The Lord Donny Chronicles: Two Weeks in and WTF!

As I sit here at this moment, it has been exactly two weeks since an excellent president left the White House and was replaced by an authoritarian nightmare. All I can think is, it’s really difficult to believe it’s only been two weeks. Just 206 more weeks to go, worst case scenario. I personally think Lord Donny will stroke out or be impeached before his 50th week, but then, I’m an optimist. I didn’t think the people could elect such an asshole in the first place, so Im not always right. To say the idea that we could potentially take the damage he’s done in his first two weeks and multiply it by 100 is frightening is one of the most profound understatements of all time. Is there anyone he hasn’t provoked or pissed off in just two weeks? Consider:

  • At least two countries, North Korea and Iran, have taken provocative military action so far, quite possibly in response to Donny’s “my way or the highway” attitude toward them.
  • Russia has stepped up its military activity in Ukraine, with no response from the White House. Why? Because Donny owes Vlad everything and it might hurt their budding relationship.
  • He has effectively declared war against Islam, which will do more to encourage ISIL recruiting than a billion recruiting drives they could throw. It essentially proves terrorist groups right; that the United States hates Muslims and wants to wipe them out.
  • Lord Donny has made it crystal clear that free speech is a passé concept in his White House and, frankly, around the country, as he has issued numerous warnings that all government workers risk their jobs if they say anything against him.
  • His Muslim Ban is a violation of his oath of office and the law, but he expects everyone in the government to do what he says, even if it is illegal.
  • His entire “Administration” is filled with people who are largely not only not qualified for their jobs, but would have a difficult time finding a job at McDonalds.
  • The White House staff is so depressed and sad that there are a record number of leaks coming from Lord Donny’s cabal. It may collapse under its own weight, but again, I’m an optimist.
  • People around Lord Donny are averse to the truth to the point that they have already coined a term for it; “alternative facts.”
  • Lord Donny’s ascendancy has led to record number of protests and protesters, which started the day after he took an oath he broke less than a week later.
  • He has promised to pull out of every multilateral trade deal and replace them and he’s started a trade war with Mexico. Combined, they  could cost millions of jobs.
  • He started by kissing Israel’s ass and praising Bibi Netanyahu because, well, Bibi said something nice to him, and then turned around and warned Israelis about the settlements. That demonstrates that he understands nothing about either foreign policy or diplomacy.
  • He led a botched military raid that had been in the planning stages for months, primarily because the other side knew about it and was able to respond, which he would have known, had he consulted his intelligence people before giving the go ahead. He then tried to go to Dover to SECRETLY meet the SEAL Team 6 member who was killed in the raid. And Press Secretary Spicer insisted that the raid was a stunning success.
  • He managed to sow terrible relations with Australia, a nation that has always been by our side since their establishment, through thick and thin.
  • Everything he has said to anyone so far has either been unintelligible or it has been all about himself. For Black History Month, he praised the work that Frederick Douglass was doing (yes, present tense) on behalf of civil rights. At the National Prayer Breakfast, he talked about The Apprentice and how the Former Governator’s ratings are much lower.

Lord Donny entered the office with the highest disapproval ratings in history, and they have only gone up. Despite this, it should surprise no one that he has already set up a reelection committee and he’s already raising money for 2020. There is a reason for that, of course; this entire exercise has been designed to win and show everyone how popular he is. It’s not to actually be president. He has demonstrated no sign that he understands what the job entails and he’s made it obvious that he plans to do everything himself, with input from no one. The completely illegal and asinine Muslim Ban was ill-conceived primarily because he doesn’t run anything by other Republicans, or lawyers or anyone with any authority.  I mean, I don’t expect him to call President Obama and ask, “What should I do?”, but he has to listen to someone with a brain, for Chrissakes. Funny thing is, the sanest person in his Cabinet, Gen. James Mattis, wasn’t even consulted about it, because he would have told him, “hell no!” That action not only inconveniences Muslims, but it also endangers everyone who gathers intelligence for us, as well as the intelligence officers who work with them. It puts the troops in danger who are stationed in areas with large Muslim populations and I can feel the stress level rising among soldiers who are subject to stop-loss, like my son. I worry for him, too.  The fact that more than 100,000 visas have been canceled so far is only a tip of the iceberg.

I’m not a psychologist, but his level of narcissism doesn’t require a college degree to detect. We’ve all dealt with people like this in our lives. I once had an uncle who would “invade” family gatherings and say whatever he wanted at the top of his lungs. Even when I was 9 or 10 years old, I knew he was full of shit. I wish to hell we’d had Google then, because I would have given anything to be able to get my hands on facts and tell him he was full of shit. He was one of those people who just sucks the air out of a room. I have another relative like that. This person never shuts up about anything. She has, quite literally, done everything and seen everything and the fact that she’s seen and done it means she knows everything there is to know about it. Her husband is remarkable, in that he has been married to her for almost 25 years, but he’s trained himself to tune her out. I wish I could.

That’s Lord Donny. He knows everything about everything, according to him. He brags about everything and no one is better than him at anything. The reason he goes to a National Prayer Breakfast and talks about Apprentice ratings is because he has to. See, one thing about malignant narcissists is that it seems to derive from a serious lack of self-esteem. His constant bullying and his need to puff himself up is because he really doesn’t like himself and he has to bring down others to feel good. And when it’s an uncle or a female relative who’s acting like a know-it-all, it can be handled. I mean, those family members (and a few friends) are a pain in the ass, but they always leave, which means I can decompress and prepare for the next encounter. We can’t do that when the head of the government and the person who represents the United States everywhere else in the world is someone who is incapable of thinking of anyone else. Lord Donny is an embarrassment, and that’s being kind. I feel humiliated by the fact that this 70-year-old toddler is in charge, and if you don’t yet, you will be.

Again, it’s only been two weeks. So far, all he has done is to piss people off. Congressional Republicans, who are not my favorite people, either, are having approach other countries to cover for him, and who knows how many times President Obama and military leaders have had to reach out and tell other word leaders “He didn’t really mean that.”? I never thought it would be possible to see a worse president than George W. Bush, but I was wrong about that, too.  The American people got this wrong. We have a crazy man in office and people are starting to be killed as a result. Call your REPUBLICAN Congressperson and encourage them to do something about this. If we keep having fortnights like this, we may not survive as a nation.


The Lord Donny Chronicles: Two Weeks in and WTF! — 4 Comments

  1. Just read on Mediaite that a HW Bush appointed judge found his Muslim ban legal And he has over 80% GOP support, so don’t look to them to impeach him anytime soon.

    • I give it a few months. We only need to swing 3 in the Senate to thwart them and make them regret their support. Ryan’s already pissed at him.

  2. “which started the day after he took an oath he broke less than a week later.”

    Didn’t he violate the oath the minute he took it? I thought the (emoluments) clause was in play that moment.

    • There are questions with regard to that. There is no question that he violated it with the Muslim Ban, however.