

Drumpf obnoxious 2Because they know their crazy base will vote for them no matter what, so the Republican Party’s main strategy is to drive down turnout among all other voters. Think about it; the more they drive down turnout, the more valuable their own votes are. I was told this in 1972 by a liberal Republican Congresscritter, that’s how old that strategy is. Unfortunately, many liberals help them do just that with their rhetoric and their silly proclamations that both parties are the same. I mean, what sane person could possibly see both parties as they exist in 2016 and claim any sameness whatsoever?

Put simply, Democrats used to win all of the time and things were really good. Then, far left liberals abandoned the Democratic Party and we, as a nation, have lost a lot of ground since. If you look at election after election, you can see I’m right. Nixon didn’t win in 1968 because he was so great; he won because liberals trashed Humphrey. In 1972, far left liberals championed George McGovern, who was arguably the worst candidate in the Democratic field. In 1976, they slammed Carter and he barely eked out a win against Gerald Ford, the least powerful Republican nominee in history (keep in mind, Reagan almost took over four years earlier). In 1980, they championed Ted Kennedy, even though Kennedy himself couldn’t tell anyone why he was running. In 1984, why did Reagan get a second term, given that his tax cuts threw us into a really bad recession and double-digit unemployment? In 1988, they hated Dukakis and he lost and they also hated Clinton and he never got a majority. He only won because the GOP decided to “send a message and stayed home in droves. In 2000 and 2004, both times, they railed against the Democrats, even though the candidates were Al Gore and John Kerry, both liberals with strong liberal credentials. And forget mid-term elections; liberals have been screwing the pooch on those forever. Watch the professional left closely; they don’t think midterms are important at all.

No BSThe Republican Party has been disintegrating since 1929, folks. The only reconstitution they have ever done in that time was to add Dixiecrats to their arsenal of hatred and economic stupidity. The only reason their disintegration is only becoming apparent now is because Donald Drumpf has laid bare their problem. They have become absolutely dependent on white supremacists, John Birchers and neocon ignoramuses, and Drumpf’s punking of them is exposing that.

We should have put them away a long time ago, but, if we’re being honest, the “political junkies” and professional lefties on our side are pretty goddamned stupid and clueless. They still seem to operate from a premise that voters choose between two political parties, and they don’t. Most voters know the GOP is full of shit and never vote for them. When our side quivocates and marks some Democrats as “Republican-lite” or they imply that the parties are essentially the same, it de-motivates voters from showing up to vote at all. Look at the exit polls for a clue; the number of votes the GOP gets most election years is roughly the same. GOP voters usually show up at a 90-95% clip, even in years, like 2014, when overall turnout is only 36%; all we have to do wo win is stop depressing turnout among all other voters and we can say goodbye to the Republican Party and hello to responsive government.

We have to cease being Republican life support. Allow them to lose, folks. We can stand to be a one-party system for a while. It will allow the system to do what it was meant to do more than a half-century ago. All progressives should join the Democratic Party and make it their sole mission to rid the government of the current incarnation of the GOP. That will do two things; it’ll move the Democratic Party left and send “conservaDems” back to their natural home and it will allow actual conservatives to create their own party and fashion it into a “loyal opposition” party, instead of the disloyal fascistic party” it has become.

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