The Most Morally Reprehensible Budget in History

One thing I have noticed from the very beginning of his candidacy is that Donald Trump has been playing exclusively to one very specific (and relatively small) section of the American electorate. More than two years into his fluke term as “president,” he continues to cling to that small segment of the population and he continues to act like he’s just starting to run for office.

I mean, if Donny was a member of the largest of the two major political parties, that might make a little sense. However, Trump chose to run in the minority party, to which only about a quarter of the electorate admits to belonging. That means, in order to win, he has to get all of them to vote for him AND about a third of the rest of the electorate. Yet he seems to have no desire to attract anyone other than the “base” of the Republican Party, including white supremacists, misogynists and all sorts of reprobates. After Hillary Clinton referred to half of all Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables,” all of Donny’s followers embraced that. Most normal people would have been insulted; instead, the Trumpers are largely proud to be called deplorable.

Of course, we all know the only thing the far right really cares about is making “liberals” mad. They are 100% all about “owning libtards” (their term, not mine) and they really don’t care about anything else, not even those fetuses they claim to be so fond of. There is no moral core to the far right, despite their claims to be Jesus’ favorites, and that truth becomes more obvious with each passing day. After all, these are people who jail children because they’re not white and born in the United States.

Earlier this week, Donald Trump and his administration proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have no moral core when they released their budget for fiscal year 2020. This budget proves the entire regime, from top to bottom is not just fiscally irresponsible, but morally bankrupt. This time, there is not just another unfathomable attack on the healthcare of all Americans (they still don’t understand the Affordable Care Act), from birth to death, but they also turn a blind eye to corporate wrongdoing on a larger scale than ever before. We’re not just talking about eliminating some annoying regulations that serve no purpose, we’re talking about erasing any existing regulations and allowing companies to do whatever the hell they want, with no oversight.

This, despite the fact that many of us were around and clearly remember the last time Republicans did this and how many Americans watched their 401(k)s drop by more than half in a matter of months.

Look, I know there is no chance this budget will pass intact. I doubt that he’ll even get all Republicans to get behind this nonsense. And we won’t get to see all the specifics until next week – after all, the budget is more than a month late already because Donny chose to shut down the government for 35 days over a border wall that will never be built. However, even looking at the summary, we see just how morally and fiscally bankrupt the Trumpers truly are.

Take the Republican tax cuts, which Trump still points to as his signature legislative achievement so far. Middle class and working class Americans were promised a $4,000 boost to their income from the tax cuts, and as they do their taxes for last year, they are finding out what a lie that is. The tax cuts will cost the Treasury trillions over the next decade or so, and yet, Trump has chosen to INCREASE spending on the largest line-item in the budget – the so-called Department of Defense. Given that we saw a 75 percent increase in the deficit for FY 2018 already, the FY 2020 budget should actually see a reduction in spending, but that’s not the case. The overall 2020 budget is actually higher than in previous years. Donny tries to fudge the numbers to make things look better, by claiming economic growth numbers that are not in evidence. He apparently thought the one quarter in which the economy grew at a projected 4.1 percent was just the beginning, but subsequent numbers have proven that to be an anomaly.

However, that’s not the story. The real story is that Donald Trump has gone so far right with his actions that the FY 2020 budget cuts the life out of every program that helps Americans keep themselves alive. SNAP/Food Stamps appropriations would be way dow, about a third.

Housing assistance has been cut to the bone, with the HUD budget alone being slashed more than 16 percent and programs such as the Community Development Block Grant and the National Housing Trust Fund being eliminated.

And yes, despite his promises during the campaign, Trump has also enacted major cuts in both Social Security and Medicare. His morally repugnant budget cuts include $84 billion over 10 years from the Social Security Disability Insurance program, this despite the fact that Social Security has never added a dime to the federal budget deficit. Yet, Trump is so desperate to pay for his signature (read, stupid) tax cuts, he will throw children and the poor under the bus.

Recent studies have shown that, despite Trump’s vacuous claims of his having engineered the “greatest economy in history,” more than 40 percent of Americans are struggling to pay for food, housing and healthcare, all of which are massively cut in this budget. Despite reality, Trump’s budget also intends to impose work requirements on those who receive government benefits intended to help them pay for the basics. Keep in mind, even the Republican-led Congress rejected these proposals previously, so Trump obviously thinks he can get around Congress by hiding things like this in the budget.

The work requirements aren’t the only things in this budget that Trump has tried to slip past Congress. In addition to trying to tighten SNAP time limits, Donny is also gutting Medicaid in an effort to kill the Affordable Care Act once and for all. And those cuts that even he and the GOP don’t have the balls to implement, his budget tries to find a way around Congress.

The massive cuts also show Trump’s dishonesty when it comes to his signature slogan, “Promises Made, Promises Kept,” which may be appropriate, since he stole the slogan from St. Reagan, anyway. In addition to screwing the poor, Donny’s budget also makes hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts to programs that his own “base” claims are important, including massive cuts to education, worker training and job development programs, energy and – no shit – infrastructure. All that talk about building infrastructure and Trump basically cuts infrastructure programs to the bone.

The bulk of the massive cuts to the federal budget in FY 2020 are predictably saved for healthcare. Despite his and the Republicans’ claims of wanting to protect those with “pre-existing conditions,” this budget contains a whopping $777 BILLION in cuts to healthcare over the next 10 years, including a complete repeal of the ACA, which he can’t do and the Democratic House will never allow, and by slashing Medicare AND Medicare.

The Trump budget encourages states to save money on Medicaid by taking it away from adults without jobs, including workers who have been laid off, or those who are going to school. And speaking of school, the budget also cuts the student financial aid budget by more than $200 billion over ten years, which ensures that even more students will graduate with even higher debt than is already the case.

There is so much more, but most notably, Trump has apparently given up on his promises to “drain the swamp, defunding almost every agency that protects Americans from almost everything. That means American workers will be less safe at work, we’ll all have to breathe dirtier air and drink more contaminated water and the agencies that root out and prosecute corruption will have fewer resources to accomplish that.

This budget proves the Trump Administration to be the most corrupt and morally bankrupt in history.

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