The GREAT (?) Debate: Caribou Barbie vs. Joe “Foot in Mouth” Biden

Do you have your popcorn ready? I do. Orville Reddenbacher Movie Theater Butter.

Seriously, I have never seen so much interest in a vice presidential debate in my life. Caribou Barbie vs. Joe Biden. How exciting is this?

Not very.

Look. I can admit freely that Joe Biden would not be my first choice for running mate, if I was Barack Obama. But then, I’m not Barack Obama, so that’s easy for me to say. I’ve never been a huge Biden fan. He says a lot of the right things, and I really, truly think he’s a guy who understands the average person. But overall, he talks too much without an internal governor, and as a result, stupid things sometimes come out of his mouth.

You know, like claiming that FDR didn’t go on television after the stock market crashed and scare the hell out of people.

But you know what? I trust Obama’s judgment, and Biden isn’t all that bad. In the above example, he got the details wrong, but the sentiment was right on. Roosevelt didn’t take office until more than three years after the Crash, and there was no television. But Roosevelt did say, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." When you compare that to the gloom and doom offered up by today’s Republican Party, well, I get Biden’s point.

But what the hell was McCain thinking when he chose Caribou Barbie as a running mate?

Here is a woman whose breadth of life experience consists of beauty
contests, being the TV sportscaster, mayor of a small town, and
governor of a small state that doesn’t even tax its people.

That’s not the part that’s bothersome, however. I have a feeling she’s
quite intelligent, and very sharp, and could possibly learn. But the
few interviews she’s done reveal her to be ignorant of the world around
her, incurious, and far too willing to try to bullshit her way into a
position she wants. She doesn’t know anyone in Washington, and Alaska
is so small, her circle of available "experts" is going to be quite
small. Therefore, once president, she will be forced to rely on others
in the Republican Party to provide her with personnel with government
experience; say Cheney as Secretary of State, Rumsfeld as Secretary of
the Treasury and Condi Rice as head of the FBI, perhaps?

Haven’t we just had eight years of that in the White House? And hasn’t that been disastrous enough?

Anyway, watch the debate, and I’ll give my post-mortem on Caribou Barbie after.

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