The Modern GOP is Downright Anti-American

This will be a rant, so I want to make it clear up front; this article is not about rank-and-file Republicans. There are a few Republicans out there who hold out hope that the GOP will return to its pro-American roots, in which they were phenomenally stupid and unteachable on economic issues, but who served as a “loyal opposition” to the Democrats for the most part. For you, I apologize in advance because I plan to be really harsh to your beloved GOP since they have dropped even the most basic pretense of being a political party in mine with basic American principles and become something that is almost anti-American.

Did I say “almost”? That wasn’t harsh enough. They’re not even pretending to adhere to American values these days. Do you remember the Bush Administration’s approach to immigration? They and the Republican Congress were quite dick-ish when it came to brown people, but even they recognized the value of oppressed people from other countries coming to the United States and asking for asylum. As disgusting as they were in many ways, at least they didn’t refer to people who came here to escape repressive governments in derogatory terms. They didn’t throw them all in jail, they didn’t throw their kids and jail and separate children from their parents with no recourse.

These are American principles. We welcome oppressed people to our shores and offer them a way to improve their lot. That is because they also work hard and improve our country. I remember the pride I felt when I learned that the United States offered people from other countries the liberty they couldn’t get from their home country. It made me proud to have been born in a country that welcomed oppressed people from all over the world. I grew up in Baltimore and the east side of the city used to feature a panoply of languages, and we all felt great about the “melting pot” we were becoming. Now, however, our current Republican leadership seems to be fearful of the prospect of hearing Spanish, French and English are spoken in our country, let alone Arabic, Farsi, and Hindu. While we used to praise the prospect of a “melting pot,” the current Republican Party is openly dreadful of the prospect that the United States will cease to be a “white country” within the next quarter-century or so.

I have been saying for more than 10 years that the Republican party’s vision of the future has more in common with the old Soviet Union than anything in the Constitution or even the Declaration of Independence. The GOP seems to be more inclined to make sure government controls everything for us than to help “we, the people” control things for ourselves.

  • By and large, Republicans want the power to force women to stay pregnant against their will, despite the fact that giving that power to the government means giving them the power to force women to abort under different circumstances.
  • Republicans want to be able to approve all marriages. Right now, they want to grant the government the power to deny couples the right to marry based on their unfounded belief that “marriage is between a man and a woman only,” despite the fact that granting them that power will also give them the power to deny a license to other couples based on whichever criteria they decide. For instance, the government could deny licenses to opposite-sex couples based on money, or age, or even race or religion.
  • Republicans also want to be able to decide what you want to read, which kind of art you can make or buy for your collection, and they want to prohibit everyone from reading or looking at anything they deem “obscene,” without a static definition of what that means.
  • Republicans want to allow anyone working in a business to unilaterally decide whether or not you deserve to be served and how you are to be served, based on their own personal “religious beliefs.” If it was up to current Republicans, no one would have to cut your hair into a Mohawk, if their religious belief was that Mohawks dishonored God. “Christian” pharmacists want to deny their customers certain classes of drugs based on their own unfounded “religious belief” that the drugs “kill babies” or cause people to have more sex outside of marriage.
  • Republicans want to regulate LGBTQ people back into the closet, where the GOP thinks “they belong.” They speak mightily about gays wanting “special rights,” which just happen to be rights that straight white Republicans enjoy daily without question.
  • Republicans make a lot of noise and pretend to care about the National Debt, but virtually all of their budget policies exacerbate the problem. They spend too much money and they cut taxes, but only for the very rich, which means spending and taxes are not spread equally.

More than anything, the current Republican is nothing but an opportunist entity. All political parties are somewhat that way, of course, but the GOP routinely places the good of the party ahead of the good of the country. There was a time when the very prospect of some Republicans working with a foreign power to win the presidency would have shamed the rest of the party, but no more. Not only has the most of the current GOP stood by and done nothing as the evidence has overwhelmed us that some in their leadership actively worked with a hostile foreign power to rig an election in 2016, but the same GOP leadership seems to be ready to do it again, as they all sat by and said nothing as Rudy Giuliani bragged about going on a trip to Ukraine to get more dirt on a potential Democratic opponent; this time Joe Biden.

This is not hyperbolic. We have watched one major political party has undermined our democracy, turned the American Dream on its ear, tried with all their might to limit our rights in every way, and upended the American ideal. What we are seeing right now with the flurry of unconstitutional abortion laws is a political party that knows it will be rendered powerless soon and quite possibly forever trying very hard to put their errant stamp on American society before they go.

We have to make sure their fears are realized. The Republican Party is no longer “the loyal opposition.” We are watching as they dismantle everything we are supposed to be about. They have become the enemy of the American people, and they have to be defeated.

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