The Lord Donny Chronicles: Get a Grip, It’s Gonna Be Bumpy

Seriously, folks, everyone is going to have to get a grip. It seems as if half the progressive movement is on a roller coaster that has come off the tracks and it’s about to fly off the next incline into a nearby lake.

Lord Donny is a joke, to be sure, but Jesus, folks, if we’re going to react to every stupid thing he does, we’re all going to have heart attacks before he does. Donny does not know what his job is, it’s obvious. Therefore, the best thing we can possibly do is to stick to just the most important issues and keep on our members of Congress and let them know how we feel.

As I have been saying for a year, Donny Drumpf does not know what the presidency is. He thinks it’s like being the CEO of a company. Why do you think he signs so many executive memoranda? (Contrary to what the pro left and actual professional journalists, who should know better, tell you, they are NOT all “Executive Orders.”) It’s because it’s all he knows how to do. He is sitting in the White House doing the same thing he’s always done; he gives orders and he imagines his minions are falling all over themselves to get them done. He doesn’t know, that’s not how government works. And he will find that out.

Another thing he will find out: Each and every failure — in other words, every time he tries something and he’s rebuffed by Congress, the court system or worse, the people, it further tarnishes his image. And we all know how well he takes disagreement and tarnishment. If you think he’s unhinged now, just wait.

And that’s the key to everything; just wait. Instead of reacting like  Chicken Little every time he says something we don’t like, we need to take our focus off him and focus, laser-like, on Congress. And I do NOT mean Democrats. I’ll get to that in a separate post, but seriously; if you’re whining about Elizabeth Warren voting to allow Ben Carson to run HUD, your understanding of how politics works is minimal and I worry about your mental health. Thanks in part to the unicorn progressives and the professional left, Republicans run nearly everything now. And you need to focus everything on them.

In other words, pick your battles. If you scream and yell every time Lord Donny does something stupid, you’ll be hoarse by Groundhog Day and you’ll have a stroke by President’s Day. A lot of his memoranda and proclamations are naked attempts to appease the deplorables and they are things he said he would do. For example, he’s taken a couple of steps to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but he can’t do it. That’s why focusing on Congress is so important. We only need to get 3 Republican Senators or 23 Republican Representatives to refuse to repeal the ACA without a replacement, and both are doable. Also, we can also work to force improvement of whatever replacement they come up with.

That’s why focusing on Congress and the people is so important. We only need to get 3 Republican Senators or 23 Republican Representatives to refuse to repeal the ACA without a replacement, and both are doable. Also, we can also work to force improvement of whatever replacement they come up with, just as they weakened the Affordable Care Act. For example, did you know the original bill HAD a “robust public option”? It was minority Republicans who killed it and the professional left who prevented reinserting it into the bill. Just as minority Republicans managed to weaken the ACA because their supporters pushed them to do so, we the people of the Democratic Party also have that ability.

Check out Donny’s asinine proposal for paying for a border wall. We all know that a border wall won’t work, but we hardly ever say that. We talk about the inhumanity and that, but we hardly ever talk about the reality. As former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano (Get well soon, Ms. Napolitano!) once remarked the last time Republicans were seriously considering a wall, “Show me a 50-foot wall and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder.” Also, ask the Border Patrol how many tunnels appear under the fences now. A “beautiful fence with a beautiful wall” will not stop anyone who wishes to come here to make a better life for their family. There’s also the fact that most people who are here illegally actually come here legally and overstay their visas. Unless the Republicans suddenly want to implement 21st Century tracking technology to track visas, and that doesn’t seem likely, then a border wall will be the largest public works white elephant in history.

And really, what can you do but laugh at his promise that “Mexico will pay for the wall.” First of all, you can’t make another country pay for something you want. But seriously, starting a trade war with Mexico, which is likely to spread to many other countries, is perhaps the dumbest thing I have ever seen from a Republican, and that is a very high bar.

Start with the fact that Lord Donny’s idea of imposing a 20% tariff on Mexican imports is NOT “Mexico paying for the wall.” That is US paying for the wall. Does he truly imagine that Mexico pays those without passing on the cost? Not only that, but Mexico is our second-largest trading partner in BOTH directions, and they’re likely to meet our 20% tariff with one of their own. Of course, Donny claims hes going to make us buy American, but if he’s successful, he can’t pay for the wall. Since it’s estimated that 1.1 million jobs are dependent on trade with Mexico, he’ll actually be increasing unemployment, which will not #MAGA at all. Think about it. And just to be clear, the economic impact of those 1.1 million people not working would likely affect another 1-2 million jobs. Then, there are the lost tax revenue and the cost of unemployment assistance for those people. It’s better than a double whammy, it’s a triple whammy. Higher taxes, higher unemployment, and greater poverty. Is that what Donny meant when he promised to #MAGA?

It’s okay to laugh at him. It’ll never happen, of course. There are enough sane Republicans available to block a 20% tariff, if for no other reason than they know who would actually pay it. Again, we only need 23 Representatives or 3 Senators to bail on anything to at least prevent disaster. That’s why it is important to get a grip, stay sane and stop reacting like a crazy person to every stupid thing Lord Donny Drumpf says or does. Right now, we need to preserve as much of the ACA as we can. Donny cut off ACA advertising, which means we have to get the word out that everyone without health insurance needs to sign up immediately. Overwhelm the system and let them know it’s necessary and they’ll have to come up with a replacement that doesn’t take away everything.

But for God’s sake, unicorn progressives and pro lefties, remember the lesson of this election. You have to support Democrats at all times and make sure they always win elections. You can’t “fix” the election after votes have been cast. Republicans are, by and large, the batshit party. Keep them away from government.

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  1. When contemplating General Eisenhower winning the Presidential election, Truman said, “He’ll sit here, and he’ll say, ‘Do this! Do that!’ And nothing will happen. Poor Ike—it won’t be a bit like the Army. He’ll find it very frustrating.”

    ATTRIBUTION: HARRY S. TRUMAN.—Richard E. Neustadt, Presidential Power, the Politics of Leadership, p. 9 (1960).
    SUBJECTS: Presidency

  2. The Unicorns and pro lefties especially have to cool it regarding the Cabinet. They can shoot for record high “No” votes, but you can’t draw a line in the sand on the Cabinet, since historically, the confirmation process has mainly been a formality. There were 13 votes against Condolezza Rice’s confirmation as W’s second Secretary of State and that was a record HIGH. W’s first Interior secretary was a controversial hire and the 25 “No” votes on her confirmation was another record high (think of that: more Senators voted against Eleanor Holmes Norton than they did against James Watt). Only nine Cabinet appointments have been shot down by the Senate in history, so get that through your thick heads unicorns: YOU DON’T DRAW LINES IN THE SAND WHEN IT COMES TO THE CABINET!

  3. They held Obama hostage to their right wing policies, so they certainly can do it with this jerk hoisting his weight around…..